I got a mixed response as a result of posting my two latest articles, but the response was much more positive than I expected.

I thought that I would get many comments from people who blindly defend the tradition without looking at the evidence provided; so it was really surprising to receive only a few of such comments and the rest were positive.

There were some people, however, who, as a result of the information contained in those articles, now do not know what to do with this knowledge. So this article is mainly for them.

Our canon does not have the entire Word of God. There is some truthful information and there is some false information contained in it. Yeshua told us to be “good money changers” (this saying is missing from our bibles but was quoted by Origen and is found in Clementine Homilies). He also said  to “prove all things”, and to “hold fast to that which is good”.

This explains to us that when we read our bibles, we should be careful to discern between true and false and put those things that are passed for truth to the test. And the same rule applies when reading extra-biblical material.

This discernment, of course, shouldn’t be based on what we like and what we dislike, but on that which is true. We must be guided by the Holy Spirit and not by our fleshly nature to discern between true and false.

What I’ve found out is not supposed to take you out of balance but to clarify the Christian doctrine.

For example, without the different gospel of Paul, it becomes very clear how Christians should save other people. Instead of saying that the belief in crucified Yeshua saves them, they should make it known to them that the end of the world will happen soon and that they are invited to the everlasting Kingdom.

In order to inherit it, they should be made familiar with the laws of our Creator, they should be encouraged to repent of their former sins and be baptized in the name of Yeshua for the remission of sins, so that they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. They should also be told that the testimony of Yeshua (which is his teaching) was true because he resurrected.

So now there’s no confusion about whether people who never knew Yeshua would be able to make it to the Kingdom; people prior to Yeshua were saved also, if they loved our Creator to the extent that they subdued their fleshly lusts and obeyed His laws.

The Catholic Church removed some of the sayings of Yeshua which they didn’t like. So it’s our task to find as much of them as possible; and this is a big task since almost all Christian texts have been corrupted. But since we have the Holy Spirit we will be helped in this endeavour.

So I encourage everyone to read extra-biblical books which the paganized Catholic Church deemed not the Word of God and therefore they were left out of our bibles; they weren’t aligned with the doctrine of their Babylonian religion to make it into our bibles.

So there’s a lot to read, and I encourage you to especially study targums (including Samaritan Pentateuch), Nazarene Acts (check glossary at the end of this book for unknown words) and Clementine Homilies. All these texts are available online free of charge.

I am of the opinion that Yeshua indeed was an Essene, and therefore a vegetarian, but because this side of Yeshua was against the beliefs of pagan meat-eating Rome, such teachings were edited out of our bibles though they are available outside of our canon.

What’s more, I encourage you to study the apocrypha that was taken out of our bibles; as well as pseudepigrapha; but because almost all texts were (more or less) corrupted by the pens of Pharisees, Catholics, Gnostics and other sects, it’s important to be spiritually discerning when reading any such text.

So I know it can be disorienting for some people to find out that our canon isn’t the full Word of God and it was corrupted. But we are not left without any help, as we have the Holy Spirit who guides us into all the truth, and the texts rejected by the Catholic Church are still available, though they suffered some corruption.

Furthermore, an important thing to think about is that if Yeshua was indeed of the Essene sect, it means that he was against eating meat. And if the commandment “thou shalt not kill” actually meant to convey the prohibition of killing anything alive, then, just to be on the safe side, I think it’s wise not to eat any meat.

Also, Essenes were not against eating dairy. However, they lived in different times, when they could humanely raise animals. Most of us, however, do not have our own farms, and therefore get our dairy products from animal farms where animals suffer intolerable cruelty and they are kept alive only for us to receive of their produce. I believe that we might be held accountable for their mistreatment if we continue consuming their products bought from such farms.

Yes, it’s not us who mistreat animals but we contribute to that mistreatment if we pay money to receive products from those farms. So I believe it’s safer not to be a part of that cruel treatment, just in case we are judged for it. It’s something you should think about, but I personally, just to be on the safe side, have recently transitioned to a vegan diet.

Yes, what I told in some of my earliest videos, is true. Eating meat makes you less earth-bound, but since when I was into new age I was also deep into meditation and yoga, and so maybe these practices, rather than abstaining from meat, opened me up to feel the spiritual dimension. I’m saying this due to one reader’s response – he was afraid of stopping meat eating due to being concerned with the fact that he might open himself up to another dimension.

So just to be on the safe side, in case the commandment about not killing applies to all living beings, I advise you to not only not kill anything living, but abstain from even indirectly causing some animal to be mistreated.

We are told to be more righteous than scribes and Pharisees, and Yeshua “upped” the standard of the law rather than lowered it; so I think it makes sense for us to try to be more righteous than the ancient Hebrew people who followed the law that was a little corrupted by the lusts of scribes and Pharisees.

As I told in my first article on the Greatest Cover Up in Our Bibles, the law of divorce was made different due to the lusts of the people. Also, in the beginning a man was allowed to marry only one wife, but due to the lusts of the people polygamy was established.

So if the marriage law was corrupted, and if Sabbath rules were changed, maybe the commandment not to kill was misinterpreted too. So this is something to think about. Remember, we must be more righteous than the religious leaders of Israel at the time of Yeshua in order to inherit the Kingdom.

I know some Christians refuse to become vegetarians because they believe that if they become vegetarian they are following the doctrines of demons. It was Pharisee Paul who said those words and I already talked about him in my previous article. It is not the doctrine of demons not to hurt creatures who were created by the same Creator.

I know some would say that not hurting them places us on the same level with animals, but I disagree with it. Not hurting us places us in the right place of being the good masters of animals. We were originally created to rule the animal kingdom but not to eat it. We are the ones created in the image of our Creator and not them; we are supposed to be as though gods to animals; we are supposed to be their good masters, like our Creator is our good master. He doesn’t want to destroy us, so should we not want to destroy them.

So not eating animal flesh doesn’t put us on the same level with those, for example, who worship animals, like ancient Egyptians did and Indians do to this very day. Because they actually place animals above themselves, worshipping them as though they were gods. This is abomination because we were created in the image of our Creator and not animals.

Those who worship animals have it all backwards; many of such people easily cheat, lie, steal from and abuse their fellow neighbours but they fall to worship creatures incapable of higher reason. This is abomination and it has nothing to do with abstaining from meat eating.

In fact, I believe it is in Clementine Homilies that I read that the reason people started eating flesh is because of the example of the giants who were born from fallen angels and human women. That before their birth all people were vegetarians. I don’t know if that’s true, but it could have been, since at first humans were vegans.

Should it be so hard to give up something like milk or meat in order to inherit the Kingdom? Yeshua said that a wise man sells everything when he finds the most precious pearl. He also said to pluck out and cast away from oneself an eye that causes one to sin so that to inherit eternal life even though being maimed; so should we not allow anything to get in the way of our promised inheritance; and if at the moment we don’t know for sure whether the apostles and Yeshua were vegetarian or not, I think it’s wise to consider a vegetarian or vegan diet.