When people are awakening, they are becoming bright beings – “the lights of the world”, as Jesus said. This is seen in the spiritual realm as well.

When evil spirits see such a bright being in this dark world, they feel threatened and flock to inflict unpleasantness to such individuals. The awakening or awakened people, therefore, may start hearing voices, feeling unpleasant sensations or even seeing those beings.

When this tormenting starts taking place, an automatic process switches on which converts to Christianity many, and here’s how this works. 

Christianity is in your blood, and the consequences of this

If you are from Europe or the US, you have Christianity in your blood. Even if you’re not religious at all or you subscribe to some other religious belief system, Christianity is still in the blood of your race and therefore in your own blood as well.

When demons start attacking, it’s natural for people to make many automatic assumptions as a result of this Christian background. They naturally see such events through the Christian lens, because they were born surrounded by a particular (Christian) view of life.

So they naturally assume that if demons start tormenting one after awakening, their awakening must be false, the spiritual practices that they were pursuing must be evil, and that Jesus must be true.

But this is just an unconscious mental process which has just taken place, and not the reality. It’s not that demons flock to you because you turned away from Christianity, but that you became a bright being and they felt threatened by your presence in this dark world, and wanted to put off that bright light which can show the way to many.

It’s one of the trials of fire that one has to go through to spiritually progress. Yet if you’re from a Christian background, you will interpret such a happening in a totally false (Christian) way and will stop your spiritual progress. I know this, because I stopped my progress for a year because of this incident.

So the unconscious mental process that gets triggered is one reason why awakened or awakening people can still fall into the trap of Christianity. And such converts will remain strong Christians (thus stopping their spiritual growth) for the rest of their lives unless they honestly analyze the mental processes that they went through during the demon attack phase and make more objective conclusions that aren’t based on the Christian belief system.

A totally different thing happens to people awakening in non-Christian cultures, like Indians. Since they don’t have that belief system in their blood, they don’t run to Jesus when difficulties arise. They interpret such events from their belief system that has totally different teachings about good and bad spirits. Their awakening, therefore, is smoother, whilst a person from a Christian background will stunt or slow down his spiritual growth as a result of that particular set of beliefs.

And if a person managed to detach himself from all beliefs, he will see situation as it is, and this will allow him to unfold spiritually the fastest.

Esoteric truths mixed with lies in the Bible

Another reason why awakened or awakening people may fall into the trap of Christianity is because the Bible contains many esoteric truths mixed with lies. Awakening people feel the truth of those tenets, and end up swallowing up all the lies that are there too.

There’s a lot of kundalini teaching in the Bible, like the brazen serpent lifted up healing the crowd, or Moses lifting up the serpent; Jesus comparing himself with the serpent in John 3:14 and his comparing of those born of spirit (born-again) to the wind – nobody knows where it goes. This is the doctrine taken from Buddhism, as Buddha taught that second-born people become invisible to Mara, the evil one of Buddhism.

Jesus also said that if he is lifted up, he would draw all men to himself. Bear in mind that when he said it, he compared himself to the serpent (John  3:14). So this is again an esoteric doctrine – when the serpent is lifted up in you, you become the light of the world.

So again, we are faced with a great truth here in the Bible, and most people would assume that the rest of of it must be true as well, since it presents us with such deep truths that the awakened ones know.

In the Bible we also read that when you are born-again (a stolen pagan concept) you get the Holy Spirit. Yes, you get the Holy Spirit, but it’s not the spirit that favors Christians, but the Anima Mundi, the Spirit of the World, which descends on those truth-seekers it deems worthy. It cannot descend only if you say a “spell” “Jesus is my savior” or you give your soul to him.

But the unfortunate thing is that this book is designed for mass-control. So truths are mixed with lies, and it’s dangerous to swallow this mixture like you would not swallow honey mixed with poison.

For example, if you accept everything in the Bible, then you will also believe that if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior you’re going to burn in hell for ever. This false doctrine is inserted in the Bible so that people don’t deconvert and therefore don’t reduce the funds of the Church. It has nothing to do with your afterlife destination.

In reality, you will go to either heaven, hell or other realms according to your conduct. No Jesus will help those who are evil. Their vibration will decide where they go. And if you sell your soul to Jesus or any other spiritual figure, that’s even worse. You may find out after death that you have given your rights to a reptilian who will recycle you to the next round of slavery on earth.

So this is another reason why awakened or awakening people may fall into the trap of Christianity – they deeply resonate with its truths, and they assume that the rest of what’s told must be true as well.

The false understanding of what the awakening is

Now many people assume that when you are awakened, it’s impossible to fall for lies. But that’s not true! Buddha taught a lot about what happens when people become awakened. They may still fall for lies! They don’t become omnipotent and omnipresent, all-knowing beings!

In Buddhism this full awakening is called “arahantship”. An arahant, even though fully awakened, still needs a lot of time to mature! That’s what New-Age  (and Hinduism, for that matter) fails to address. It’s only the Buddha of this age that was totally perfected and fully seeing. The awakened ones that followed him weren’t (and aren’t) as perfect as he was, because Buddha was the way-shower and the model of that spiritual state – not others.

So, according to Buddhism, those who are awakened don’t know everything, but they are simply out of the Matrix, out of the grip of the evil one. They are like fishes which escaped the net of the fisherman. But that doesn’t make them all-knowing and all-seeing.


In this post I addressed some possible reasons of why awakened or awakening people may still fall for the trap of Christianity. Christianity was designed by archons to enslave most. Don’t underestimate its power like I did (and then fell into it!). It has many traps some of which are ingenious.

But if you stick to the truth, eventually you will get freed. And then you will feel that all this time you were in a cage without you even knowing it! But only when you escape it will you know that all this time you weren’t “saved” at all, but imprisoned.

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