In the video, I share yet another theosophy article on dismantling the Christian edifice. In this post, I am sharing some of my reflections on the subject.

As a person who tasted the spiritual, I had to put my experimental knowledge to silence during the Christian trap period. When you deeply meditate, sometimes you go beyond the boundaries of being human and experience that you are actually everything. This makes me think that we were created as beings for the Universe to experience itself through.

It’s not only my own experience – this has been experienced by others too, though most meditators rarely go beyond the point of being human (as their life-goal isn’t to know God). Meditation allows the awareness to dislodge itself, and without the bounds of humanness, it merges back into everything, whilst still retaining its point of view.

Thanks to yoga and meditation I could sometimes place my awareness on any object, and experience its point of view and existence. For example, once during meditation I became a sound particle joyfully travelling at incredible speed. Once my consciousness got transferred to the dog at which I was looking, and I understood how it feels. Another time I sat thoughtless in a cafe and became the space and everything that was in it.

Such experiences leave you changed forever, and I’m very glad I kept wondering about them even after conversion to Christianity. Staying true to what I experienced eventually helped me to extricate myself from this carefully-crafted trap.

I understand why Gnostics think Jehovah to be an archon and not the Highest. Why isn’t it told in Christianity about the real reason humans are fallen? The forbidden fruit story is just a remake of the Pandora’s box myth.

Those who meditated for a long time will start understanding that there’s a mental construct which keeps us trapped, and that deep inside we are good and not fallen at all. But I want to expand on this subject later, as it’s huge.

Christianity is suitable for those people who don’t know the spirit world and are very material. But for those who have gone beyond a certain line in things spiritual, they will either have to forget what they knew was true (because it contradicts Christian beliefs), or eventually pondering on those subjects will make them free. And this happened to me, fortunately.

Demons can be internal as well

Christianity explains all negative spiritual phenomena to be caused by the personal devil and its host of demons. It makes the devil omnipresent and omnipotent, and thus into god.

However, negative spiritual phenomena cannot be explained in this one-sided way alone. Blavatsky and Manly P. Hall are good authorities on the subject. They explain that not all demons are external. People can have internal demons as well. Samael Aun Weor saw in the astral realm the demonic aspects of Rasputin – a man who totally misused his spiritual power.

If people are evil and sense-bound, their will gets weaker and weaker, and the seat of the soul starts being taken over by their semi-conscious aspects. These are entities people consist of but which are really bad captains to steer one’s ship of destiny, so to speak.

For example, if a person keeps strengthening the lust aspect, this semi-conscious entity that makes them take lustful actions will get in charge of the body. If gluttony is indulged in, it will be that aspect of the personality which will get in charge.

People who are totally sense-bound and their lives consisted of being influenced by different entities within the body without the will having the final say, will experience a terrible end; since after death they will disintegrate into semi-conscious demons lurking in the astral.

It’s hard for Christians to grasp this if they never experienced anything spiritual. Since Christians are made to believe that they are alone conscious in this vast universe and everything else is only for their use, It’s hard for them to understand that other beings, even plants, have consciousness too. Some things have only rudimentary consciousness, but all of them are aware.

And when you know this for a fact, then it’s not as hard to realize that each human cell is conscious too, and they form collective consciousness in an aggregate, such as in a heart or an arm. And if soul’s place is given to any such aggregate, it will act demonically or foolishly, since it hasn’t enough intelligence to direct the whole body.

Christians label all non-Christian spiritual practices as “demonic”. But would God, the Creator of All, be angry at people trying to understand Its works? Please, use your mind and not the Bible to think about it. Wouldn’t God be thrilled if people try to understand the powers that It created, and use them for good of mankind? Yet such practices are called “sorcery” and “witchcraft” by the ignorant.

Hostility towards women

Would real God create a human being that’s inferior? Wouldn’t that be cruel? Yet women were and are considered inferior beings in all Abrahamic religions. Esoteric reasoning makes much more sense; as there is black and white, as there is hot and cold, so there is male and female – two parts of the same whole that cannot exist without each other.

I believe that men who think women to be inferior cannot achieve enlightenment in this life, as their brains cannot get balanced (male and female parts). The balance of the masculine and feminine in a person leads to enlightenment. This balance awakens kundalini which is a force known by Gnostics to protect one to a great degree from the influence of the archons (dark entities who rule this world).

Maybe the reason the dark entities of this world set world’s religions to be against women is to achieve this very fact – to prevent people from balancing their masculine and feminine energies so that they never achieve enlightenment, and thus are never born-again (which isn’t a Christian term – it was stolen from Egyptians and Hindus).

Animal cruelty, silencing of conscience

It’s unfortunate that devout Jews, Muslims and Christians do not use their brains but judge everything by their books which they claim alone are right and are God’s word. This makes them perfect tools of the archons who gave them those books. People who abandon their reasoning and submit to a power outside of themselves become perfectly controllable. One of the things that freed me from the cult of Christianity is failing to put to death the silent voice speaking against animal cruelty.

Archons want your sense of right and wrong dead. They want unthinking mulititude, being led by some religious book, by men of science, by the manifesto of some organization or anything else, just not by the conscience. That’s because if you listen to your conscience it will eventually free you.

I knew deep inside that eating meat is wrong. That inflicting pain on animals for human satisfaction is wrong. I knew that animals aren’t dumb. They can emotionally attach to other animals and humans, they experience pain, sadness, happiness and other emotions. They care for their young. Yet as a Christian I was supposed to see them as dumb beasts to be used for human benefit only.

This kind of stupid reasoning makes animals out of people. They themselves become more brute beasts than the poor animals that they abuse. How cruel it is to burden animal with so many things that animal’s back can actually break or it cannot properly walk with such a burden. Yet the Christian understanding of what animals are breeds such cruel mistreatment.


That’s all I wanted to share with you in this article. Please do not put your voice of conscience to silence. If you are a Christian, please do not be afraid to listen to it. It’s not the voice of Satan – it’s the voice of your soul.

Honor it – you know that it speaks the truth. This is probably as close to a personal god as it gets, and it will lead you out of this despotic religion.