This is the first time I did the lash perm and although it only partly turned out right, makeup fixed it. So in this post I will share how I did it, what went wrong, and how I will do it next time.

I purchased on Amazon this lash perm kit. It’s the one that was available to order in India, and I had to wait for exactly two weeks for it to be delivered as it was sent from abroad.

So when I got it yesterday, I was beyond happy. I was growing my eyelashes with castor oil by applying it before sleep mostly every night unless I would forget to do that.

Some claim there’s no research to prove that hair grows more because of the castor oil application. There’s no research because there’s no profit in doing such research unlike for patented drugs. But the feedback of people who experienced hair growth is overwhelming. Just read any review of good castor oil to know this.

So as a result of nightly application of castor oil I saw great lash growth, and my plucked out eyebrows are also growing back, though very slowly and now I only see baby hairs.

Since I saw significant lash growth, I could not wait to get them permed because they are naturally very straight and no curler ever is able to curl them even for a minute.

The day I got the eyelash perm kit, I took a shower because I knew that the eyelashes should not be gotten wet for 24 hours ideally after the perm. Then I read the instructions, read the tips and feedback of people who purchased this kit on Amazon, saw several DIY lash perm YouTube videos, and I got plenty of Q-tips for the procedure.

I followed the instructions at the back of the lash perm kit. The pink plastic-gum pad just wouldn’t stick to my eyelid. And then when it did, after some time it would come off.

I had to spend ages to glue my stubborn eyelashes to the pad and they ended up coming off during the procedure. So during the perm application I had to hold my lashes with the Q-tip with the tip cut off, which I used for the application of the liquids of the kit and the separation of lashes from each other.

This is the reason my eyelashes turned out different for each eye. That pink pad kept coming off. I had to redo one eye to make the results a little bit more even, and this time I used the adhesive white strips that also came with the product:

I wish I would simply have used the white adhesives (top right) rather than the pink silicone pads as the pink ones wouldn’t stick to my eyelid.

When I was applying the perm to my second eye, I think I applied the perm right on the root which resulted in slight stinging in that area, but I ignored the pain. The eyelid of that eye therefore got inflamed somewhat, I saw a raised line right above my lashline and I felt stinging in that area until I fell asleep.

But it was that eye that ended up looking great (my left eye) whilst the lashes of my right eye weren’t as curled. So when I’m without makeup, I see the left eye lashes more curly, but thankfully makeup fixes this issue because as a result of perm the eyelashes are very flexible, so I get extra curl with mascara which I wasn’t able to achieve in the past even after using a curler.

So in the picture my right eye has no mascara at all – it just got some color from my eyeliner. Whilst the right eye has quite a lot of mascara! You can’t tell this fortunately, and this gave me such a relief as I don’t want my eyes to look different from one another!

I’m definitely going to do this procedure again, but I learnt that I should never use the pink plastic-gum pads which don’t stick at all, but go with the self-adhesive pads which get my eyelashes easily stick to it yet it gives no chance to fix individual lashes as it instantly makes them glued to it.

The picture above is one a few first pictures I took so far, as I’m in a cafe now so I don’t want to take multiple pictures of myself for people to think I’m obsessed with selfies:) But I think it shows the result very well.

I think my left eyelid is still somewhat swollen but it’s now throughout the eyelid and it’s a smaller swelling than after the procedure. The eyelid is still somewhat sensitive but no longer painful.

Next time I won’t be applying the perm right on the lash line but just above it, as I don’t want to get this problem again. Also, it’s better not to apply the perm solution on the tips of the lashes so that you don’t get them burnt the second time you do the perm.

Since, as I’ve already mentioned, the lashes of my right eye weren’t as curled, I took the self-adhesive pad and put some of the lashes on it (the ones that weren’t that curled), applied the perm again for seven minutes, removed it, and applied the setting lotion, following identical steps as outlined on the kit.

This shouldn’t be done though, because your lashes can get burnt. But I didn’t have much choice as I wanted the eyelashes of both eyes to look more similar.

It did give some lift to the lashes the second time I did it, but nothing significant. Fortunately, as I said, mascara fixed it, as now the lashes are very moldable so mascara gave them the required lift.

To further fix the result, I applied castor oil on the left eye before sleep (castor oil can somewhat straighten the permed lashes) and I also slept with a scarf on my eyes (that’s what I do usually, as I leave a small light on when I sleep) and I put pressure with the scarf on the left eye so that it’s less curled.

When I woke up, I noticed the lashes of my right eye no longer touching my above crease. So again, the result became a little more even for both eyes.

Since the eyelashes are so lifted, when I did my makeup I had to put some eyeliner between the eyelashes, below the upper lashline. Sometimes I see this uncolored area in women who have the lashline naturally lifted, and it doesn’t look good. The eyeliner fixed this small problem.

In general, I’m very happy to have done this procedure, and I will do it a month or so later again, this time with some lessons learnt. Since castor oil made my lashes much longer, it’s waste not to have them be seen!

In fact, if I put mascara on my straight lashes, it makes my eyes look smaller. But with curled lashes, it opens my eyes, makes them look sharper (whatever that means – these are the words of my boyfriend) and more expressive.

So I’m happy to have tried this procedure, and although it didn’t produce a perfect result, makeup fixed it and I learnt from my mistakes. So hopefully the next time I do this the result will be much better.

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