In this information age, it is easy to flit from one teaching to another. As you find one teaching, soon a better one seems to come your way. So the never-ending information-gathering continues.

The information age is a blessing and a curse, therefore. A blessing, because you can find anything you need. A curse, because there are countless options.

If you never stick to any one teaching, you cannot build your spiritual base. It’s like trying to build a house, but you keep changing its foundations.

No consistent and healthy spiritual unfoldment can happen if you do this.

So the task is to select the right spiritual practice.

You may be called to one particular practice. This is better than being seduced through its promotion.

Once you resonate with some spiritual practice, test it out. Do you see the results? Does it make you feel better? Are those who practiced it for years spiritually evolved?

I’ve been doing an intense Hatha yoga practice coupled with meditation until the age of 30. For my practice, I even rented a house in a jungle-like area to stay in natural surroundings. I slept on the floor, ate healthy vegetarian food, and stayed much in nature (in India).

I was also fascinated with Christ-consciousness teachings, which were in total union with the yogic philosophy. Every single day I spent doing a Hatha yoga sequence and meditation. I was a celibate then too, and my thoughts were only about the Divine.

I got into yoga since around the age of 21, and the intensity of my practice kept increasing, with the greatest effort being 6 months leading to the kundalini rising experience (when I rented the property in the jungle).

Exactly on my 30th birthday (when the Sun was in conjunction with my natal Sun), when I was visiting Boracay islands, the result of the practice was achieved, and I went through a kundalini rising.

It pierced through my crown chakra, made the lotus blossom drop, and the cool soma liquid flowed down into all the nerves of my body.

Kundalini rising to the crown was swift and unperceptible, as I had cleared all my nerve pathways through Hatha yoga, and I got only to enjoy the soma liquid. Only those who have blockages experience pain and other discomforts during the rising.

This crown chakra piercing made me open up to the world unseen, but I was not ready. I was frightened. I rejected yoga, converted to Christianity, and had nothing to do with spiritual practices for a few years.

I just wasn’t ready, and my unconscious Christian beliefs got in the way. I even named the whole practice demonic. Though born Catholic, I never identified with this religion before this happening, yet it was in my genes, and it showed up when I was going through a crisis.

It is told that a single kundalini rising is not enough. You have to raise it many times to become an enlightened human being, the light that leads others into the light. Yes, even if you raise it once, it enlightens you, but there are many more mountains to climb to see the entire landscape.

After five years of this happening, I feel ready to again open up to yoga. I was cautiously practising it for maybe around a year now, but now I’m doing an intense sadhana.

I decided this because it is worth the risk. The risk is that I still won’t be able to handle what I’m shown. The reward is the continual expansion of my consciousness and, finally, becoming the embodiment of the divine.

Staying in nature in my farmhouse allows me to practice well. I have fresh air, well-water, and some organic food. I can sync with nature and my body here. I’m syncing with the Moon cycles, the Sun, and I dedicate most of my day to spiritual sadhana and yogic teachings.

Although I’m a person who absolutely loves change and my life can be described as one big change, it is my intention to stick to my sadhana, as I see enormous benefits of it already.

I’ve recovered some of the psychic developments that only happened during my intense practice days. I’m so blessed that I’m allowed to experience them again – I never expected that.

Since I’m quickly recovering the spiritual blessings that I lost, I have the hope of gaining even more.

I’m ready to again experience the heaven on earth, that innocent feeling of everything being perfect and good already, and all life being one harmonious flow. Though I always have this feeling at the back of my mind, in my yoga days, I was living in that feeling. And I want to recover that, because it makes life magical.

So these are the benefits of daily spiritual practice – you make fast spiritual progress, and life becomes magical and sacred. And even more – an establihsed sadhana gives you a firm foundation – a foundation that builds your character and makes you settled in your root.

A daily sadhana makes you very stable. I seedling cannot withstand strong winds, but a well-established tree can. The more you continue in your sadhana, the stronger you become.

Through the practice, you get rooted in your own self, and then your needs, wants, preferences, actions and choices come from that inner core, rather than from being influenced by external forces. You become You.

An established sadhana also has a protective force. The magnetic field around you becomes harmonious and strong if you do a set of daily spiritual practices that are in harmony with nature and your soul.

It’s best to select the sadhana that was established a long time ago, because then you can be sure it really works (if there are enlightened masters in that lineage). If it stood the test of time, and you feel in your heart it’s for you, you can choose it for sure.

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