At the moment we are being conditioned to accept the NWO without any resistance until its full establishment. It’s being implemented as we speak, so it shouldn’t be thought that the NWO will be in place only when the awaited ruler – the universal messiah – comes.

Now the whole structure is being prepared, and this is also illustrated by the one-dollar bill pyramid without the capstone symbol, where people are already imprisoned in the structure, yet the “messiah” didn’t come yet.

Religions play a great role in establishing this despotic order. All of them wait for the same messiah who will exterminate all “wrong-doers” (those who oppose him) and will enslave the rest. In the Bible we read that Jesus told to turn the other cheek, yet in the Book of Revelation we read that the rivers of blood will flow at his second coming! Is that the same Jesus? Christians should ask.

In Hinduism the same despotic ruler is described who will kill all “wrong-doers”. Even Buddhists wait for their Matreya, and Muslims expect their Mahdi as well. This will be one and the same ruler – the ruler who is awaited by the secret societies, the religious people of major faiths, and world’s rulers. Everyone is waiting for the same being, and many pray for this despot to come as quickly as possible.

Archons (whose chief I believe to be the universal messiah) are confident that they will squash all the resistance and that the earth will be turned into a colony for their use. They will use humans as their bio supplies and will also keep extracting earth’s blood (oil) and its minerals. The world will become their supply-store without any freedom whatsoever – unless people wake up.

As an ex-Christian, I’ve witnessed how people of the Christian faith are already perfectly brainwashed for the coming new world rule. They want to destroy and discredit anyone who no longer believes as they do. That’s exactly how archons want humans to behave – to be deadened to the conscience and do what some book tells them to, or to protect a cherished belief with violence.

Now such destruction of ex-believers is done with word only, but this is only a step behind taking a violent action. And we know that Christians can murder as well, as witch-burning is a witness to that.

When their awaited messiah comes, Christians will blindly follow his orders. And he will surely order to murder non-believers. Christians will gladly follow this order, thinking that a great reward awaits them for killing other human beings. The same will be done by Muslims and Hindus – huge carnage will be the result, with all terrible karma going to the ignorant humans and not the archons who simply move their human chess-pieces.

Thus, archons won’t even need to smear their own hands with blood – blind order-followers will do all their dirty work.

Archons, being mere creatures, are bound by the same law of the universe as we are. Which means that they incur karma as much as we do. To avoid incurring heavier karma, they will order to do their dirty work for others. So blind humans who will carry out their orders will experience hell-worlds for such violence, but those evil creatures will experience less severe punishment because they didn’t do the actual violence and thus they did not directly destroy life.

We can see how this works in Islam. There is a lie that Muslims believe in that if they kill non-believers there’s a straight passage to heaven for them, and once there, virgin sex-slaves will be waiting for them. This ridiculous promise is not questioned by those who are lust-obsessed, because they really want to believe that through murdering human beings they will 1) go to heaven; 2) get sex.

It seems that no matter how ridiculous a claim the archons make, if it promises some incredible reward, or as long as it’s in a book called “the Word of God”, the masses are ready to blindly believe it.

Buddhism is not outside of the grip of the archons either. In fact, like Catholicism, it’s totally wrapped in their control. There is the Buddha’s teaching, and then there is the Buddhism religion with all its pomp and strange customs. Those same customs, 600 years later, were “borrowed” (to say in a nice way) by Christians.

Christians are already united as they all await the same messiah. Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims are all united in the same way. When religions unite and people will be told that all of them wait for the same messiah, the path for the NWO leader will be made.

Religions prepared people very well for the coming messiah. People are encouraged to think and act in an identical way, and those who devote their lives to a particular religion are supposed to even dress alike. In Buddhism, they all have to shave their heads, and in Christianity women have to wear identical headwear. Thus, reptilian “unity” is reached – people lose what makes them unique and become perfect sheep for total control.

When people act in the same way, they become predictable. Thus, they are very easy to rule, capture or kill. Predators, be it human or animal, observe their prey to understand their patterns and once they know them, the prey can be considered caught.

The adherents of major religions are going to be totally enslaved because they all think and act in the same way. Archons know what action such sheep will take and they also know what’s in their minds. Thus, most humans are absolute non-threats to them. Reptilians hate unpredictability, so they want humans to never think or act in a way that’s truly unique.

Because of the predictability of most people, mass-extermination will be easily accomplished and not only the blind masses will allow it, but they will welcome it as righteous extermination of “wrong-doers” by their awaited messiah!

Now masses are being conditioned to completely cooperate with the coming NWO. They will do what their messiah tells them to. When they are told to kill, they will. And they will be ready to die for their messiah as then the “turn the other cheek” or the Buddhist non violence conditioning will kick in.

Non-violence is a good thing, but only when it comes to abstaining from initiating a violent action. It’s absolutely normal and good to try to protect yourself when your well-being is being threatened.

If someone tries to murder you, you should by all means prevent this from happening. This might involve using violence, but you won’t be “sinning” by taking such an action even if that involves injury or even death of a violator, because you are only protecting yourself.

Christianity and Buddhism teaches the wrong type of non-violence which makes people complete non-threats to predatory archons. Because all world’s religions were captured by these predators, no wonder they inserted such type of “non-violence” into their “holy” books – to render people completely harmless when the total takeover of our world starts.

What’s even worse, not only people not see through this deception, but they will surely hate those who see through the lie. Instead of hearing such awake people, they will simply assume that they are against peace, for example. So although the awake ones would try to explain that archons simply use the nice-sounding concept of “peace” to enslave humanity, the simple-minded masses will quickly label such rebels as anti-peace.

Archons always use this strategy. They take something that sounds good and appeals to humans, and then they turn it against them. For example, in the past a family unit was valued highly. Now archons degraded a human relationship to pointless sexual encounters. They destroyed families and human morals. They promote love, yes – but their understanding of love is very far from what real love is. And now, unfortunately, most humanity has this reptilian understanding of love – they view pointless sexual encounters or needy selfishness as that.

The same was done with the concept of tolerance. Yes, it’s good to be tolerant and to try understand others. But it’s a totally different thing to tolerate depravity, because low morality tends to spread like virus if not stopped, and this results in humanity becoming more and more degraded.

The same was done with the concept of unity. Yes, it’s good to be united whilst being diverse. We all share humanness, yet we are all individuals. We are not separate from nature and nature is a perfect teacher of unity in diversity. For example, there are many types of flowers, but they all are labeled “flowers”. The same applies to human beings. We are all very unique, yet we share the same humanness.

Yet the reptilian concept of unity is not a natural one. They want humans to think alike, act alike and even dress in the same way. We can see this conditioning in some schools, religious institutions and military. This false type of unity conditioning will be greatly appreciated in the NWO.

I also see that people very much care what others think of them – they care about the opinions of others even more than about the truth. This is again going to be used against them. The masses (millions of Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, New-Agers, etc.) are going to go with the NWO flow; intense pressure will be put on each individual to comply. Those who won’t will be seen as evil, and blind masses ruled by the same unconscious impulses will desire their extermination.

If I were you, I would stay clear not only of religions, but also any ideologies and common ways of acting or being in order to avoid receiving reptilian conditioning. Try to avoid fitting into any world-defined category, such as a hippie, a typical American, a housewife, a seducer, etc. Be as a free fish, not caught into any net. If, when you meet someone new, you’re a puzzle to them and they just can’t seem to put you into any box as you don’t fit into any category, this is a very good sign.

These are the ways that I see archons operating. If you see other strategies that archons use, do share them in the comments’ section.