I wrote this piece because after revealing what spiritual doctrine I’m currently practicing, I got some suggestions from my readers about other things to study. So I guess people think that I keep searching for new spiritual doctrines, which is not the case at all.

Firstly, I don’t have time now for anything, let alone seeking. And I’ve learnt long time ago that seeking only leads to more seeking.

So what I do is trust that what I need will come into my life, and it always does. I relax into being, enjoy every moment, express gratitude for what I have, and when the next stage of learning comes, it just comes naturally and effortlessly.

That’s why my progress is fast and my life is changing so much. I rely totally on the divine core which shows the way. Would I rely on my mind instead, and go by the recommendations and the advice of others, who knows where I would be now.

Listen to “Don’t Seek – Let Things Come to You Instead” on Spreaker.

I appreciate people recommending things. But those are the things that worked for them. All of us are different, and therefore it’s important to tune into your core and let it guide you. There is no one book or doctrine suitable for all, and different books and doctrines reach people at different times to aid them in their development. Only the divine aspect of you knows what you need now. So it makes all the sense in the world to be tuned into its messages.

Things that I need reach me naturally, totally organically. I also believe that the reason I progress fast is because I never resist changes. For example, when my mother’s partner died, although I didn’t want to, I came back to the UK to stay with her. Little did I know that all of this would lead me to a wonderful experience of living in a beautiful studio flat in the Old Town of Vilnius – one of the most beautiful places of Lithuania.

My studio flat in Vilnius Old Town.
My beautiful studio flat in Vilnius Old Town.

So I never, ever resist. I know that those changes will eventually be for the best. I know that the divine forces guiding me see much more than I do, so there’s no point in resisting.

This whole world is for our growth. It’s unwise to resist any experience because you experience only what will cause you to grow.

I don’t even remember how the ACIM course reached me this time. I studied ACIM several times before but because of my shocking kundalini awakening experience and then – deconversion from Christianity, I quit it (because it had Christian terms). But now I know in my heart that I should study it again, and I see it from a much wider perspective after coming back to it after four years.

So I do not recommend anyone to pay attention to what the world says you need to do. Tune into your core and let it guide you instead. This will cause you to progress easily, naturally and quickly. The core already has a perfect spiritual path for you, so why not find out what that is. That’s much better than going by the recommendations of even the most well-meaning people, because those people do not know what you need now, at your particular stage of development.

You will know what’s right for you if you feel in your heart that it’s the right thing, rather than thinking about it. Also, sometimes the information will keep reaching you in many ways to get your attention, so this is also the thing you must be mindful of. Though don’t confuse this with some gurus using advertising to keep getting your attention, as I know some do that and deceive people into thinking they are God-sent teachers to them:)

So trust that essence in you; learn to feel it through mindfulness and meditation. Once you get in touch with it, it will quietly guide you always, though sometimes the noise of the world may obstruct it. But if you keep trying to feel it, you will be in touch with that silent guidance always, and all the need to search for spiritual doctrines and practices will disappear.

After all, seeking means you lack something, whilst being happy with the way things are and then taking what destiny gives you is a mindset reflective of abundance and contentment.

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