In this article I will discuss two unrelated  subjects, but since I don’t want to write two very short articles, I will squeeze them into one.

The first thing I would like to discuss is the accusation of some readers of being self-contradicting. Yes, contradictions can be found in my work, and that’s because I grow. I cannot cling to the beliefs and concepts I held a year ago, since my growth is rapid.

I think it’s much more dangerous to stay stuck with some leader who sounds the same as he sounded fifty years ago, than with someone who always grows and therefore changes their point of view.

Self-contradiction is the inevitable outcome of self-growth. You saw the world in one way and now you’re no longer in the valley but going higher up, so the view changes. So there’s nothing much I can do about these contradictions.

Yes, some people hide that they see things in a different way – simply because they are in the public eye and they fear public backlash as a result of changed opinions due to their growth. But I think such leaders are cowards and I would rather be accused of contradicting myself than put truth to death. It, of course, depends on whom you serve.

I’m happy that I don’t sound the same way I did a year ago. This shows me that I always grow. In fact, I see a change in me every day – and I wouldn’t want things in any different way. If people are the same they were a year ago, this isn’t something to pat one on the back for.

And another thing I would like to discuss in this article is a change in video direction. It will affect my articles as well. I’m going to start recording more articles as well as audio books. I especially will focus on audio books.

This is because I’m currently consuming a lot of new information, and I find that some of it is missing on YouTube. So instead of reading only for my own benefit, I’m going to record the audiobooks that are missing from YouTube or have bad sound quality.

In this way you can learn with me as well, and know which books I’m reading. If I read out good articles, it will be with my reflections as well.

So in summary, please don’t find it surprising if my view on certain subjects changes. This is a good sign, and something that’s to be expected when people continuously grow. I also wish for you to experience such changes, because it’s wonderful to discover that you are a different person from who you were a year ago.