In this post I will discuss another way that the masses are controlled apart from them being controlled by planets.

And that is to do with people acting on their beliefs, thinking those beliefs to be the reality.

Many people grow up to accept beliefs as facts, simply because many people believe those things to be true, including their parents. This makes people live as though in an alternative reality, since they are far from the truth, acting in this world on their view of reality.

This makes them take wrong actions, and this also can serve as a kind of ticking bomb which may explode when some right circumstances present themselves.

For example, if you grew up in a Christian background with those particular false beliefs, you are conditioned to have your spiritual progress stalled. Because when you get really deep into yourself and unconscious negative energies in the form of frightening sounds or faces present themselves before you, this Christian conditioning will kick in and you will label this inner process demonic and will stop your spiritual progress.

Instead of accepting those negative manifestations coming from within for them to dissolve into the energy you can use, you will shut them off within again, not willing to look into the contents of your psyche just because of this Christian conditioning which labels such things demonic.

But if, for example, a Hindu (who doesn’t share in our Christian background) would experience such things, he would interpret them in a totally different way, based on his Hindu set of beliefs. Those beliefs give him much more freedom, and he isn’t likely to stop his spiritual progress because of such manifestations.

Yet a person who was lucky to grow up in an environment which encouraged questioning rather than accepting all common opinions as a fact, would make no judgement of these manifestations at all, but would research and explore what they mean. I saw a Hindu lady on YouTube which did exactly that, when she was faced with scary manifestations from within.

This enabled her to research the world of spirits, and to learn what each spirit is, and what each negative meditation experience means. Because of this research, she continued her meditation, eventually gaining mastery over all negative manifestations through accepting and releasing those trapped negative energies she herself created. I did exactly the same, but the difference is that I have stopped my spiritual progress for a year as a result of the burden of the Catholic beliefs buried deep within.

I know that people who converted to Christianity as a result of facing the negative sides of themselves will never deconvert. That’s because they will remain unaware of this unconscious trigger in the human psyche; the trigger that is the conditioned way of seeing the world (the Christian way) that runs in their blood.

That way of seeing things isn’t true; but because we are from that Christian culture (whether we are religious or not), unless we wake up, that view of life will control us. Very few will see that it’s a false way of seeing things, because all of us around see life in that way.

It’s only the true awakening that can open your eyes, because then your Higher Self shows things to you. Without its help, people are quite lost.

A person from a Christian background, faced with a scary-looking spirit, would most likely run to Jesus and label the experience demonic. Such a person simply acts on the beliefs that run in his blood. But such a manifestation could mean many things and must be looked into deeper than most people do.

This manifestation could be your own creation. Sometimes negative thoughts, stored deep within, forcefully show themselves in the form of demonic faces, begging you to deal with this negative content (to observe and accept what is, so that it can dissolve).

It could also indeed be some negative spirit trying to get your attention, but the wisest thing to do is to figure out why this is happening rather than running to Jesus or making cross signs with your fingers or hands!

Maybe that spirit feels threatened because you’re becoming the light of the world, the bright being, and so it came to disturb your spiritual progress. Maybe you attracted it because you did something immoral. It could be so many reasons why it came to you. It’s best to figure it out, rather than running away from the frightening figure.

This way you’re getting freed from the belief system that holds people its prisoners. Almost everyone is enslaved in this way, and their actions are totally predictable to the archons. This makes them an easy prey.

Break out of this alternative reality made of of beliefs accepted as facts. Question why you act the way that you do.

If you live a totally moral life based on love only, kundalini will rise, showing things that aren’t true in your life. This will help you as you will have something objective to rely on. As far as I know, this is the only way to be truly freed from the prison of beliefs that hold the entire world captive.