I’ve recently discovered Mooji, an enlightened teacher. In one of his old videos, he told that people were suprised that he was a spiritual guru, yet he chose to live in a simple council flat. He said he’d been living there for years, but there was no energy to move.

This made me think about Eckhart Tolle, where, in one of his videos, he told that there was the energy that pushed him to leave the UK (I believe) and to move to California. That’s where one of his books got written, I think the first one.

That’s how enlightened people live, and those who are awakened often do. They know that the energy, or God, will direct them where they should be. If there’s no energy, they stay in the same place.

Though I’m not enlightened, I am awakened, and I live this way too. I’m in touch with the energy that created and maintains the world, and if it urges me to do something, I have to.

Now the energy is in Lithuania, so there’s no willingness to move anywhere else. And if the energy would push me to move someplace else, even though covid passports are in place (which I would not take and I’m not going to get the shot), those who are trying to establish this NWO system would be powerless to stop me, because I would then be directed by God.

This kind of living is easy, peaceful, effortless. You are happy where God has placed you, because you know you are there for a reason. And if the energy arises and urges you to do something, you do. This living is totally stress-free, but it does require full trust in God which is gained through mindfulness, though understanding that you are not this body.

What most people do, however, is being led by their minds. That’s why they don’t achieve what they want. There is no energy behind the thought. It’s just a random thought that currently bothers them.

Those who are not awakened think that they are the doers, and that they are the thinkers of those thoughts. So the thoughts rule their lives, and therefore their lives are chaotic. They don’t know what they want, they serve many masters. When you serve only one master – God, you become unified, you are established in yourself, and your life is harmonious.

I will quote Mooji again as now I absolutely love listening to his long satsang videos. He said once that some awakened or awakening ones are dropped by God anyplace in the world and no matter where they find themselves in, they happily explore that place, like kittens dropped by their mothers.

This is so true. Those who fully trust God are happy in whichever circumstances they find themselves in. That’s because they know they are there for a purpose. And because this world is maintained by a well-meaning force, the lessons they learn in that place are for their own good, and for the good of others.

I know for sure that at least the main events are already written into the story line of each one of us. They can be seen in one’s birth chart. You often know that the event is about to manifest if you are in touch with your true Self – because you will feel the energy shifting, or arising.

This is living intuitively. Whilst those lost in thoughts will totally miss the signs that something new is developing. Instead, they will be distracted, being led here and there by random thoughts, being frustrated that things don’t go their way. Then the event comes into their lives by surprise.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. God has put you there for a reason. The mind is very likely to dislike the place and to want to be someplace else, thus denying you the experience of the present moment.

But if you know you are not your thoughts, you can watch them but not identify with them; and you can be fully present, seeing what lessons are here for you, and even if no lessons come at the moment, you can fully enjoy your particular existence.

This is only possible, however, if the conditioning is weak. If your conditioning is strong, unless you live in material abundance and comfortable, the mind will make you miserable. And even in material abundance, it will find something to bother you about.

If your conditioning is weak because of mindfulness practices, then you will find things to be grateful and happy about even if you live very differently from what the masses consider a happy life.