Living environments to avoid

The surrounding conditions of a home exert powerful influence over all its inhabitants and should never be underestimated.

Even if your natal chart shows luck in a certain department of life, the environment can deny its manifestation because of the lack of available facilities for that luck to express itself.

The greatest care should be selected, therefore, where one lives. Usually higher and dryer places are better than lower and damp places; according to Feng Shui, one should not live at the end of the road, especially at the end of a straight road. The general vibration of a city or village should be the first thing to be taken into consideration before deciding to relocate.

The kind of people that surround you again are very important. People massively influence the vibration of the environment. Living close to nature, is, of course, better than living in a city with its pollution and stress. But having a house in a city that’s surrounded by trees or close to a lake is better than living in a pure concrete jungle.

If you are forced to live in a negative environment, protect yourself with a circle of light, always visualize a barrier between you and the environment. Listen to soothing high-vibration music, paint your home in uplifting colors and raise its vibration through having water fountains, plants, candles, uplifting paintings, incense, and other items which make your heart happier.

Also, read stories that uplift you, listen to video interviews of people who are your role models, and live in houses whose numbers are positive, like door numbers 1, 3 or 5. It’s best to avoid 4 and 8, as I’ve already mentioned here.

Also, pay more attention to your personal space, uplifting books and soothing music than to the environment that is out of your control. Think only positive thoughts – imagine things you like to experience and enjoy that sensation.

This will allow you to outweigh the negative vibration of that place and eventually your personal vibration will become very different to your environment’s, and when this happens, some event will happen which will force you to change your location to a better one.

The best way to protect yourself, however, is by becoming love itself, because then your energy field becomes of a transformative kind, converting the energy of evil into that of good. This is something for everyone to aspire.