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Simona RichMy name is Simona Rich and I’m the author of this self improvement blog.

I write posts about different self growth topics which have a spiritual side, and I wrote some self-help ebooks of different subjects.

Although now I’ve found my life’s purpose – to inform, empower and inspire millions of people - and I fully enjoy my life, it wasn’t always like that.

My life a few years back

During my school years I was a below average student, however when I got my first job at the age of 16 things changed.

The job was horrible: I had to work 12 hours a day (the Lithuanian way:)) in a brightly lit huge supermarket and the music that was played was repeated over and over again.

On top of that, my manager was the most psychotic person I’ve ever met. She shouted at every employee in front of customers, that’s why people under her management quit their jobs frequently there.

Because of this torture I experienced, I realized that if I stayed average in school, I would stay average in all areas of my life. I already envisioned myself working for such a manager for the rest of my life. That was enough of a kick in the ass to change my situation.

My first bold step

From the age of 16 I started studying extra hard to become the best student, at least in English. I knew that the quickest way to change my life was to score the best grade in the English state exam and get the scholarship to study abroad.

I did score 100% in the English state exam – nobody else got the maximum percentage. I also got a scholarship to study in England. My dream came true, and I finally felt free and full of hope.

After the enrollment I flew to the United Kingdom to study tourism. That didn’t last long – I quit after around two months because I realized it wasn’t for me. I thought that studying tourism would be very exciting but the subject proved to be too dry for me.

As soon as I came to the UK, I started working as a receptionist in a game arcade which I quite liked because of the people that worked there. The job itself, however, was really tiring and the managers constantly asked me to work overtime which I couldn’t do because of my studies at that time.

One day I came back from the university, checked my mobile and found 20 messages (yes, 20) left from my manager asking me to do some overtime work. After a week of this incident I got a letter telling me that I was made redundant!

Great. I had two choices now. I could either feel sorry for myself and be angry about the unfairness of the situation or I could think how I could turn this around. Fortunately I chose the latter option.

My job search started again (by this time I had already discontinued my studies). Finally I found a job as a waitress in one restaurant in a shopping center. The pay was basic, but I earned good tips. However it scared me to see so many people working there for years and being afraid to change a thing in their lives.

When I would talk about quitting job, the employees would remind me that the job situation was difficult in England and thus I may not get any job at all.

Despite the discouragements, as soon as I saved enough money to survive without a job for several months, I decided to quit.

How I realized that I was stuck

In around a week’s time I found another job as a small university’s secretary. That didn’t last long since the university never took off and eventually had to close.

Shortly I started to work for a market research company. My position involved calling businesses to conduct all kinds of surveys. That was the worst job I’ve ever had, but I kept working there because it provided good money and I could choose my own hours.

Two years passed in the same employment and only then did I realize that I was stuck. I think what awoke me was the death of one employee. She got nowhere in her life. She worked in an average company and lived in an average home alone.

She died alone and was discovered only after a week, since she had only a few friends (that’s the sad part of living in England – some people are very lonely and when some die nobody knows or cares about it).

Even with this new understanding about being stuck I was scared to change a thing because I got very comfortable with my life. My life wasn’t nice (in fact, when I think about it, it was below “nice”), but I felt secure. I had constant income, a warm home and I could afford to travel once in a while. Leaving my comfort zone seemed too scary to even attempt.

How I turned my life around

As soon as I came to the UK I also got stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere.

I was with a person that was completely opposite to who I was and our love vanished as fast as it started. That time was really tough for me but I just couldn’t find the courage to leave after years of our relationship. What kept me with him was his stability, and I think what kept him with me was my fickle nature.

That’s how three years in UK passed – with a boyfriend I didn’t love and in a market research job I hated. It seemed that my life would always stay the same.

But that wasn’t meant to be…

I remember vividly the day my life changed.

It was a cold, humid, dark gray day, as most days in England are. I finished my call center work and was walking to the bookshop.

Going home didn’t seem that inviting because the person that was at home was the one I wanted to see the least.

Whilst walking a thought came into my mind: “Is that all life can offer me?

It was a strange thought – I never had such a thought before. It awakened something in me, something that I sensed was very important, yet I couldn’t understand what.

This thought stayed in my mind all the time while I was walking to the bookshop.

When I entered the bookshop, one book caught my eye. I knew I had to buy it, so I did. It was called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“.

This book was the start of my few years’ self help books addiction and the start of a real change of my life.

After reading many self-help books and attending different seminars I began to gradually turn my life around. In less than a year I completely got rid of fear, split up with my partner, quit my job, started experimenting with self employment and started to really enjoy my life.

After starting many different businesses I finally discovered that I love sharing my life experiences with people through writing. That’s how this self improvement blog was born.

My life now

At this moment I live in South India. I love living here, it’s a complete dream come true. I live 3 minutes from the ocean, I enjoy beautiful, jungle-like nature. Update: I just moved to London to organize some spiritual events – I will stay here as long as I feel I should.

South India

I’m enjoying the routine: waking up early (around 6 am), doing yoga which fills me with peace and happiness, making a meal out of organic food, working for an hour or two on this blog, meeting friends for long evening talks and burning natural incense and candles for a final evening meditation.

I love the monsoon season here: sitting in a small cafe with a good book and a cup of hot spiced milk tea is my favorite way to spend time.

My life here is very simple; India made me understand that happiness is hidden in simplicity – it’s the ego that loves the complexity.

I traveled constantly these two years throughout India and neighboring countries, as well as to England and Lithuania, my home country.

I loved visiting Nepal and Sri Lanka, but an experience in Thailand I’d rather forget!

I can’t say that my life is perfect, but it’s exactly what I visualized in the past. It’s true, you have to be careful what you wish for because you will attract exactly that!

I’ve read hundreds of self improvement books and put them into practice to understand and help as many people as I can, but there’s still a lot more to learn.

I often get insights when I meditate and I like to think deeply about the issues affecting people. Greatest breakthroughs I made mainly came out of my own conclusions rather than through reading someone else’s books or listening to someone else’s wisdom.

Real life experience, seeking inner wisdom and applying knowledge is what makes you able to transform your life and the lives of others. Never be afraid of making mistakes, they only make you wiser if you treat them as lessons.

That’s all about me. Well almost. If you want to keep in touch with me, subscribe to my Personal Development Newsletter or follow me on Twitter. You can also follow me on FacebookGoogle+ or watch my youtube videos (I’m a YouTube partner – my videos received over 2 million views).

You’re always welcome to email me (simonarich1 (at) gmail.com) your suggestions, feedback or questions – I’m here to help!

I hope that you’ll gain tremendous value from my self improvement posts and ebooks.

All the best in your self improvement journey!

Simona Rich
 Simona Rich

About my self improvement blog

I created Simona Rich blog (which used to have a personal-development-coach.net domain name) in late December 2008 to provide advice for more people than I’m able to physically. I created it for the people who are spiritually awakening and want to improve themselves.

My posts are born out of my life experiences and observations:

  • deep, thoughtless meditations
  • going through breakups
  • finding inner peace and balance
  • practicing yoga
  • starting my own business
  • traveling on my own
  • settling in crazy and tropical South India
  • and more…

My spiritual, inspirational and information-packed posts will:

  1. Empower you to change your life
  2. Help to discover the wisdom within
  3. Give easy tools to improve your character and actions

I also created ebooks out of the questions I received most often from my coaching clients and readers, such as:

Sometimes you’ll come across contradicting pieces of advice on my self improvement blog. They aren’t wrong, they’re just intended for people with different levels of awareness. What’s true on one level of awareness might not hold true for the higher awareness level. It’s important, therefore, to use your intuition and choose the advice that resonates with you.

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