Palmistry: With Celebrity Palm Examples

The palmistry book by Simona Rich

This is the palmistry book which I’ve been writing for one year and two months. It has 334 pages and comes in a PDF format.

This book contains information from many old palmistry works, the books that I’ve found in India which are not available outside of the country, and those based on the Chaldean palmistry tradition.

This palmistry book is not only about how the ancients interpreted the palms. It’s also based on my own palm-reading practice.

I have very helpful clients, so their willingness to cooperate helped me understand the lines that are not available in other palmistry works.

As a result, I was able to make some new discoveries. Maybe that’s why I felt that I had to write this book.

The price is $29.99.

This book is available in the Inner Circle membership.

Palmistry book: hundreds of illustrations

This book is illustration-rich for the ease of understanding.

What I find difficult in old palmistry works, especially those which are scanned online, is to scroll through in search of illustrations. The text is in one place, whilst the illustrations could be in a totally different section.

This is frustrating and distracting. So in my palmistry book, I added illustrations straight after the explanation, so that it’s as easy as possible to understand. It also saves time.

I kept the book to the point. Though it’s a long work, that’s not because I take a long time to explain each line. It’s because I tried to make the book as comprehensive as possible, so that it includes each shape, line, and marking.

But the explanations themselves are short and clear, again, for the ease of reading and understanding.

Palmistry book: celebrity examples

This book contains many pictures of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity palms. I’ve included them to illustrate some of the hand shapes, markings, and lines. You will find the palms of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Hritik Roshan, and many more.

How to get it

I’ve made this book available on Google Books and Google Play too, so that you can preview 20% of it for free.

If you can, please choose to purchase it on my blog. Google takes big commission.

This book is available for a donation. The minimum donation is $9.99, whilst the suggested donation is $19.99. If you can, please donate the suggested amount – I would really appreciate it.

(If you donate by Paypal, the book will be sent to your Paypal registered email address, so be sure to check for the link to download the book there.)

The price is $29.99.

This book is available in the Inner Circle membership.