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The sixth house of astrology shows the kind of service that you are going to provide for humanity. It describes in what way you are going to be useful to society.

It also shows your health condition and what diseases, and how difficult, you might experience in life. It shows whether you have a strong or delicate constitution.

It’s the house that represents people who work under you, like your employees if you own a business or the people you employ to do house work or any other work, for example.

It also represents your pets and other small animals, and whether you are likely to have good relationships with them or you should stay away from them because of the risk of being bitten or for any other reason. It’s also the house that stands for your father’s brothers and sisters.

Here are the meanings of each planet located in the sixth house.

Pluto in the sixth house
Neptune in the sixth house
Uranus in the sixth house
Saturn in the sixth house
Jupiter in the sixth house
Mars in the sixth house
Sun in the sixth house
Venus in the sixth house
Mercury in the sixth house
Moon in the sixth house

Pluto in the sixth house

Pluto in the sixth house gives you the ability to introduce innovative approaches to the way that the service is done to customers in any industry. It gives you the ability to invent a better way to work and serve humanity.

This placement also indicates that you will need to put effort into your health to be good. You will need to take care of your health so that you remain free from illnesses. If Pluto is badly afflicted, there will need to be a lot more work done in this area of life in order to maintain good health. However, this placement also promises great recuperative strength and great strength in general.

An afflicted Pluto can increase the possibility of getting sexually-transmitted diseases or diseases to do with reproductive organs in general. So great care must be taken to avoid such health issues. There’s also a possibility of being bitten or getting diseases from small animals and bugs, so it’s not recommended to have pets with such placement.

Pluto placed in this house also may influence you to work beyond your limit, which may cause you to get physically or mentally exhausted. So care must be taken not to become a workaholic. The balance between relaxation and work must always be kept, and equal importance must be given to mental and physical well-being.

Pluto is also the planet that gifts in this house an ability to heal people spiritually. Thus, the career of a spiritual healer is right with such placement. Whatever path of service you choose though, it’s through it that you will be able to progress and transform yourself.

With such a placement it’s likely that you don’t like to be commanded, so you are better off being your own boss. You may also find it difficult to get along with employees that don’t have the same opinions or values as you. This placement shows that disagreements at work can cause mental problems so discord of any sort at work must be avoided.

Also, it’s important to be honest in your work so that you don’t have to deal with any legal problems, which is again likely with such placement. However, if you work honestly and try to get along with people, Pluto promises a good income, respect, and even fame in this department of life.

This placement may influence you to do a job that’s mysterious or hidden. Sometimes it could be something illegal, or sometimes it could simply be work in the background, where your presence is not known in the open but you contribute to the work that’s eventually seen in the public.

Governmental positions or work to do in any way with death could be possibilities, or the occupation itself might be standard but some aspect of it could be unusual, like a fashion designer making only black clothes, or a poet specializing in writing about death.

Some kind of secretive or unusual work might be engaged in too and sometimes it’s kept secret because the public would not approve of it, such as prostitution. Work to do with exploring something new about the universe or involving trying to understand this reality could be possibilities as well.

It’s a poor position for people who have to work under anyone because the native will resent following orders and doing something he doesn’t feel like to. Power struggles and competition at work are highly possible too.

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Neptune in the sixth house

This placement usually indicates spiritual service to humanity, as well as difficult lessons that will need to be learnt in this department. Work in hospitals, jails, or other large institutions, or in the fields of psychology or psychotherapy is possible. Work connected with water is also a possibility, like working on a ship.

A well-aspected Neptune in this house gives an ability to intuitively understand how to provide better service in terms of work or improving the way the work is done. It gives the ability to receive psychic energy from the environment and use it for healing; so with this placement, it’s important to be in harmonious surroundings and with positive people so that you get and transfer only positive energy.

Natives with such a placement sometimes are driven to work with pets or other animals. They might intuitively understand the needs of animals.

They are likely to be interested in helping people spiritually or physically.

Natives might deceive themselves about their health or service to humanity with the placement of the planet of illusion in this house, sometimes falling prey to religious sects which may drain them of money and energy.

The best description of this planet that I’ve heard was that this planet is like a misty mirror – it doesn’t reflect the real thing as it is. So the native is likely to see what this house represents, mainly health and service to others, through rose-colored glasses. Because of this, the native should never try to self-diagnose his health issues, as he’s likely to be wrong.

This placement makes it difficult to keep things organized at work. Sometimes demands structure and organization become too much to bear and the native may choose to disconnect from all obligations and day-dream instead. This is his way of coping with stressful situations at work.

The native may find it especially difficult to handle arguments and confrontation at work, because this planet gives great sensitivity, and also because Neptune is the planet of peace.

An afflicted Neptune can give mental illnesses that are difficult to cure. Illnesses might affect both mind and body, but their origin is in the mind. Sometimes illnesses are difficult to diagnose, and chosen doctors aren’t helpful or might even worsen the situation or deceive the patient. So great care must be taken in selecting the right doctor: his qualifications must be checked, as well as the feedback from his past patients.

Illnesses are likely to be non-life-threatening; however, even if illnesses are insignificant, they will be chronic or persistent, making life more difficult or the native irritable.

Drugs and alcohol should never be used if Neptune is even slightly afflicted, and even unnatural medicine use is discouraged. There is a big self-poisoning possibility, so the native should be careful in dealing with any sort of chemical substances and take care that the food he eats is healthy.

When sick, the native should consume only natural foods and be healed with natural medicines. However, when choosing natural healing methods it’s important not to fall for charlatan healers, which is again a big possibility with such placement.

With an afflicted Neptune work situation is going to be difficult. The native might not be interested in working, might be unreliable because he’s not satisfied at work. If he works for himself, his employees might be unreliable, lazy, and difficult in other ways to deal with even though Neptune is well aspected. It gets even worse if it’s ill-aspected, because employees may steal from the native and use him in any other way to their advantage.

The native could be unemployed and may not even care about getting a job. He might be doing some work through which he gets cheated. This is especially possible if Neptune isn’t energized by any other planet, as by itself it’s peaceful and receptive. But if the planet is well-aspected, harmony will rule at work, and the native will have great relationships with work colleagues.

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Uranus in the sixth house

The native with such a placement may employ very unusual or advanced, usually technological, methods in his work. The work itself may largely involve the use of technology, such as the production of music or films. People designing computer games, building machines of any kind, or creating computer programs also often have Uranus placed in this astrological house.

If Uranus is afflicted, the native is discouraged from having anything to do with electricity, machinery, or any other undertaking involving danger, because an afflicted Uranus makes one accident-prone. One should especially take care of anything to do with electricity in such a case and even be inside when thunderstorms rage.

The native should avoid any work involving small animals. Also, small animals, in general, should be kept at a distance, because the native may get some disease from them or may be bitten by them. This possibility increases with an afflicted Uranus.

Uranus placed in this house attracts interesting people through work. However, if it’s ill-aspected, there might be disagreements and a lack of harmony in the workplace.

With this placement, it’s important to give to the natives lots of freedom at work. They will strongly resent any rigid structures or being forced to do something they don’t like. They will want to do work according to their own understanding and methods.

They will strongly react against disagreeable colleagues and might even quit their jobs if the situation becomes really difficult.

If Uranus is ill-aspected, the native will not be able to put up with routine at work and is likely to quit a job when it becomes too monotonous. The work situation is going to be unstable with an afflicted Uranus and sometimes the native will change jobs quite frequently. He may quit jobs out of the blue.

Sometimes it’s not because of the native that he loses a job. Work conditions can suddenly shift without the fault of the native. That’s simply a peculiar influence of this unpredictable planet. Pluto also sometimes causes the native to get unexpected job offers.

The best work in this situation would be something that is always changeable and has almost no routine. Maybe a travel writer, musician, or inventor, especially if the work involves the use of technology. You should definitely not choose work where creative input is not appreciated.

The work sphere where you are welcome to suggest improvements and are allowed to work on your own terms is best, which usually is only possible in self-employment. But in case you choose self-employment, having Uranus placed in this house will probably attract employees that are hard to control and they will want to do work their own way too.

This, of course, may be a good thing, because eccentric or unusual employees might prove great at what they do, unexpectedly bringing gains and maybe even public acclaim. But that is never guaranteed, of course, because Uranus is an unpredictable planet – it’s just one of the possibilities.

The best option with such a placement is working for yourself without employing anyone, and doing your work online because this allows you the freedom to travel where you want so you are not stuck in the same place all the time. Also, the work should allow you a flexible schedule.

If Uranus is quite afflicted, you may lack stability completely; therefore, the structure at work would benefit you, though it’s unlikely that you would welcome it. You are most likely to rebel against anyone and anything that tries to impose rules and structures.

In terms of health, afflicted Uranus would cause health problems arising out of an irritable temper and nervousness. Since most diseases will be caused by mental tension, it’s most important for the native to avoid any sort of stress. Therefore, meditative practices of any kind are very beneficial for people with such an astrological placement. Spending time in nature is another excellent way to make the mind more peaceful.

Sometimes illnesses appear as though out of nowhere, and an afflicted Uranus can cause accidents as well. Sometimes healing from diseases will be spontaneous.

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Saturn in the sixth house

Saturn influences the native to take his job seriously, work hard, and be reliable. He will be efficient at what he does. He will function well at work involving routine. He may be given many responsibilities. He will be good with work that requires attention to detail and logic.

The native is likely to gain wealth by applying his specific skills to the chosen field of work. Wealth may come slowly, but once it comes, it will stay. The native is likely to get better at his work and earn more money with the passing years. He is likely to be respected at work, but if Saturn is afflicted, then the native won’t find much joy in conversations with his colleagues.

Health problems will most likely manifest as a result of working too hard or too long. Chronic health problems might be present, as well as low vitality, again caused by overwork. If this isn’t dealt with, the native may become less efficient in his job.

In general, the native will take his health seriously, and if he notices something not right in this department, he is likely to seek specialized advice and fix the issue.

Due to the planet of restriction placed in this house, the native may not get many job opportunities. But once he does get a job, he is likely to excel at it. He’s not likely to be creative and he will shun inventions at work. He will stick to tried-and-tested methods of accomplishing tasks. The native might be paid less than he deserves.

Sometimes this placement makes the native take his job so seriously that he forgets to enjoy life. So the work in this case should not be the only thing that’s on the native’s mind but he should also learn to relax, completely switch off from work, and enjoy himself. This, in turn, will improve his performance at work and will improve his health too.

If Saturn is well-aspected, this gives the native the body and mind that can endure great struggles and the ability to work well even in old age.

The situation is a bit different if Saturn is afflicted, making the native shun responsibilities and making it for him very difficult to find a job. Also, job situation and health might be affected when transiting malefics form negative aspects to the natal Saturn.

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Jupiter in the sixth house

This placement makes it easy for the native to earn a lot of wealth when offering service to humanity. If Jupiter is badly afflicted, then the native will tend to be lazy and therefore won’t earn much. But the placement of the planet of luck in this house definitely gives you great chances of earning a lot of money from your work.

Your work might be associated with travel, higher education, or religion. You may really love working to the point of becoming a workaholic. Sometimes you don’t know when to stop, and this may harm your health.

In terms of health, the placement of the planet of expansion may make it difficult for you to limit your food intake. For example, you may indulge in sweets too much, resulting in weight gain. Any kind of excess must be avoided, as it might lead to health problems. But since Jupiter is a positive planet, it also gives you a great vitality and you will generally be lucky in matters of health.

You like working and you find joy in whatever employment you have. You find it easy to find new jobs. Unless Jupiter is afflicted, you get along with your colleagues and are liked by them. They find you a happy and well-meaning person. They find you inspiring and they appreciate your work ethic.

Such natives will usually offer their time for some free service to humanity. They may also be involved in some sort of healing activities, be it conventional healing, like working in the medical field, or spiritual healing of any sort. The natives’ work might be associated with long-distance travel, or they might be working abroad altogether.

Animal care might also be a job choice, and such an undertaking will bring joy as well as income.

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Mars in the sixth house

This placement gives plenty of energy for work to the native, and he might be attracted to working with heavy machinery or tools made from iron. Blacksmiths, surgeons, any kind of machine operators, fabric workers, and mechanical engineers are likely to have this placement.

Also, sportspeople or those in the military or other careers requiring the wearing of uniforms are also likely to have such a placement.

The native is likely to be precise in his work and he will dislike associates who are lazy or are too laid back about work. He is competitive and most of his energy is spent on work, sometimes to the point of completely exhausting his body and mind. He can accomplish in a day much more work than most other employees.

If the native has other people working under him, they are likely to comply with his commands. He is intense and employees might comply with his orders not out of the desire to do what he says but out of fear. He might be very domineering and may create enemies as a result. But in general, his way of managing will get the work done.

If Mars is afflicted, the native will often get into arguments at work and maybe too competitive to the point of creating enemies at every turn. This is a dangerous situation, which can lead the native to be even physically attacked out of hatred for his way of dealing with people.

Mars placed here will influence the person to be methodical not only about his work but about everything. His life will be highly structured, and he will stick to well thought-out routines. He might be in the habit of wearing a certain type of clothing all the time, and his waking up, eating and sleeping habits might remain the same all his life.

In terms of health, body inflammation and sudden high fevers are possibilities. Such illnesses will usually be caused by a bad temper at work. If the native is extremely forceful and bad-tempered at work, this may cause a really serious, life-threatening disease. An afflicted Mars may cause accidents at work, especially if work has something to do with sharp iron tools or heavy machinery.

An afflicted Mars can also bring into your life aggressive small animals that will injure you in some way. In general, you may keep at home a guard dog or some animal that can protect you and is not friendly to other people.

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Sun in the sixth house

Natives with such a placement will seek to be known through the service they provide. They will have a natural need to shine in their service to the world. Sometimes they will do work only for the sake of being admired. Admiration and compliments are what fuels them to be excellent at what they do. If those aren’t coming forth, they are likely to get demotivated.

If they don’t feel that they receive the recognition they believe they deserve, they might even change jobs. Jobs are likely to be well-paid unless the Sun is afflicted. With an afflicted Sun the native might be average at work but will think himself excellent and will demand privileges which he didn’t earn.

If the Sun is well-placed, the native will know how to care for his health and will be well-informed about how to maintain a healthy body. Maintaining good health is very important to the native and he is likely to invest quite a lot of time in keeping the body functioning at its best.

Having such a placement may make one a doctor or a healer. But sometimes such services will be provided not for the benefit of people but for the purpose of being admired. The native will spend a lot of time working, and maybe a workaholic, causing problems to his health.

His identity is tied with work so it is difficult for him to ease off in this area. He is likely to be too invested in details, wanting to accomplish his service perfectly, when total perfection is a thing not possible.

The worst thing for him is not being appreciated for what he does or being criticized for his work. This might make him demotivated to the point that he may be ready to quit his work or it could even negatively influence his health.

It’s advisable for natives with such a placement to have pets because pets will be able to relax the natives and bring them joy. Pets may also act as natural healers to them.

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Venus in the sixth house

This placement sometimes indicates love affairs at work and sometimes a marriage to a co-worker. However, if Venus is afflicted, love affairs with co-workers might bring real trouble and loss of face.

The placement gives a love of providing service to the public, and the native will be well-liked by co-workers. Co-workers will find him pleasant and they will feel that he brings more warmth to the workplace.

The native will usually work in pleasant environments, and sometimes he will feel joyful being at work just for the fact that the surroundings are harmonious and beautiful.

The native will love his work and will generally like the people he works with. He will find the job that he does pleasant and will treat it more like a hobby than as something serious. He will be a good team player and will be appreciated by the colleagues for his helpfulness and kindness. The native is likely to do well in occupations connected with arts and beauty.

He will have a beautiful personal style and will wear tasteful clothes. If he has pets, he will care for them greatly, even to the extent that he will make sure they have their own style. He might shampoo them regularly and take them to pet grooming salons.

Health is good if the native takes care to prevent excesses and other negative influences affecting the body. He should especially guard against eating too much sugary food.

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Mercury in the sixth house

This is an excellent placement, giving the native much skill and attention to detail at work. The native is likely to be highly qualified for the job that he does, being able to accomplish it perfectly. He is likely to be keeping up with the trends in his field of work, always striving to become better at what he does.

He will do well in work involving the use of mathematics and work being done online. Administrative work or any kind of employment involving structure is excellent as well. He is likely to have a talent for persuasive speech or writing, thus influencing people to do what he wants. This makes it possible for him to succeed in professions such as public speaking, writing, advertising, or anything else involving communication and influence.

Since Mercury is the planet of intelligence, the native may be gifted with superior intelligence. He’s going to be not only meticulous at work, but also in his dress, hygiene, and daily routine. It’s important for such a native that the environment he finds himself in is orderly. Chaos can greatly negatively affect the native.

He is likely to be a workaholic with an inability to stop until perfection is reached. This taxes his body and mind to the degree that he may suffer mental breakdowns if he is not careful. An afflicted Mercury may make the native too critical of co-workers as well as himself, and he may excessively worry about things that don’t matter.

Sometimes this placement makes it difficult for the native to stay in one job for too long, and for the sake of variety, he may change jobs. Sometimes he may have more than one job at the same time.

He is likely to care about his health and may read a lot about how to keep the body functioning well. Sometimes he will tend to find problems with his health where there aren’t any, and his constant search for health problems might unnecessarily stress him out.

If Mercury is badly aspected, the native is advised not to overburden his mind with too much information and give it rest from information at regular periods, because mental imbalances are a big possibility.

The native will pay a great deal of attention to his hygiene. He will also find it offensive if his colleagues or friends don’t care about their appearance and aren’t perfect in their grooming. The natives may perceive the lack of care in personal hygiene almost as an insult.

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Moon in the sixth house

This isn’t a good placement as the Moon will influence the native to be unstable in employment. He may even quit his work due to some negative mood. His moods will be tightly linked with the way he performs at work.

Frequent job changes are a great possibility unless the moon is in a fixed sign. (Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.)

If the native has his own business, his employees will be unreliable and their quality of work will largely depend on their moods. If the Moon isn’t afflicted, this placement gives a good chance of succeeding in businesses or employments connected with food. Another good possibility is doing some sort of housework, like cleaning homes or designing home decor.

When the native has children, it is likely that he will give up his job to care for them.

When they are at work, they put a lot of energy into it. They sometimes become workaholics and this might be a quality inherited from the native’s hard-working mother. Sometimes they might be taken advantage of by their employers who may keep asking them to work overtime. It’s very important in this case to set clear boundaries because health is more important than work.

They also may have special routines they follow every day, like eating the same kind of food each morning, or going to bed at a specific time, or always watching a movie before falling asleep.

It’s important for natives with such a placement to care for their health and eat healthily. This will influence them to remain in a good mood most of the time, which will improve their work performance also. There is a possibility of bad digestion with such a placement, and this malfunction will be associated with mood swings.

Sometimes problems with digestion can become great, leading to hospitalization. So it’s important to make sure that the native doesn’t stress out too much or that the situation at work doesn’t cause emotional lows. Sometimes, however, the native will think himself ill when no disease is present, and this may cause him mental distress. Such constant worry might indeed create health problems in the future.

Sometimes natives with such a placement become burdens for others to take care of. They might actually want to get sick so that others would care for them, and this could indeed become a reality. They are likely to suffer from low moods regularly, and if the Moon is afflicted, a great care of mental health must be taken because mental illness is a possibility.

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