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Blavatsky told that she did not reveal all her knowledge in one book only, but that it’s scattered throughout her work. I found this to be true. She told that the reason she didn’t reveal all her knowledge in one work was that it’s not for the lazy and unworthy.

I have to agree with her. Since she was an initiate, I don’t believe that she could reveal everything she knew, but she revealed enough. The way to receive that knowledge is by reading between the lines. Yes, you may get some knowledge through regular reading or listening to her materials, but to fully benefit you really need to listen to what she was saying.

Blavatsky knew the spirit realm. She was very familiar with different entities found in non-physical realms. She actually predicted the growth of Christianity as a result of people having negative experiences in the astral.

She told that the only way to avoid conversion to Christianity out of fear was to study Greek philosophers who were initiates. They wrote about the beings found in the non-physical realm, and how to tell which ones are good and which ones are evil.

Unfortunately, when people start dabbling in the things unseen, they get surrounded by evil entities. This happens for many reasons. Firstly, evil entities flock to those who dabble in things spiritual for all the wrong reasons, like for becoming famous as magicians, gaining power, gaining advantage over others, gaining some other personal benefits, or dabbling in it because of silly curiosity.

Secondly, evil entities flock to those who have negative energy themselves, due to their selfishness and negative thoughts. Thirdly, evil entities fool those who are not knowledgeable about the spirit realm.

Somehow we tend to think that we would only attract good entities when we start dabbling in things spiritual. This thought occurs due to our selfishness. When you, as a foreigner, go to any Indian city, you attract the attention of the worst kind of people – those who want to benefit from you financially, and sexually (if you are a white woman). Only when you get to know the place by staying there long enough you may meet some people who are not interested in benefiting from you.

So the same applies to the spiritual realm. It’s very unlikely that you will at first attract any positive entities whatsoever, unless you are tuning into the spiritual for the benefit of the world and your energy is completely pure, and you are knowledgeable about the realm.

It also doesn’t make it easy to get in touch with pure energy spiritual entities because the sort of entities that are found immediately after our realm are the spirits of suicides and those people who still didn’t get over with emotional ups and downs and material attachments, and thus tenaciously cling to the realm closest to the earthly.

People who are not experienced in unearthly realms are likely to tune in to the astral realm full of those murderous and foolish entities. Those entities want to have contact with humans, because, according to Blavatsky, they need human energy in order to stay in that close-to-ours realm. Because they failed to learn earthly lessons and remained still attached to things perishable, they themselves will disintegrate unless they feed on that human energy.

Therefore they want to make contact with humanity, and fool them into thinking they are ascended masters and so forth. Humans who have no knowledge about such entities are too ready to believe in their lies, and fall prey to them. They start channeling those entities and then feel completely drained afterwards. They believe to be channeling very pure beings, when it’s totally the opposite. All this happens because humans dive into something completely unknown to them without firstly taking time to read up on the subject.

You cannot find good information about different spirits online because internet is littered with experiences of those who know nothing on the subject. Yes, I can also tell you about my numerous astral experiences, but it would be only listing of events whose meaning I don’t understand. Yes, I can give my personal opinion abut those events, but this would remain only that – an opinion. Thus, it is on very rare occasions that I talk about my spiritual experiences.

The information about the spiritual realm is out there. It is based on the knowledge of thousands of previous initiates. It is preserved in Egyptian and Greek writings. Western secret societies preserved it as well.

Some people don’t study such things because they think all information comes from within. I should ask such people whether you can learn advanced English from within. So the same applies to this subject, I’m afraid. You cannot trust your feelings or opinions on this subject, because that realm is too deceptive.

The reason I’m interested in exploring that realm is that I’d rather know what’s out there whilst I’m alive than when I’m dead. There are some who think that our souls keep getting recycled; that Christians meet Jesus who tells them to follow him; Muslims meet Mohamed. Hindus meet some god that they worshiped. And when they listen to those entities, they get to a place of light where their souls get recycled.

I don’t want this to happen to me, so I want to understand that realm whilst I’m still breathing. I don’t want to end up in the same world again, because it has nothing to offer me anymore. I’m done with emotional ups and downs, material things and sensations. They now longer hold sway over me. I want to move on. So I don’t want to be tricked into living here again – in case we do get recycled.

Thus the study of the body of knowledge of the initiates. I’m starting from Blavatsky as she is the one who was studied and respected by the occultists whom I highly regard. Your choice might be different. But start somewhere, if you also want to understand the realm of the spirit.

If you want to start from Blavatsky, I’ve published the first video narration of Isis Unveiled – see the video above this article.

More reflections on theosophy will follow in subsequent articles.