Wish Fulfillment Strategy That Always Works

Have you ever dreamt of having a definite wish fulfillment strategy that always works? Whether you found it or not, I have something that you will get excited about. The wish fulfillment strategy I will tell you about always works because it’s based on spiritual laws. Of course it will involve some work on your… Read More

Soul Ties: What You Should Know About Them

Soul Ties: Different Types of Relationships

In India most people may not know what soul-ties are, but at least their tradition doesn’t allow them to make many soul-ties. However in the West people are completely ignorant of this very important topic and thanks to the media and the common opinion, most people are completely enslaved by numerous soul ties. I feel… Read More

Are Your Desires Real or Only Symbols?

It’s quite usual these days for people to desire to have a bigger house, a fast new car or a million dollars in the bank. But most people, however hard they try to manifest these things, cannot seem to move even a little bit closer to the realization of their goals. And the main reason why they… Read More

Abundance Prayer – The Most Powerful Prayer I’ve Ever Used


I discovered this abundance prayer not long ago and I really liked the way it sounded. When I started saying it, very strange series of events happened. Every time I said this prayer I would get some sort of money very soon after. It’s been 5 days now that I say this prayer and straight… Read More