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In this article, I summarize theosophy’s view of Christian hell together with my own commentary. I find theosophy providing great insight into many issues, despite the many criticisms about this spiritual branch.

Theosophists know that Christian hell is unique. It’s not even the hell of Judaism. Christianity is supposed to be the continuation of Judaism since its messiah is a Jew. However, that’s not the case. Christianity is a new religion – a repackaged Roman Sun-cult. Because of this, its hell understanding is not the same as of the Jews.

In Judaism, almost nothing is mentioned about hell. Hell is compared to the grave – the pit where the dead bodies are cast into. From reading Jewish religious sources it becomes clear that their interest was in this life and that after death there is nothingness – that the dead aren’t aware of anything at all (Ecclesiastes 9:5).

In Christianity, however, hell is a very conscious existence, where people experience never-ending pain and torture for ever.

This kind of hell is not met in any cultures. Hell in many religions is a place of purgation, where souls are cleansed from their sins and then released to experience yet other chances of development. But in Christianity once you’re in hell, you don’t get out.

This kind of hell was created by Roman popes. It’s a good business plan for them because this fear-based propaganda greatly increases the number of converts. Thus, through the use of fear they gain large amounts of money and power. These people are not interested in your well-being or the truth – they are interested only in your wallet and anything else they can extract from you.

Thus, the hell business plan was and is very successful. Fear is a powerful motivating force. It attracts many converts and makes great profits. It will stay as long as Christianity exists, because why would the powers of darkness change something that works to their advantage.

Even Hinduism has the concept of hell, and, interestingly, they also have a story of how angels fell and were cast down into hell. Here it is, taken from The Origins of Evil in Hindu Mythology by Wendy Doniger:

The origins of evil in Hindu mythology - fall of demons

Hinduism has so many sacred books that I had no idea that the myth of the fall of spiritual beings can be found there as well. Yet, like in any other religion, their place of hell isn’t a permanent place even for demons. It’s a place of purification, and after some time, all will be released from it.

If you really look into the Christian religion, you will realize that it’s a death cult. They worship a dead man on the cross (who isn’t Jesus but the sun), they want to die for Jesus (real God would never want blood sacrifice), the cross in Christianity symbolizes death (though in other cultures it’s the symbol of the sun which equals life).

Catholics glorify their dead saints and keep them in cathedrals for all to see. The saying of Jesus to Pharisees applies to Catholic cathedrals perfectly:

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

— Matthew 23:27

Catholics ascribe to those dead people magical abilities and they ascribe magical phenomena to lifeless statues as well. They just can’t get enough of death.

It’s hard for Protestants to see that they come from the same sick death-cult root – Catholicism. It’s a sun-worshiping religion that glorifies death. Protestantism sprang forth from it, thus it comes from the same root.

Jesus taught us to judge the tree by its fruits. We know that Catholicism produces evil fruits, so its branch – Protestantism – cannot produce good fruits either, being from the same tree.

Christians are so concerned with saving others but they really need to save themselves. If they continue visualizing hell as a permanent burning place that most people will not be able to avoid, it’s very likely that after death they will experience it. The more people believe in this place, the stronger it becomes in the astral realm, no doubt attracting even those not of Christian faith.

Christianity is a cult that draws in many. I was one of its victims. I believe I was allowed to experience this cult because of the learning curve it had for me. Now I realize how quickly one can become close-minded. I also know that the forces behind Christianity are very real and they are powerful. That’s why many new-agers, seeing the horrors of what this religion really is (new-age) get sucked into the Christian cult, thinking that now they have escaped all dangers.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. They just got sucked into the controlled opposition. The Catholic trinity (worshiped by Catholics and Protestants) is very real. These three beings can be indeed called the gods of this world, but you must understand that they need to get your permission to be under their power (and that’s why people must accept Jesus as their savior before they are saved, and that’s why Jews had to accept Jehovah as their god).

Do you need to formally accept your mother as your mother, for you to become her daughter or son? Think about it!

So in the Old Testament, “hell” means simply a “grave” or “pit”. It’s the hole in the earth where people are buried. Just because our English translators perverted Hebrew words doesn’t make Christian hell equal with that of Hebrews. It’s only Christians that have the place where the worm dieth not and where fires are never extinguished.

One of the similarities between Judaism and Christianity is blood sacrifice, though. Christians believe that god needed to sacrifice his son to appease his wrath. This replaced the need of millions of animal blood sacrifices. Though the spirit of the same blood-sacrifice cult remained alive and insatiable among Christians, just as it was among the followers of Judaism.

Christians thirst for the blood of living beings. They burnt witches and “heretics”. They now mentally and verbally sacrifice those who go against their beliefs. They slander the names of their victims so that their public personas are sacrificed. It’s the same death cult showing its ugly face in more “refined” ways of today.

It’s time for Christians to wake up and see themselves in the mirror. They aren’t followers of Jesus because they don’t love others and don’t turn the other cheek. They are a blood-thirsty gang who is eager to put to death anyone that disagrees with them. They remain loyal to their cult of death.

Wake up, Christians. Research the roots of Christianity. Jesus encouraged his disciples to search for the truth. Jesus’s blood sacrifice doesn’t save you. You must save yourself by adhering to the truths disclosed by Jesus – by loving other people and caring for those who are poor and abandoned.

Human blood sacrifice is an old pagan salvation belief. Research where it came from. Do not be fooled by Roman Catholicism perversions. They will lead you to death, and not life.

Save yourself by searching for the truth – just as Jesus asked you to do. It’s the truth that sets us free rather than attending churches run by ignorant and greedy pastors.

Jesus is told to be life, not death. Do not buy into the lie of a dead man on the cross, because your spirit will be kept in a cage as long as you subscribe to this false belief.

Do not perpetuate the horrors of hell in your mind either, as by doing that you are contributing to the grotesque and horrifying astral creation that threatens to suck in many.