A place close to my land.

I haven’t written in a while because I was busy with life assessments, and some new developments are taking place in my life about which I cannot talk now. But in this article, I would like to share an interesting spiritual development that happened as a result of living in nature.

You may know that I live in a hut near the forest. I may soon be able to show you more pictures of my hut as I painted it. But I’m still working on the tent structure attached to it for more space and shade, and the front door area.

I take water from my well, a good amount of food that I consume comes from my own land and also from the goats and chickens of my neighbors.

What I recently noticed is that I’m gaining a lot of courage from nature and I’m getting into the flow of natural living. Since I’m from the city, it was natural for me to get scared of bees and to dread hard physical work. But now this is fading away.

I’m gaining more physical strength and from that comes happiness and assurance. There’s also a conscious loving connection with the earth that I never felt before. It’s like the earth is supporting me, and God is protecting me.

I will give you an example. I was putting up a privacy fabric for my metal fence. I was about to put it around one pole of the fence, when I was stopped by a bee that kept circling around me. I knew that I had to stand and observe rather than continue working.

I was even thinking why I was standing there watching the bee going in circles. I could just proceed with my work someplace else, and then when the bee is gone, do that bit of fence.

But then I realized the reason. Soon more bees came out of that pole – they had a nest there!

I was protected from bees twice in a similar way. It’s so beautiful that I don’t need any external guard – all the protection comes from within. Now I understand the power that Vandana Shiva has. She is so rooted and in harmony with the earth. She speaks with so much power. Now I understand this.

When we work with nature and not against it, when we live in nature, we start getting in its vibration. This vibration is that of invincibility, empowerment, happiness, love. But it takes time to get into that vibration. Some will get in harmony with nature faster than others, depending on the conditioning and character.

Interestingly, when I lived in natural places in India, I never felt so much connected with the earth. So maybe the native place matters. After all, the physical body is from that spot.

Now the nature feels so familiar to me, and I feel not apart but part of it. This gives fearlessness that is hard to describe.

The feeling is that life is always going on, whether something happens to this body or not. Everything in essence will always continue and the spirit will keep expressing itself through other forms.

Although I’m prepared to live in whichever place God puts me, I hope to never lose this special connection.

I’m only discovering it now, so that is all that I can say about it so far. But I’m glad to be feeling what probably all the people of the past, living simply in nature, felt.