When evacuation flights started from Nepal I knew something was not right. Why would suddenly entire industries be stopped? There were viruses before, much worse than what we’re experiencing now, yet no extreme measures as such were ever taken.

That’s not a pandemic – it’s a plandemic. And it’s so obvious; yet those who are hypnotized by the media think it to be reality. They jump when the media tells them to jump. Whatever media suggests, no matter how silly or dangerous, the masses religiously do.

Wearing masks damages our lungs because we keep breathing in carbon dioxide. This can result in respiratory acidosis where we are short of breath, experiencing seizures, anxiety and confusion. Frequent rubbing of alcohol-rich disinfectants on our hands destroys protective bacteria of the skin, leaving the skin irritated and without any protection.

No matter how many “debunking” videos and articles the establishment releases in favor of wearing masks, the fact is, masks make us breathe in carbon dioxide which is damaging to our lungs. This is much more likely to ruin our health than the fake virus.

But this article is not about the madness of protecting yourself from the fake virus. It’s about how this plandemic will affect the travel industry.

I’ve recently read Times India article on how travel is going to change. Unfortunately I didn’t save it so I can’t find a link to it. It was following the scenarios I’ve mentioned in my videos before – the Rockefeller’s 1969 plan, and another Rockefeller Foundation document which predicted the plandemic (surprise, surprise).

I wonder who gave this piece to print. The person was informed about the plan. The article told that travel will end as we know it. It said that international travel will be too expensive for most. That’s what was told in the 1969 plan. It was told that travel will be cheap for some time, and that later it will be made expensive because travel is a privilege.

In the Rockefeller Foundation document there’s a section called “Lockstep”, predicting lockdown almost ideally. It was written 10 years ago. In the Lockstep section it’s suggested that some areas will be made prohibited for humans, like some natural and beautiful places and water bodies such as the river Ganges.

This made me also remember a dream that I got at quite an early stage of the plandemic which I’ve shared with you on social media and in an article. It was about travel, but travel was restricted. I had to travel with many people and it was controlled. Like we were able to go to some places but I knew that traveling apart of the group would have been difficult and expensive.

So maybe the only way to travel internationally, somewhere far, would be with a group of people. In the dream we all had to sleep in the same building too. This reminds me of the encouraged herd mentality in China, and also smells of communism.

I remember my mother told me that when she was growing up in Lithuania when it was captured by Russia, travel was severely restricted and she had to travel in a group and only to certain countries (probably the ones also captured by Russia at the time). Spies were always present, watching the group’s movements, in case someone gets out of line.

My customer reported some building work going on in the airport of his country, which was Sweden if I’m not mistaken. Money is funneled also into the US airports. I’ve received an email from some airline company a while ago showing the new way to check in. The staff were all with face shields. It looked like not of this world.

Funny outfits to keep reminding people of the scary virus.

There are talks that airplanes will have to transform the seating to keep in accordance with ridiculous distancing rules. If that takes place, it will make prices not affordable to most. The Times article mentioned that because of the high price of long-distance travel, national travel will become more popular, and also people will travel to neighboring countries. Long-distance travel will be for the rich only.

In the documents already mentioned there were talks about keeping countries internationally connected for a while, and then breaking the connection and making them self-sufficient again. There were even talks in the Rockefeller Foundation document about breaking the internet; under the excuse of security threats the internet will be made local.

I guess China is closest to this goal, and now there are disagreements between India and China. India is likely to block trade with China, and it also blocked some of the apps from this country. So we can see the “prediction” of Rockefellers of making economies local again coming true at this very moment.

The rich families play with us. They build systems and then destroy them. We may never understand what’s the point of their sick game. But this plandemic showed that power is in a few hands and that those few hands control the whole world.

If at this stage people still don’t see how the world is manipulated by few, I don’t think anything will wake them up.