As I was doing walking meditation after sungazing in a monastery temple, I stopped when I reached its door to turn around and do another round of walking. But before turning, my sight was caught by an exquisite carving on the temple door.

The wood carving depicted a scene from the life of Buddha. It was so well done that it looked like a frozen real-life event. What caught my attention in the scene were the kneeling people around Buddha who sat under the Bodhi tree. Then my mind straight away recalled a similar scene depiction of figurines of men kneeling before the Buddha statue at the other end of the temple.

This made me think about how many times I’ve seen people bowing before the abbot of the temple, and then my mind jumped to the scene in the life of Hitler, when he was giving a speech to the masses of people who made identical Nazi order movements with their hands.

It made me clearly realize that we, as humanity, are conditioned to accept and bow down to a ruler. Whether it’s a spiritual, political, military, or any other figure, humanity is conditioned to consider that figure a sort of a savior.

This trains humans to expect help from outside – to leave their salvation in the hands of someone else.

It is very dangerous because humans who don’t save themselves but give up their souls to some savior figure are very likely to be trapped in the net of this matrix and be recycled again. Do not give your mind or soul away to any figure, be it a saint or some political leader.

Humans are conditioned through such ancient religious scenes as well as through the way our society is structured to look for help to an outside figure. This perfectly conditions them to accept the coming NWO, when people will be expected to act as one under one ruler – or to be exterminated otherwise.

It’s interesting to see how religions have been shaped to introduce this conditioning. For example, Buddha told his disciples to be their own islands. He did not want himself to be seen as a savior figure as people cannot be saved by anyone external. Yet when reptilians took over this movement, he was made into it!

Also, he was against empty religious customs and traditions in general, yet now Buddhism is full of that! Now people pray saying “Buddha is my only refuge” and 600 years later reptilians made Jesus the savior of Christians, who say that Jesus is their only “savior”!

Humans have been conditioned to give their power away for so many thousands of years that you could say that it’s in our blood to expect an outside figure to do thinking or even spiritual development for us. Again, I cannot help but repeat that this is very dangerous, because if you do not save yourself, there’s no one that will be able to help you.

It’s very easy to give away your problem solving or even your very soul to some external figure or organization and hope for the best. Yet this prevents you from growing as a human being, and at the end of your life you are likely to be recycled back into this existence, with all your memories wiped out.

When I was a Christian I felt free, yet some people saw me as oppressed. Only when I deconverted I felt like I got freed from a cage that was spacious enough to make me believe that I was free. The same is reported by some cult members who get freed – when they are in a cult, they feel free, but are they really?

Humans must strive to free themselves from all forms of cages and other bonds. Do not give your power away to anyone. I believe that if you have fully reclaimed your soul and mind, if you don’t owe anyone, and if you don’t make spiritual debts by being evil towards other people, that’s the only way to avoid being recycled after death.

It’s a Buddha day today – I’m writing this piece from the same monastery that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. The nun assigned to foreigners allowed me to take it easy today, since I’ve been doing meditation for twelve hours a day for many days, and I’m getting stressed out.

Thus, I had the time to write this short article. When I saw that temple door, it just clicked for me. I knew it all along, but it wasn’t clear enough to verbalize it. Now I really understand – all those spiritual, military, royal and political figures that control the masses are ways to condition us to accept the coming new world leader, the awaited universal messiah.

It’s easy to allow someone else to do our thinking for us, but at the end we are going to pay dearly. I encourage to respect all good spiritual teachers and other leaders, but please don’t see them as someone you could never become yourself, and certainly don’t hope that they will do your spiritual development for you. Every good leader knows that they are just like anyone else – just with more awareness and abilities.

Every person who is worshiped or adored in some way know that they are just like anyone else. Archons want us to believe that those in leadership positions have some sort of a divine right to rule us. Archons condition the masses to see famous people, for example, or those who are in power positions as different from them; but this is just conditioning for the coming rule.

We must learn to solve our problems ourselves and do our own thinking. We should respect good leaders, but we don’t need to see them as someone whose level we could never reach, and we definitely shouldn’t give our power away to them no matter how wonderful or spiritual they are.

Thus, whether a person sits on a higher seat to show himself greater, earns more money or gets more audience, he’s still a human being and not some sort of a deity.

Instead of praying for some savior to save us or turning to some leader to help us, let’s work out our own salvation and learn to solve our own problems. That’s how we grow, and that’s what makes us realize that all those external saviors and leaders of any sort that the masses expect help from are ways to condition us for the coming human oppression and the hive-mind thinking.

Thus, let’s break out from the already strong mass-conditioning and no longer view famous people or leaders of any sort as though they were deities who can solve our problems. I pray more people would be able to see through this propaganda for what it really is, and would stop giving their power away before it’s too late.