I just recently discovered Caroline Myss, and I’m so glad that I did. These days it’s very rare to find people in the spiritual community not entangled with new-age beliefs.

The way that I found her was little strange, and she does say that people who find her are directed by angels; if angels wouldn’t direct them to her, they would probably never find her.

So the way that I was guided to her is by the knowing that I needed to click her video thumbnail. After some minutes of her not getting to the meat of the lecture, I clicked away. But I had to click back, because I got this sense that I had to listen to what this lady had to say.

Listen to “Why I Listen to Caroline Myss | Simona Rich” on Spreaker.

I’m so glad that I did. After ten minutes of listening to her I realized that she has the knowledge that at the moment I’m in need of in my spiritual journey. She is a bright and strong soul, providing guidance to those who aren’t new to spiritual life.

It’s so sad to see many people over 60 years of age who did not learn much from life. She, however, learned a great deal. She has been an intuitive healer for around three decades, and then gradually moved further and further into mystical experiences until she had to share her internal journey with the world.

She’s not trapped by new-age beliefs which is very rare. Many people, especially women, confuse their emotional experiences with spiritual progress. Caroline says she doesn’t take such people into her healing team because their emotions don’t allow them to see reality.

There’s a YouTube ad which shows a woman almost getting an orgasm when talking about energy. Then these kind of people cry in secret when that high wears off. They are not yet far into the spiritual journey. They are emotionally imbalanced, with a weak spiritual core.

I like her no-nonsense approach. It’s so, so very rare these days. She cuts to the core. She understands that diseases are caused when you lie to yourself and others. She also says that people don’t heal because they don’t want to let go of their sense of separation that causes hatred towards others (which keeps the disease).

She teaches that when you learn that we are all one and function knowing this (by choosing words and actions not to hurt), you get in touch with the spiritual side of life and may start seeing angels around people and other spiritual phenomena.

The reason people can’t see the spiritual world is because their actions and words hurt others; they don’t strive to understand how to live in this world because they are completely controlled by their ego. Prayer can open such people up.

There are so many gems in her teachings. She teaches about spiritual archetypes which, she says, is very important to know because if you know your archetype, you can disidentify from that role. I haven’t yet watched her archetype videos apart from this one discussing what archetypes are:

I also love her teaching about the mistake parents make when they teach their children that they are special. Yes, all of us are unique. Yes, all of us have talents. But to teach a child that they’re special does a lot of disservice.

The child will grow up feeling that she’s entitled to this or that. That she’s not treated well enough for her specialness. She will not be motivated to become useful to the world but she will be motivated to demand from others to treat her in a special way.

She teaches that spiritual life is not easy. Yes, new-age teachings say that. But it’s not true. Spiritual life is very difficult. Eckhart Tolle also says that it’s not true that when you become aware, your problems are finished. Problems remain, but you deal with them in a better way.

In fact, when taking spiritual steps there are periods of extreme sadness when you’re changing levels. You are letting go of the old to embrace the new, and it’s natural for the body and mind to grieve.

Sometimes we experience many obstacles and frustrations, but they’re there to make us grow. Trying to grow out of the human child to become more like the angels is very, very difficult. It’s a daily fight with the ego self. Spiritual life is definitely not easy.

Caroline Myss shares her own hard spiritual journey where often she has to fight with her lack of acceptance towards unconscious people who do cruel things to others. So I really appreciate rare teachers like her who understand that spirituality isn’t easy and who are willing to share their difficult journeys.

I also love the fact that she understands the insanity of some new-age people creating their own gods and rules of how this world works. Some, for example, claim that there is no bad in the world. Some say that God is a female (it’s Universal Energy, so it’s not human-like).

So basically the new-age movement taught such individuals to create their own version of the Universe, but unfortunately this cannot make them immune to the established spiritual laws.

Enough said. You can watch her videos here. I will do so now as well:)