Workshops and Lectures

In the one-hour workshop video, you’ll discover:

  • How to use your body to get correct answers;
  • How to use the tools such as a ring, pendant or pendulum to find the right direction in your life;
  • How to use oracle cards to understand any situation;
  • How to gradually do away with any techniques and just know the right answer.
  • And more…

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Listen to this meditative track for 30 days (ideally, before sleep), and you will:

  1. Remove stagnant energies from your body.
  2. Prevent the manifestation of diseases.
  3. Clear energy pathways.
  4. Increase your auric light and magnetism.
  5. Increase personal influence and power.

This is an hour-long guided meditation which should be listened to (ideally) whilst lying down. After the purchase, you will get an mp3 download link and a link to an unlisted YouTube video for the same meditation. There are no refunds for this product.

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