Personal update

In this personal update, I’m going to cover a few unrelated subjects, yet they all have something to do with what’s going on in my life now.

Firstly, about the course that I’m studying now – ACIM. At first it was very easy to study it and I enthusiastically did each lesson. But after around the twentieth lesson studying got more difficult.

Since this course is about the destruction of the ego, I think the reason now I’m not as enthusiastic about the lessons is because the ego resists. Now I’m doing the 29th lesson (I told in the video it’s around 25th but I checked it now and I’m on the lesson 29).

It’s not that there’s any resistance to the lessons or that I disagree with them. But deep within there started to arise dislike for the teaching, and I do believe that’s the ego which realized I wasn’t joking about the course and that I’m determined to complete it.

In total there are 365 lessons so I’m a long way to go, but at least I’m doing the lessons every day. It’s now my personal challenge to complete the course and see what effect it has.

So far I’ve noticed many changes in my life because of the course. I realize how crafty the ego is. It’s never satisfied with anything and it always tries to worry about anything it can. When one problem is solved, it attaches itself to another thing to be worried about and tries to make a problem out of it.

I now see this mechanism of it but sometimes it’s still hard to detach.

I also try on a daily basis to view the world through the eyes of the soul and not the ego. The eyes of the ego will always show a sad world of separation and struggle. The soul eyes show the world of happiness, love and connection.

It’s really up to each one of us how we choose to view the world. If we look at it through the physical eyes, we will see separate bodies each trying to survive in this cruel world. Yet if we choose to look through the eyes of the soul, we will never miss any act of kindness done to us and we will see others as our brothers and sisters.

I believe for this very reason I now see Lithuania in a much better light. Before I used to dread coming back to my country as I associated it with cruelty, coldness and struggle.

Now my sight has changed, and I see peace, happiness and love here. I’ve met only kind and helpful people so far, and two situations particularly stand out.

One was about the lady whom I met at the bus stand when I was waiting for the bus from the airport to my hotel in Vilnius. She offered to walk me half the distance to my hotel; she was God-sent as I had no idea if it would be safe to walk at night.

Another situation was more recent. A repair man had to come to my place to fix the oven whose fan wouldn’t turn off for three days. He got near my home late in the evening yet he didn’t have my phone.

He needed a code to get into my building, so he called the owner of the apartment and failed to reach him. So he left.

When I called the company the operator told that the repair man could not come that day again as it was too late. I was so sad about it as that oven sound drove me crazy.

A few minutes later I got a call on my mobile. It was the operator. He told that he might be able to help me. With his assistance I found the switch to turn off the fan. I was so grateful!

He didn’t have to do this, like the lady didn’t have to walk me halfway to my hotel. This was done purely from love. So when you look at the world through the eyes of the spirit, such acts of kindness will never be missed.

Yet if you look at the world through the eyes of separation, the ego will make sure you miss most acts of kindness that your brothers and sisters do to you, and it will expand things that are not important, things that make you feel upset.

I believe because of this sight I’m now happy to stay in Lithuania. This is the first time in my life where I feel totally at peace here. I came back to Lithuania several times in an attempt to make peace with my roots and I couldn’t. But this time is different.

I feel like I’m supposed to be here and every day I enjoy staying in my beautiful studio apartment and to take daily walks in Vilnius Old Town. Here I’m also including the pictures of my studio that were put in an apartment rental website:

I love it here so much. This apartment is totally my style. I’ve also customized it – I hung semi-transparent curtains to cover the open wardrobe as can be seen from this photo:

My studio curtains

And now let me finish this post with the last subject I wanted to discuss. It’s about how to avoid getting bad effects from anything in this world.

Recently I got a comment from my reader in response to Ted Bundy’s palm and birth chart analysis. She told that she would not want to read this as Ted Bundy was such a horrible person.

I don’t see it this way, though. For me, Ted Bundy is an excellent illustration of some of the markings on the hand and he’s also a good example of some of the traits that the birth chart reveals about a person.

Also, when you try not to judge anyone and you don’t attack in any way (not even in the mind), negativity stops affecting you. You can be directly exposed to it and it does nothing to you.

So whether negativity affects you or not is not about what you witness outside of you; it’s about who you are as a person and how you behave and think.

Since all of us are connected, if you attack any person even in your mind, you will perceive the world as fearful as you are attacking your own self. And if you release all the attack, you will not be frightened even by the people who are considered the worst of mankind.