I’ve finally did comprehensive thyroid testing and the results astounded me. One month plus of removing certain thyroid irritants (about which I will talk in this article) has resulted in a dramatic improvement of the thyroid function.

Here are the blood test results – In January this year, and done recently (the end of February). Since I gave my old surname for the last test, I covered it in this paper as I want to keep my family surname private.

As you can see, the TSH level went from 0.073 (too low) to 0.67 (within range).

I’ve also done a thyroid ultrasound to be sure all is fine, and here are the results:

Since I explained my problem – that previously blood test results showed hyperthyroidism, doctors took a long time scanning my thyroid to see if anything at all was wrong with it. They found it perfectly normal.

Since there was no structural damage of my thyroid, the hyperthyroidism problem could not have been an old one. This is my claim, however – I didn’t do the ultrasound scan with the previous blood test so I will never know.

How I healed my thyroid

In around one month, therefore, I was able to reverse hyperthyroidism.

I did that by removing two possible thyroid irritants – additional hormones (HRT) and caffeine.

The reason I started supplementing hormones was because I would consistently get dry eyes and dry throat; my hair was getting thinner. I assumed this was because of low estrogen, and I still believe my estrogen is low. But I can’t find the lab here to do hormone tests through urine so I need to wait to see if my theory is correct.

When I started taking estrogen, I would no longer get dry eyes or dry throat.

Since the first thyroid hormone blood test, when I saw a low TSH level, I did much research to find the possible cause. Although I believed it was a problem since childhood for the reasons mentioned in this post, I still decided to try to increase TSH.

I found out what could be causing thyroid issues to check if I use anything that could cause this. And I at first discovered that external hormones may be the culprits. So I discontinued using them.

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When I discontinued the hormone replacement therapy, I got dry eyes and throat within days. That’s what encouraged me to continue searching for other possible thyroid irritants as I really didn’t want to go back to HRT in case it messes with my thyroid hormones.

That’s why I discovered the second possible irritant that I used, which was caffeine. So I stopped drinking coffee, green and black tea. I also avoid using cocoa as it has caffeine. I’ve been off the mentioned substances for over a month now. ( Energy drinks also have caffeine, in case someone doesn’t know.)

After stopping to use caffeine, within a week I started noticing that my eyes were becoming more humid and that my throat was no longer as problematic. Encouraged by these positive results, I continued being caffeine-free, and my eye humidity was completely restored and the throat is no longer dry.

So unknowingly to me, it was mainly caffeine that was interfering with thyroid hormones and causing internal dryness. Internal dryness is a known symptom of estrogen deficiency; caffeine as the cause is almost never discussed.

I still believe my estrogen levels are low but I will need to do tests to be really sure. But I’m happy that now no irritants interfere with my thyroid function and it’s back to functioning in a normal way.

Therefore I urge you, especially if you’re a female, to try discontinuing the intake of caffeine if you have thyroid problems. It will definitely help, and maybe even resolve your thyroid problems.

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