Five Facts Which Absolutely Destroy the Evolution Theory

Blinded by compartmentalized education and science, people no longer see the reality as it is, but instead are lost in the world of theories, such as Darwinism.

To me, the facts that…

  • humans can communicate with each other
  • creation brings forth after its kind
  • we see beauty and harmony in nature

…are more than enough to understand that this creation has an intelligent author.

But I understand that minds thoroughly trained to think in a particular way (or, should I say, trained to allow their thinking to be done for them) no longer see the obvious.

The mind, being constantly bombarded by the Darwinian propaganda in schools and through the media, starts confusing the myth with reality; a habit forms to unquestionably accept theories which are ‘approved’ by the ‘all-knowing’ science and to doubt what the mind actually experiences! Incredible but true!

By training humanity to deny the reality of its experience and instead accept science theories as truth, the elite are free to come up with any kind of lie that helps to advance their agenda, and the brainwashed population embraces it.

Destroying the Evolution Theory at Its Core

I was thinking how to show the impossibility of evolution in a way that’s simple, yet scientific enough to be accepted by the popular mind which thinks that science is god. So here are the facts which utterly destroy the very basis of evolution – the claim that creation isn’t authored by an intelligent being, but is just a pure coincidence.

Destroy this secular basis, and the whole tree of evolution falls down; so this is more efficient than dealing with its individual branches such as fossil ‘evidence’ and so forth, which I might write about in the future anyway.

So here are the facts that destroy the core of the Darwinian theory of godlessness:

Fact No. 1- DNA Contains Information – Information Can Only Be Created by an Intelligent Being

No matter how many billions of years you would wait, a story cannot be written by itself – a mind is required to create it. No matter how long you would wait for the ocean waves to form a meaningful sentence on the seashore, you can wait forever and it just won’t happen.

DNA completely destroys the Darwinian theory because DNA stores an encoded language, which contains information about how to run all the systems of the human body, and even how to build it! And this particular code acting as the instruction manual for the body only takes up one percent of the DNA code sequence!

Scientists had no idea what the rest of the code was for, so they called it inactive and junk! Only later to discover that it’s actually an operating code!

Here’s a wonderful but long video explaining the utter complexity of information found in DNA and how it proves that it’s a result of an intelligent designer. I strongly encourage you to watch it, especially if you want scientific evidence for the impossibility of the Darwinian theory:

Watch the video here. 

Fact No. 2 – Despite of What the Evolutionists Say, the Truth is That Mutations Aren’t Welcome  – They Destroy Life, and Therefore Cell Processes Are in Place to Prevent and Kill Imperfections

Darwinian theory says that matter kept mutating, and that mutations were beneficial, and that’s how the first living cell developed, finally forming all the creatures we see today, including ourselves. But scientists also know that when a cell mutates, it commits a suicide (programmed cell death)!

Because life is already perfect, any new developments are seen as imperfections, and therefore they get destroyed. If mutation in a cell somehow bypasses the protein responsible for triggering cell death, the cell becomes diseased instead of improved! That’s how tumors form.

Mutations aren’t welcome, and just because fanatic evolutionists came up with a short list of minor ‘beneficial’ mutations, those mutations aren’t beneficial at all, but their side-effects are propounded to be so, which is the same as saying that a parasite living in your stomach is good because it causes weight loss! Incredible but true – evolutionists go to such lengths to prove their unprovable theory.

Therefore, if even on the level of a cell no mutations are welcome and the mutated cell commits a suicide, how much more so when it comes to organisms! Mutated organisms eventually become extinct, and not stronger!

A person with the mutation that formed cancer doesn’t live but dies. A generation that eats unnatural fast food will keep degenerating and will eventually get extinct, because they introduced an unnatural change in their diet therefore constantly assaulting cells until original DNA information gets corrupted.

Fact No. 3 – Incredible Complexity, Harmony and Interdependence of DNA, cells and Processes Within Them Cannot Develop by Chance

DNA is by far the most compact and complex information storage device ever seen; comparing a computer with it it’s like comparing a wooden wheel with a Ferrari. The information is stored in DNA in such a smart way that if you would compare this storage device with a book storing meaningful sentences, you would be able to read the text not only from left to right, but from right to left too, getting a different meaningful message on both occasions!

And that’s far from all – each sentence of such a book would have multiple meanings, making it multi-dimensional; furthermore, if you would fold the book’s pages in a particular way, you would find another meaningful message!!

And that’s supposed to be a chance mutation? Really? People, if you believe this, then you will believe in everything the ‘all-knowing’ science will tell you.

The information within DNA is a language – it has its own grammar, punctuation, letters which form words and sentences. Information found in DNA is a set of instructions of how to build proteins which are the tools that are used for all kinds of purposes, like for assuring the health of the cell or for building the heart.

A single body cell is far more complex in its functioning than the New York City with all its infrastructure – and there are around thirty to hundred trillion of them making up the human body and working in complete harmony with each other!

DNA has the ability to repair itself; if one strand gets damaged, the other one is used as a model to guide the correction process of the damaged one. If that one is damaged too, another recovery mechanism is in place, which is called translesion synthesis.

DNA monitors itself for imperfections continuously, and repairs around one billion imperfections every day in each cell!

Quoting from

It would take a person typing 60 words per minute, eight hours a day, around 50 years to type the human genome [a complete set of genes in a person].

If all three billion letters in the human genome were stacked one millimeter apart, they would reach a height 7,000 times the height of the Empire State Building.

Fact No. 4 – If Chance Mutations Were True, Morality Wouldn’t Exist

A human being, unless totally damaged in childhood by violence or indoctrination, will discern between right and wrong.

A normal human being who drives a car will naturally stop at the pedestrian crossing to allow another human being to cross. A normal human being cares for her offspring and parents, and protects her children from any danger. A normal human being knows that intentionally injuring someone is wrong, and that loving others is right.

These moral codes are written in the heart of every human being, and the Bible tells us why – it’s because we were made in the image and likeness of our Creator. It’s the discerning intelligence within us in the form of conscience that tells us what’s right and wrong – creatures mutated from unintelligent matter that formed because of an accident could not have such a characteristic.

Even atheists and (therefore!) evolutionists say they know what’s right and what’s wrong, though they still claim we developed from a chance mutation, not seeing the contradiction!

Fact No. 5 – Darwinian Evolution Theory Contradicts Itself

Darwinian theory rests on these two processes: random mutation and natural selection, which are supposed to work in harmony with each other. But they don’t – they contradict each other, because natural selection assures the survival of the healthiest organisms for the obvious reason of making sure that future generations remain as healthy as possible. Natural selection naturally reduces the possibility of any mutations because unhealthy individuals within a species don’t survive or much fewer of them do.

Natural selection is real, but not in a way evolutionists understand it. Natural selection is a process that assures the survival of the healthiest and most adaptable organisms. Any mutations, digressions from the perfect DNA code, are seen as unwelcome and therefore are terminated by the programmed cell death, or, if the corrupted DNA is passed on to the offspring, it results in weaker offspring. Mutations have no ability to cause new species – they are only able to corrupt DNA information which is never a beneficial thing.


I hope that this article exposed the insanity of God-less chance mutations that are told to somehow  form super-intelligence that’s nowhere near to being fully cracked by scientists and which assures the harmonious functioning of thousands of processes in a living creature! Please share this information with those still blinded by scientific headlines in newspapers and therefore living empty and God-less lives.

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Five Facts Which Absolutely Destroy the Evolution Theory