Deep meditators know that a human being has two minds. The mind that gives orders seems not to be ours, as it’s a reptilian-like mind. It’s the mind of an aggressor.

When I would deeply meditate, sometimes I would be able to see lightning-speed events at a slow-pace. This is what made me realize the aggressor-nature of our minds, and only after several years of reflection I understand why Eastern meditation adepts were focused on killing the mind.

They weren’t trying to kill the human mind, but the parasitical mind, which Don Juan (in the writings of Carlos Castaneda) believed to be given to us by the dark entities that feed on us.

I understood the foreign nature of this mind during one of those events where they were slowed down for me to grasp what was really happening. Once, when I was really relaxed, some unexpected creature (I don’t remember anymore what it was, maybe a bird) came close to me. The conscious mind straight away detected the movement, and like a computer, instantly scanned the creature to determine whether it was a threat or not.

It scanned its facial features to determine what kind of being that was and whether it fitted under any classification already stored in the mind. When it recognized the creature, the mind no longer was alarmed.

This happens in the mind of every human being when some unexpected movement happens close to them or when some being enters their space. But it happens so fast that non-meditators will never know it.

This feature of the mind revealed to me that the conscious mind is a sort of mechanical device to respond to the environment. We as humans would not assess situations in such a way; this kind of mind points to predatory origins and is alien to humans.

Deep inside humans are harmless and good but the society and the environment perverts them; and, of course, it also happens that they are born with brain defects or are psychopaths which I don’t consider human anyway.

Manly P. Hall also discussed this predatory nature of mind and implied that it’s a foreign construct. The best lecture of his which talks about it is about kundalini; he thoroughly explained how the conscious mind formed and what kundalini accomplishes:

In the writings of Carlos Castaneda we find this mind to be described as given to us by our controllers who feed on the highs and lows of our emotions. The only way to escape their influence and destroy that mind, as Don Juan teaches, is complete presence.

I managed to escape the influence of that mind many times as a result of meditation and being present; and Don Juan taught that if one gets into the habit of being present, eventually the dark entities will flee, and one will be free from the oppressive influence of that mind.

I believe this happened to Eckhart Tolle – the oppressive mind broke; but this happened to him not because he was present, but because he was so negative that something happened which made that mind break. However, we cannot rely on such a way of getting rid of that mind! And thus the choice left to us is staying in the present moment.

The Tower of Babel

I believe that the capture of our minds is connected with the Tower of Babel. In the Bible we read that before the Babel disaster all people were of one tongue and they were all united. This unison made them very powerful and “gods” were afraid that since humans were united, they could accomplish anything.

Thus, they decided to destroy human unity and therefore confused their languages, and scattered them to other places (the birth of countries and borders). Even today humans suffer from this separation, since they grow up to consider themselves Russian, Ghanaian, Indian and American, viewing their human brothers as strangers and therefore sometimes not even viewing those “others” as humans.

The same applies to religion; people considering themselves Muslims, Christians and those who belong to other religions tend to view others as strangers and sometimes pity them or even hate them.

This division is exactly what “gods” want; this division creates hatred and war, and the dark entities, the “gods” of humanity, feed off that energy. As long as humans don’t learn this lesson and drop those imaginary boundaries, their life force will be sucked by those entities.

I don’t mean, of course, that all of us are identical. Each person is unique, and each race has different lessons to learn. But we are all humans, and this is what makes us brothers. It’s difficult, however, to achieve the understanding of this unity as a result of individuals who are trapped in the clutches of religions and other mental constructs. They are the ones that perpetuate borders and separations.

And by unity I in no way mean that since we are all brothers and sisters we all should mix up; we know this creates a disaster – just look at the tensions between the people of different cultures in any city. Though why such tensions exist in the first place? Was it not because of the Tower of Babel incident?

The deed was done, and we became very different from each other as a result of growing up within the boundaries of a certain culture and religion. Throwing us all together into one place is only going to create tension.

It is well known that people who emigrate to a totally different culture hold to their customs even more tenaciously than the natives they left behind. It takes a lot of time to transcend one’s culture and religion, and some people can’t even go beyond the point of seeing those as artificial constructs.

It is my understanding that when this separation at the Tower of Babel happened, that’s when those “gods” captured our minds and gave us their own. The story of Babel is literal as well as symbolical. It’s told that in those days humanity were of one language. That language is more than likely our original (now subconscious) mind who speaks in symbols. I believe that symbolism is the original language of humanity, and it survived as the language of esotericism.

The true purpose of witch burning

Esoteric knowledge was attempted to be extinguished by Christianity and later by Islam. Because as long as people held this knowledge, they held power and were not interested to downgrade into religions as such. Christians were powerless to convert Egyptians as long as they possessed the sacred books of Hermes. And when Christians burnt them, people got dumbed down with time and thus became the adherents of Christianity and later Islam.

Witch burning was also to do with depriving humans of empowering spiritual knowledge so that the only light remaining is the Catholic Church. Witch burning had nothing to do with destroying people who sold their souls to the devil; it was all to do with gaining their spiritual knowledge and destroying those poor victims so that they don’t pass on their knowledge to others.

Once that spiritual information was stolen and stored away from people, dark ages ensued.

Supernatural phenomena associated with Catholicism, therefore, has nothing to do with the holiness of the church, but has everything to do with the information that they have in Vatican. And the reason such phenomena is not associated with Protestantism is because by severing themselves from the tree of Catholicism, this branch was denied the knowledge that Catholics got as a result of witch burning. But about that in my next article.

The language of symbols

Though our subconscious mind was imprisoned, it never ceases trying to communicate with us. It does so in dreams and in the form of intuition. Since most humans don’t know what symbols mean, they take dream symbols literally and thus miss the message.

For example, my true mind (subconscious) warns me whenever I’m about to take a wrong step or even if my close friends are about to make a mistake. I remember having a dream about my friend whom in the dream I saw putting on shoes that are too big for her.

I told her the dream because I felt it was important. Yet, she did not understand the symbolism and thus didn’t assess her actions. She was soon involved in a lawsuit that was published in newspapers, thus affecting her business negatively.

I was myself warned in a similar way by my true mind when I formed in my mind a goal that wasn’t suitable for me. The same night I got a dream about me trying on different caps, and the one that I eventually put on was too small for me.

Thus, our true minds never cease to talk to us and to try to help us. But how many of us are attuned to that help? How many, rather than trying to understand what symbols stand for, are quick to label this as thoughtless creations of a tired mind?

Thus, it is my strong belief that in the past humanity had one language of symbols; and when shadowy entities pretending to be gods oppressed us, they somehow gave us their minds. That mind understands a foreign language consisting of written words which are formed into different sounds. This language is hypnotic and we are all its slaves.

Two types of dreaming

I’m sure some deep meditators understand the following. When you deeply meditate, eventually you learn to consciously sleep: your body rests but you’re aware of what’s happening. And this may make you realize that there are two ways that people dream.

The astral soul can either leave the body and travel to different planes and then this experience is translated into symbols; or the soul doesn’t leave because the conscious mind is awake and it weaves a story.

You are in no way responsible for that story as it is not you that narrates it; yet it goes on in your mind, and the subconscious mind cannot help but making pictures in response, as though held its prisoner. And that’s what people consider to be a dream as well.

This shows to me that our subconscious minds are imprisoned by this foreign construct. “Gods”, the shadowy beings, know exactly how our minds work. They know that our minds cannot help but picture something that is suggested. For example, when you hear the word “chair”, your subconscious mind straight away pictures it before you. The oppressors know this feature of the mind and they fully exploit it.

What to do about it? As I’ve already mentioned, it is staying in the present moment that helps us loosen the grip of those parasitical oppressors. Christians shun Eastern knowledge of mindfulness, yet this is what frees us.


Lastly, a few words for Christians. Think hard whether it is a true god who punishes people for seeking knowledge, delights in blood sacrifice even of his own son, and is excited by the smell of an innocent burning animal which he claims he himself created.

Think about why “gods” felt threatened by human unity. Distance yourself from the answers that pastors give you and think without any prejudice. As long as you are in any sort of religion, you are in a cage.

Most people are in multiple cages. It takes time to recognize them and to extricate yourself from them. And, of course, the most crafty cage of all is found in our own minds leaving which would signify removing all forms of dark entity control.