All this time I had a reptilian relative and I wasn’t aware of it. However, at the time of living in Lithuania I wasn’t awakened.

Now, after kundalini rising, when I came back to my home country, I saw the situation with new eyes.  And one of my relatives is a definite reptilian – I saw too much evidence to ever doubt it.

In fact, she even has a reptilian skin disease – her skin gets scaly in certain places at regular times. She tried to fight this “anomaly” and nothing seemed to work (!).

I sat with her face-to-face and got such a bad vibration from her that my body naturally went into the defense mode. Either my legs or hands had to remain crossed at all times – this the body did naturally. For example, when I would uncross my legs, my hands would naturally cross – to protect my energy field.

When you’re awake, people cannot hide their true natures from you no matter how much they try. That’s because you see things as they are. Without thinking anything whilst communicating with people you create a void, and this void disarms them.

It’s very hard to describe it, but when you create the void with the lack of thought, the true nature of people must show up. There’s nothing they can do about it no matter how good actors they may be.

When you’re not filled with an ego and incessant thoughts, you take on a pulling quality, so to speak. You call forth true personality of people; like dust that’s incapable of resisting the sucking force of a vacuum cleaner, so people cannot put up a facade when faced with a person who knows how to create a void.

Thus, in the midst of our single conversation face-to-face, the mask slipped a few times and I saw who she was. It was a tyrant, a psychopath, hiding behind the facade of a sweet lady. She saw that I saw it, and after this conversation she kept a distance because she was aware that she couldn’t use me in any way.

Also, I even saw her pupils going into the slit mode. Again, when you’re awake, psychopaths/reptilians cannot hide their true natures no matter how much they try.

For example, in India I encountered many reptilian people, and the first time I would talk to them, their pupils would automatically become slit-like. They were unable to control this, and the pupils usually stayed in that shape for the duration of our conversation, allowing me to ever gaze in wonder at this strange phenomena.

So this relative of mine couldn’t hide her slit-pupils either.

It’s so strange how those reptilians can be born in normal families. There’s definitely something to do with blood or blood types. There must be some sort of alien gene that is passively carried through the blood and sometimes it gets activated, making the person a perfect host for the alien entity.

It is now well known among esoteric circles that Rh negatives make perfect hosts. That’s not to say that all Rh negatives are evil or anything like this – not at all. But they are people more prone to become hosts of those entities. That’s why many Rh negatives are monitored by the government in the US, for example, and they are the people often selected for mind control experiments of all sorts.

It is my own opinion (and Peggy Kane, a well-known expert on reptilians, is of the same view) that psychopathic reptilians use human bodies to operate through. In most cases they take those bodies when people are dying, especially new-born or very young children. The soul of the person departs, leaving space for the alien entity to move in.

This would also explain why my ex-boyfriend, who was a reptilian psychopath, felt like a reptile under the human skin. He also told me that he did not cry after being born for half an hour (or more, if I remember right) – which is very unusual to say the least!

Yet if that was a dead new-born, it would explain why there were no tears – because the reptilian entity that inhabited the body felt no shock to experience this world like a human baby would (because it’s nothing new to it).

Somehow reptilian psychopaths found out how to inhabit and operate the human body, and this makes them extremely dangerous. People who aren’t awake have no chance of identifying them until the damage is done.

That’s yet another reason to strive to merge with your Higher Self. In the Sun Behind the Sun book I describe how to do it safely (rather than rousing Kundalini in the Eastern way).