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I’ve learnt not to resist life and to embrace what comes into my existence. I know that if I’m faced with something unpleasant which doesn’t leave, it’s because I’m working off my karma. I also know that if I remain flexible in life, accepting what comes and letting go what leaves, I will avoid self-imposed obstacles and dis-ease.

Most people get sick and unhappy with age because they get too rigid. They want one thing but destiny gives them another, so they struggle against it and that negative energy creates further obstacles and illnesses.

It’s better to accept what comes as life is a loving teacher who gives exactly what you need. You are always in the right place, so it makes sense to accept what you’re experiencing now and see what lessons that experience has for you.

We are limited by our bodies and minds. So we are unable to see the whole picture. If we find ourselves facing unexpected changes or our dreams get thwarted, it’s not that some evil force is working against us but it’s because we are supposed to learn something or improve ourselves in some way by going through that particular experience.

If people become wiser as they mature, such embracing becomes easier. But it’s more common for people to become more rigid as years pass, becoming stuck in routines, miserable and suffering from deteriorating health. This shows that their egos became so hardened that they stopped growing, and when people stop growing, they start dying.

There is a sense of love and lightness when you accept that which comes and when you’re flexible with life. You then understand that life is not an enemy and you get experiences perfect for your personal and spiritual growth. You start seeing life as a helpful friend and every day brings something interesting and new to be grateful for.

Yet if you can’t let something go, you must examine your convictions. Everything is illusory in this life, nothing lasts forever. If we get too attached to something, separation is very painful, which in itself teaches not to take things that we see and touch too seriously.

We should always try to remain flexible, therefore, and open-minded. If you can’t get some desire, maybe it’s not yet the time, and life is now presenting you with extra experiences you need to go through to become big enough to achieve your goals. Or maybe those desires are totally wrong for you and their receival would bring only harm.

Trust life in this regard, therefore. It knows the whole picture whilst you see only a tiny part of it from a personal perspective.

In astrology, Uranus is the planet which represents the new and unexpected, whilst Saturn – the old and routine. I’m leaving you with an insightful excerpt from Robert Hand’s astrology book about the importance of embracing that which comes into your life, no mater how unexpected.

In order to deal with Uranus, detachment is necessary. One must not be wedded to any status quo. One must be ready to experience anything and to give up anything. Those who have given up possessions, social position, and cherished ideas are not held hostage against creative change by what they have. Most people cling to a Saturnine security even when this causes much pain and a diminished sense of being alive. As Uranian energies threaten, these people hold on harder, and Uranus becomes even more threatening and painful. The more easily one can let go, the more easily one can use the energies of Uranus positively.

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