When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the eighth house, this combines the two houses of dangers, and therefore amplifies the problems that can come from them.

Read carefully, to understand how to avoid the dangers and disasters in your life, especially if this configuration is afflicted or ruled by a malefic. At the end of the article, I will explain some blessings of this configuration, which apply to those who have this astrological combination in a good condition.

If you get involved in any activity to do with the spirits of the deceased or psychic matters, this can cause much trouble in your life. For example, you may attract those spirits to you, and they may refuse to leave. It can lead to you losing your spiritual power, getting physical illnesses, or experiencing mental problems because of such spirit attachments.

Even getting involved in astrology is not recommended with such an afflicted configuration, as it can make you feel more isolated, misunderstood by others, and your attempts to do astrology readings can bring you misfortunes.

Also, if you get involved with anything illegal or taboo in your life, it can lead you to the loss of freedom, such as through your imprisonment. It’s also very dangerous for you to swim in larger bodies of water, and without the supervision of someone who is an expert swimmer, as this configuration can easily show the loss of life because of drowning.

It’s not recommended for you to try any sort of mind-altering substances, as it could be very easy to get addicted to them and to destroy yourself. Also, you are not advised to stay on your own for too long, as staying in a remote place or away from other people can cause you to feel depressed or anxious, and can further lead to the alienation from others.

It’s not advised for you to involve yourself with any sort of magic or mysticism groups, if this combination is afflicted. You should join no secret societies, as it can attract negative ancestral and other spirits.

The disaster list doesn’t stop here, but I’m hoping you’re getting the theme. You should not involve yourself with any dangerous, taboo, secretive or magical activity as it can bring illnesses, the loss of freedom, or even a premature end to life.

If this combination is in a good condition and its ruler is not a malefic, then the situation is better, though still the nature of the houses involved is secretive and negative.

It could mean that through research, you can uncover many spiritual secrets. Also, staying alone or in remote places can get you in touch with the spirits of the departed, or circumstances may so arrange themselves that you may learn the hidden things about this world.

It also shows that you can have much focus when working in spiritual or medical fields, as well as if engaged with the people or animals in need of help. It can also show some research interest in the ancient past or large animals.

If you own or are attached to some large animal, it can show its premature death. It can also reveal the death or afflictions to your secret opponents.

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