I’m writing this at night, on a balcony at a Kerala heritage resort, India. Around me is jungle-like nature. I can hear the ocean a few minutes away. What can be a better time to write about this subject?

Although I’ve heard of spirit walk-ins before, only recently it got more of my attention. It was after listening to the video talk by Skylar Acamesis, the wife of Todd Acamesis – the man whose London workshop I attended many years ago.

This woman holds so much wisdom – I love watching her videos. In one of the recorded workshops, she mentioned this subject in passing, and actually mentioned that Eckhart Tolle is a walk in.

She told that of course he is, because he didn’t understand what happened to him, and the next day, after the spiritual transformation, he was a different person. He was no longer interested in doing what he used to, he just sat on benches doing nothing, and he even changed his name as the old one didn’t resonate with him.

This got me interested in investigating this topic further, and it raised so many questions about what spirit walk-ins actually are. So in this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve found out about them, and some other types of spirits.

As with Eckhart Tolle, a possible walk in, the previous version of him didn’t want to live anymore. He was taken into some kind of vortex, and then a fresh version of him emerged from there. It is likely that at the point where he verbalized that he no longer wanted to live, another more advanced spirit took his body.

Can we be really sure if this is really the case with Eckhart Tolle? Only the closest people would know. Because they will feel if his essence has changed or not. And if it did, it was a definite walk-in situation.

Sometimes spirit walk-ins take place when a person is pronounced dead but suddenly wakes up. Or if the person is in a comma, and after they wake up, they remember nothing about themselves anymore. Walk-ins usually keep the memories of the previous soul, however.

Because full embodiment can easily obscure soul’s memories, it’s likely that unless the soul is very advanced, the walk in soul will simply believe that it is the person whose body it has taken.

More advanced souls sometimes choose to enter this physical dimension in such a way so that they don’t waste time through experiencing birth and maturing, but can quickly get to work in implementing whatever plan they have for humanity.

Some people call possession cases as a walk-in phenomenon. So the boundaries get blurred there. Usually, however, walk in souls have a contract with the original inhabitants of bodies, or both souls agree to this when the incarnation has started.

Also, some people call being born with another soul as having a walk in soul with you. But this again blurs the lines of the walk in soul description. Since we are talking about spiritual things here, different people may have different things in mind when describing the same phenomena.

I would call being born with a spirit as being born with an ancestral spirit. You inherited it in previous lifetimes, because of belonging to a particular family.

Another type of spirit which is there with you since your birth can be called a pre-birth spirit, for the lack of a better way of defining it. This is the spirit which you have tied yourself up with in previous incarnations, and the reasons for that could be several. For example, you made an agreement with a loved one to be with them forever and ever. And so you incarnated together.

Or you were involved in some occult ritual which bound you with some spirit.

How people get spirits into their bodies.

If you weren’t born with a spirit, there are some ways you may have received one during this lifetime.

The most common way that people open their body vehicles for spirit inhabitation is by taking mind-altering substances. If they want to escape from their problems, and take mind-altering substances to lose control and blot out their issues through unconsciousness, they have opened the doors for spirits to enter.

Such an action invites low-vibration earthbound spirits. They will choose their energy match and enter. For example, a spirit addicted to drinking will enter a person who has drunk herself into unconsciousness.

It can be hard to get rid of them once they are there, because they consider your body their new home.

This is different to taking some substances, such as mushrooms, to open your spiritual doors, because the intention is different. And though I do not advocate using any mind-altering substances, spirits will not attempt to inhabit those whose intentions for consuming certain substances are spiritual.

Spirits can also enter when you experience some shock, such as a car crash or other deep trauma. It is well known that the controllers of this world invite dark entities into their puppets and victims through their torture and sexual abuse. Because when people experience too much horror or some other stimuli overload, they leave the doors of their vehicles unguarded as the souls temporarily escape the bodies, leaving them open for spirit inhabitation.

I believe that guides and other beings who usually protect the body are quite powerless to defend it at such a time, as the body is in an extremely low vibration.

How to tell if you host a spirit

Whether you were born with a spirit, or got it after your birth, there will be some telltale signs showing this.

First, if you have autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema, this is a sign you probably have another spirit inhabiting your body, especially if you have tried everything and the issue doesn’t go away.

Also, you will be often conflicted about how to act, and even if you do much self growth, this indecision doesn’t go away.

What’s more, you will lack clarity in life. You will just have this invisible blanket thrown over you, and you will feel somewhat blind. You deep inside will know that you should have more clarity, but you just wouldn’t be able to access it.

You may even perceive certain energetic movements in you, and you may start feeling fear or uneasiness when you try to command the spirit to leave.

You may feel sluggish, and have no energy or inspiration to do anything, and you will know you are not supposed to feel this way.

How to get rid of spirits in your body

Spirits which you get from drinking, using marihuana or other mind-altering substances, will have to go when you stop using those drugs and raise your vibration, since they cannot stay attached to someone who doesn’t consume what they themselves love, and whose vibration doesn’t match their own.

Spirits can be commanded to leave by being firm about it, and if you keep repeating this order confidently.

Some spirits, however, who are there since your birth, can only leave if the contract between you made in previous lives is annulled. You can do this yourself by asking the Universe to annul it and then trying to expel the spirit, or you can pay for someone who is experienced in such matters to do this for you and to expel the spirit after.

How to know if the spirit is leaving

The spirit is lodged in a particular part of your body (usually in some internal organ), so when it’s being shaken out of there, you will feel the energetic sense or pain in that part. The spirit will leave through your mouth, so you will feel the energy leaving from there, and you will need to keep your mouth open for this to happen.

However, if the spirit is powerful and has been there for ages, it is strongly advised to leave this for some expert to do; because removing it from the body will leave internal organs very imbalanced, and they can start failing or malfunctioning, unless the healer knows what he’s doing and restores the organs after expelling the spirit.

You may feel like yawning when the spirit is leaving, or you may want to vomit. Some people vomit white or dark substances, and some only feel like air is leaving through their mouths. After you expel the spirit, you will definitely feel much lighter, have much more clarity and hope, and your vibration will increase.

How to know if you are a walk in spirit

Not all of us have incarnated from the womb of our mothers. Some have only entered the bodies of children or teenagers because of the original souls leaving for one reason or another. It is easier to detect if you were a walk in as a teenager, as then people will notice that you suddenly have a different essence or character.

However, as a baby, unless your parents are very intuitive, they will not be able to help with this. You yourself will need to dig into your earliest memories.

The way to detect if you are not the body’s original soul is to examine your early memories. If you find yourself thinking like a mature person in that small body, there is a big likelihood that you are a walk in soul. Some walk-ins even remember how fascinated they were to find themselves in those small bodies, and how they learned to function in them.

So, to detect whether you are a walk in soul, look for mature thinking when the body was still forming.