Archons want to keep people slaves, and they have achieved this almost totally. Only a few ever experience real freedom.

Archons keep people slaves by not allowing them to fully mature. We see the consequence of that in our society today – almost everyone is like a big child.

Very few realize that emotional phase is just a teenage phase in human development. Yet, due to the archonic influence, that’s the phase most people die in. They really cannot fathom the concept of transcending emotions.

Most people that you see in the society today are children, thinking themselves to be mature adults. They hold jobs and have their own children, but they themselves are stuck at a level of a child or a teenager.

The archons do this by suppressing information about how to mature. They only teach that which makes people intelligent enough to be good slaves. People are proud to have university degrees, yet the square caps that they wear at graduation clearly show what the archons have just made them into: square-heads, the ones whose consciousness only extends to the four corners of the world – the earth-bound consciousness (check this article under the heading “Cube within a cube” for more information on the square).

The archons hate people. They mock them all the time, yet because humans are under-developed, they never understand it. Women are made into cheap sex-objects rather than the divine goddesses that they should be (were they to mature). Men are also denied full-growth, because they are kept in the prison of what the society expects them to be. Organizations such as religions present yet another cage.

You can only escape from the grip of archons if you mature. “Gods” denied the knowledge of good and evil for humans because they did not want them to be like them – this is even told in the Bible (Gen 3:22). They wanted to keep them ignorant slaves, and they have largely succeeded as it’s seen by looking at the society today.

It was the snake, kundalini, which freed the curious ones. It was its words that were truthful, and not the words of the elohim, which were all lies (Gen 2:17).

Raise kundalini and you will indeed have your eyes opened to all your good and evil traits. Without raising kundalini you will remain forever blind to how you really appear to others, and what actions of yours hurt humanity.

It’s the kundalini that gives self-awareness as such. Without raising it, you will only be half-conscious about your good and bad traits, and the ego will convince you that you are better/kinder/less selfish than you really are.

As I told many times before, the safest way to raise kundalini is by leading a totally moral life, based on love and compassion. If you carefully analyze your actions, and act only from the attitude of unselfishness and universal love, kundalini must rise.

This is really the safest way to arouse this consuming fire of God, which purifies the worthy, and burns the evil ones.

This is the way to escape out of the grip of archons. Kundalini will guide you to full maturity. It will connect you with the Higher Self, make the ego die, and lead you out of the mammalian emotions which is the major preoccupation and addiction of the masses.

It will open your eyes to the way people are controlled by the self-appointed “gods” and how they feed on poor humans. Seeing their traps clearly will keep you free from the clasp of the dark forces.