As I’m working now on my land, and in the evenings I do life assessments, I get less time to make these updates. But I try to find the time to do this, as I know there are some regular readers waiting for my articles.

So in this post, I’m going to discuss three mindfulness subjects that can either help in your spiritual journey or just be beautiful reminders and joyous to your spirit.

Firstly, being okay with where you are.

I often listen to the videos of Eckhart Tolle. He is the only living mindfulness teacher I follow.

Once I heard him talk about a woman who was a teacher. She was excellent with children, and her life seemed just perfect.

Yet, she wasn’t happy. She wanted to become an actress, and she kept being rejected.

This is a perfect example of how the mind can make a misery where the situation is good. The woman was doing what she was supposed to do, but the dissatisfied ego wanted more. And since that wasn’t in her destiny, she couldn’t get more. So the ego painted her life dark, though it was a good life.

This happens for many people. Instead of appreciating where they are and what they have, they want something they don’t yet have. And they make themselves miserable because of the fact that they don’t have it.

They have everything they need at this very moment. And they are exactly where they should be and they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. All of us are. Life doesn’t mistakenly put us where we don’t belong.

We are put in the circumstances which teach us lessons, which make us overcome negative character traits and make us learn new skills. It’s important to accept where you are and what you do so that you see what lesson you need to learn. Once you learn it, the circumstances will change or you will realize that you actually love your current situation.

Which leads us to another subject about knowing what you’re supposed to do.

I get many clients asking me to see what they are supposed to do with their lives from their natal charts. But you don’t even need a reading to know what you’re supposed to do.

You simply need to accept the present moment. Do not resist where you are and what you do. You are given these things by God for your own benefit. So accept them and relax into your circumstances. Make the best of what you have and use the tools you are given.

This acceptance will keep the channel of communication with the Divine open. And then you will feel gentle guidance about what you’re supposed to do.

That’s how I bought my land. That’s how I became an astrologer. It’s not that I was thinking about changing my life or doing something different in my career. Those things simply came into my life at the right time. It was supposed to happen.

So there’s no need to worry about what to do next, what career you are supposed to have, or what your next goal should be. Simply relax into life, and it will guide you. If you accept life as it is, you will feel its guidance – don’t worry about it. Just be open to really live and to be present.

This leads us to the last topic. Being present will also help you to experience timelessness.

Just two days ago I was reading my daily ACIM lesson which inspired me to write about this topic.

It talked about how to experience timelessness. This is done by letting go of each moment of time. We ourselves make time by not letting go of what happened to us a moment ago.

For example, if someone angered us, even though the moment is past, we still hold on to that unfairness. This creates time.

In order to experience timelessness, we need to live in the present moment. To do that, we have to train the mind not to be sticky, so to speak. If something unpleasant happens, we should let it go, and be conscious of what it is now, rather than of that thought of things going wrong.

This will help us to pierce through time and get to that ageless self that we really are.

With this, I will end the main part of the post, and now I will briefly update you about what I was up to.

I’ve already created three garden beds. One of them is in the making – a raised one. Though my neighbor told that she made one and the plants didn’t grow as well and she needed to constantly water that bed. I will still make it, but it’s proving to be more work than I expected (as I’m making a high one).

I’m also organizing my seeds and learning as much as possible about each individual vegetable, herb and berry that I will plant: what soil it prefers, where and when to plant it, how to fertilize it, and so forth.

When I get income, I buy items for house repair, gardening, and the garden itself. I can see that it will take several years for me to establish myself here because of the expenses involved, but that’s okay.

I’m also enjoying daily walks with my dog to buy water from a store thirty minutes away. The weather these few days was wonderful. However, now cooler weather is coming, but I’m hoping it’s not going to be too bad, as I have a lot more land work to do.

I also keep organizing and cleaning my hut. Because it’s such a small space, I need to be very inventive with where to put things, but it’s now looking much better than before, at least this corner:

So these are all the updates from my life, and I hope you enjoyed the three mindfulness subjects discussed.