Deep Meditation Experiences

There’s a big difference between deep meditation and typical meditation.

Both types of meditation require the same amount of practice, but you get very different results from each of them.

Typical meditation is very easy because all you have to do is sit still with your eyes closed and try not to think about anything.

It can be done anywhere and anytime. Such meditation gives calmness and positivity. Many office workers like such meditation because it’s easy to do.

Deep meditation is very different. It requires a proper posture and a complete lack of movement. Posture is vitally important because it defines how your energy will move during meditation.

I’ve experienced a huge difference when I decided to move from meditation sitting in a chair to the meditation with crossed legs and fingers held in a particular mudra (hand expression).

Deep meditation moves energy in and through you more easily. This in turn gives warmth to your body as well as recharges your body with more vital energy.

During deep meditation you should firstly concentrate on your breathing. You simply observe your breathing, you’re aware of it and you don’t try to control it. You’re a silent observer of your breath. By observing your breathing you’re not paying attention to your thoughts therefore they gradually disappear.

When you don’t have any thoughts, you become still and you’re aware of stillness surrounding you. Your hearing becomes partially blocked the outside noise and soon you don’t hear any outside noise at all. When you get to such a stage it shows that you achieved deep meditation.

When you achieve such a deep meditation stage, you’re not aware of time and you don’t know how long you spent in meditation, unless you set a timer or knew the time before.  There are simply not enough words to accurately describe what experiences you’re going through in such a state.

During deep meditation you highly raise your vibration. Firstly you’re aware of your thoughts,

…then thoughts disappear,

…then external sounds become not so loud,

…then you do not hear them at all,

…then you feel that you are inside yourself and are aware only of yourself,

…then you can hear the sounds and see the images of other realms (this happens on a very high vibration level)

…and then you achieve complete stillness because– you become one with the source.

There are many vibration levels in between, but the previous example is a good meditation process outline.

Sometimes I choose to be stuck in the vibration where I can hear the sounds and see the images from other dimensions. I really like this state because it gives me new insights into the nature of our souls. However I know that I shouldn’t get attached to it as these visions isn’t the goal of meditation.

Each meditation experience is different for each person, and when I’m in a deep meditation I can hear bits of conversations, never heard sounds and I see all kinds of images. Sometimes they do not make any sense; sometimes they can be symbols and suggestions.

I’ve also recently noticed that after practicing deep meditation I started to be aware of energy movements in me even when I’m not meditating. For no reason energy just starts moving in me, usually in my head. I still haven’t figured out why that happens, but it could be because of the cleansing process of my energy body.

Sometimes I can see the energy moving outside of me. I see black or white very transparent formless energy clouds. I see them very briefly, and never with direct sight. This is not a scary experience because I just think that it’s natural. Everything is made out of energy, and if there’s energy concentration near me, let it be.

The awareness of internal and external energy is definitely the outcome of deep meditation. When I started perceiving energy movements inside me, very soon I was able to see the external energy. That really helped me understand the nature of everything in this world. Sometimes it’s hard to understand that everything is made out of energy, but when you meditate you start naturally feeling this fact.

I used to do mantra meditation, but then I moved to the breath mediation. I’ve made this decision because I wanted to see if I would feel any difference in results of these mediation methods.

Mantra meditation didn’t give me enough depth. I could sometimes raise my vibration to the extent that I could receive communication from other realms, but that happened quite rarely.

Breath meditation let me quickly raise my vibration very highly. On the first day of breath meditation I achieved complete stillness and my body felt very warm.

I’ve never felt this way during mantra meditation. During breath mediation the thoughts in my head disappear very quickly and my energy moves in me more noticeably.

I’ve noticed a very strange experience during breath meditation. Usually I meditate for 20 minutes but I’ve noticed that during breath meditation I always end up going over this time limit. Time simply disappears.

When I’m in deep mediation and start thinking that I might have passed my time limit, I decide to look at the watch. I open my eyes and look at the watch. And after some time I wonder what time it was when I looked. And then I realize that I didn’t look at the watch at all, it was all in my mind.

I’m really convinced that I open my eyes, move towards the watch and look at the time. But actually I’m still in complete stillness and have never moved.

This kind of experiences happen to me because I’m becoming more sensitive to the workings of the mind and the creative power of thought. That could also happen because in some dimension I have actually moved and looked at the time.

During deep meditation it’s easier to contact your spirit guides. Once I had a very interesting happening during breath meditation. Out of interest and because I felt that this might be the case, I asked my spirit guide if he was my soul mate. I asked him to give me a sign if that was true.

When I finished meditating I started to read a book. After 5 minutes of reading I decided to look at the mirror. I noticed some mark on my cheek. I looked closer and I saw reverse 33 written on it. I was very surprised as to how that could possibly happen. Then I remembered that I had written the time by when I had to finish my meditation. I sometimes write the minutes of the time when I should stop meditating. The written time was ’33’.

But I have never left such mark on my cheek before, although I wrote the time on my palm many times. The ink dries instantly and I certainly didn’t touch my cheek before meditation.

Out of interest I looked up what reverse 33 means. And it means TRUTH. So my spirit guide answered my question very quickly and very obviously. I was pleasantly surprised by this amazing sign.

There are many kinds of experiences happening during deep meditation. Most of them are very interesting and unusual. They bring magic to this physical world and I’m happy to know that the source is a completely pure positive energy.

After deep meditation I always feel refreshed and full of energy. I feel very positive and sometimes I feel complete joy. The outside world seems very interesting and beautiful. I feel the health of my body. I feel muscles of my body. The feeling of inspiration and empowerment is circling inside me.

Read about more strange meditation experiences that I’ve encountered here.


Although typical meditation is quite popular, deep meditation gives many more benefits. During deep meditation you become aware of your energy, your soul and other realms. You’re able to raise your vibration to the degree that you can receive communication from other dimensions.

Breath meditation is the best meditation for achieving complete stillness. During stillness the time disappears and you go back to the source. When you finish meditating you are full of energy and you’re aware of your body in an intense way. You feel completely joyful and grateful for the beautiful world you are living in.

If you’re serious about learning how to meditate deeply, check out my 30 Days to Deep Meditation ebook.

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