Katy Perry Mind Control SessionThis is a very interesting video (with my commentary) of the conversation between Katy Perry, who’s a mind control victim, and a handler.

It’s told to be a “therapy session” so that viewers would automatically assume that that’s what it is.

But what you’re actually witnessing is a mind control session to reinforce Katy Perry’s fake alter called by this name (Katy Perry). 


Update: I wasn’t able to post this video on YouTube because it contains copyright material. I’m not trying to profit from this video but just to point out how mind control works. So I’ve uploaded the video on another account, and I advise you to download the video (for study), because it might be blocked on this account also.

I planned to make another video discussing the rest of the “therapy session”, but because of the copyright issues I will not be able to do it. I doubted whether I should publish this video also, but since I’ve put a lot of work into it, I decided to publish it nevertheless.

To download the video, you can install a video downloader chrome extension (there are several of them), if you use a Chrome browser. I think this is by far the easiest way to download online videos. Update: you might also see an option to download the video directly by clicking the upper right “pop up” icon to watch the video in a new window, and then clicking on the three dots icon on the upper right.


Katy is getting tired of this fake alter and wants to be her authentic self (core personality). There’s such a difference between the two that Katy is no longer able to handle this contrast and is breaking down. Unfortunately, the entire world expects her to remain her fake self, and the handler continues reinforcing benefits of that fake personality and suggests not to strengthen the core personalty (Kathryn).

What’s happening in the video is deep, and the entire conversation is made up of hypnotic language and suggestions, but most people won’t catch it because they’re not familiar with mind control techniques. I’m familiar with the way it works, though I’m not an expert of it. However, in the video I point out the major things happening in the session, to show how easily they are missed and taken as a normal conversation.

And even if this were a true therapy session, you should know that psychology is occult. What we’re witnessing in this video is the extreme end of psychology because it’s based on hypnosis and mind programming. It’s important to be aware of these ways of control so that they don’t influence you, since mind control is not directed only at celebrities but at the whole society too.

So once you learn what to look out for, those things won’t pass through you unnoticed and therefore won’t be able to influence you, such as what you hear on TV or see in advertisements. The particulars may differ, but patterns remain the same.

Finally, if you’re familiar with how mind control works and you noticed something in the video that I’ve missed, please leave a comment about it.

Here is the full video of the “therapy session”:

(The video got deleted)