In the video I’m reading out an insightful theosophical article which I have summarized and added my own commentary below.

Many people don’t know that psychic is not the same as spiritual. In fact, psychicism has nothing to do with spirituality.

Those who have psychic abilities are not necessarily spiritually advanced, as psychic abilities can be acquired without spiritually growing in any way and they can also be inherited at birth.

It’s easy to plunge into the psychic ream for those sort of experiences but it’s hard to apply your mind, intelligence and personal effort to really spiritually grow.

Thus we have many undeveloped psychics yet very few spiritually mature people.

A psychic simply has the ability to see the astral – psychic – realm which is the next realm to our existence and has another sort of physicality to it.

Broadly speaking, there are many psychics in this world as the ability to perceive the astral realm is quite common. Yet usually people choose to call themselves psychics when they sell their psychic services (which is a useless thing to do when you know what that realm actually is).

Psychics are usually highly emotional and dramatic people who completely believe in all they observe with their astral sight. They describe phantastical Buddha or Jesus visits, and describe in detail their experiences in heaven or hell.

They completely believe in what they see, especially if they are from the West, because of their ignorance of the low nature and unreliability of that realm. Some easterners are more aware with regards to this issue, and therefore don’t fall into this common trap.

Most psychics never choose to question their astral experiences and are found highly deluded in other areas of life as well. If they are Christians, they stay stuck with Jesus visits, heaven and hell scenarios as well as end-time prophecies. If they are of a non-monotheistic faith, they sometimes involve themselves in psychic mediumship, angel contact, crystal work and other New Age practices, and like to call themselves lightworkers.

Rather than thinking, these people prefer feeling. They are unwilling to spend time and exert effort to truly spiritually grow, because it’s much easier stay in touch with the psychic realm. In fact, it requires almost no effort for those who were born with this ability or acquired it after the thirde-eye opening or kundalini awakening.

Feeling is good, but the best and safest combination is feeling plus thinking.

What is the psychic plane? It’s the dimension immediately after ours, and it’s created from humanity’s fears, thoughts, hopes and other mental imprints. It can be validly called humanity’s unconscious.

Thus, this realm is totally subjective and there is no truth in it. In fact, you can directly manipulate it and see things changing right in front of your eyes.

In nature, this realm is earthly and material and not spiritual or divine. It has nothing to do with the two latter qualities. Entering this realm almost always guarantees one’s deception, delusion and confusion. Full of fantastical beings and imagery, this ever-changing realm fools most spiritual aspirants.

According to theosophy, the astral realm has seven layers, but even the highest one is simply populated with humanity’s psychic refuse and is therefore worthless.

There is genuine clairvoyance and clairaudience that is spiritual, but people in touch with this genuine realm usually keep quiet about it and work in silence for the benefit of mankind. Such people are rare, however, because around 99 percent of all experiences that are not of this plane are psychic, and therefore deceptive.

Psychic realm stands as a block to the spiritual realm. Its not a place of learning and wisdom but a hindrance that only a few cross.

Reaching that spiritual realm shouldn’t be our first priority anyway, because we haven’t even learnt our earthly lessons: love and compassion. Giving, moral discipline, patience, meditative contemplation and wisdom should be next qualities we should strive to acquire, and this in itself might take a lifetime.

If we follow our development in the right order – first focusing on our perfection before proceeding to working on a spiritual plane – this will provide us with a firm and permanent foundation to proceed to the spiritual plane.

There were many people who could have been very useful to humanity were they not ruined by engaging in the psychic. This realm is one of the greatest weapons of the dark forces against the potential lights of this world. The psychic realm draws in many people with great potential and sabotages their spiritual progress.

To avoid this pitfall, the astral realm should never be confused with the spiritual but should be seen for what it is – a trap for the unawares that should be left alone.

For those who hope to finally reach the true realm of spirituality, the steps to follow is not indulgence in the astral realm (which leads one nowhere) but the perfection of moral qualities. When one learns the lessons associated with this realm, only then it is time to proceed to the spiritual.

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