Watch Isis Unveiled Introduction.

In this article, I will update you about what books I’m currently reading as well as about the audiobook I’m currently recording.

I’ve read quite a few of Carlos Castaneda’s books. When I read them before being awakened, I understood them only a little, but since the awakening, I can access a much deeper level of this work which makes it a very fulfilling and interesting read. I hope to read all of his books eventually.

I’m also reading Blavatsky’s works – Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. I know some Christians will accuse me of now becoming her fan, but I’m reading her works not because of this reason. Many intelligent people whom I deeply respect, including Manly P. Hall, Jordan Maxwell as well as Mark Passio, studied her works. She had a deep knowledge of the occult and she is one of the best sources to go to for this knowledge.

We are ruled by the elite who deeply understand the occult and rule us by using this hidden knowledge. To escape their traps one must know their game. Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents, but pastors keep Christians in dark ignorance and superstition. I don’t think Jesus would agree with such close-mindedness.

So I’m currently studying her works not because I’m her fan, but because of the knowledge that she had, and I also want to understand her intentions. In The Secret Doctrine, she told that she doesn’t reveal secret things plainly or discloses all she knows in one book and that they are scattered throughout her books.

I have to agree – if you carefully study her works, read between the lines, and are patient – little by little hidden spiritual knowledge will be revealed. I understand her way of teaching – she did not want the lazy and the unworthy to receive the knowledge (those who don’t put any hard work in gaining it), like the initiates as a rule don’t. As Jesus said, don’t cast your pearls before swine lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you.

So the book I’m currently recording is Blavatsky’s. It’s her first work called Isis Unveiled. I hope to study all her work thoroughly (and create some other videos about her writings) and then move on to Carlos Castaneda (though I’ve already read quite a few of his books).

Recording audiobooks systematically (one author at a time) will not only benefit those viewers interested in such kind of format and books but also it will help me tackle one of the negative character traits that I’m painfully aware of. That’s the lack of organization.

I like to read many kinds of books at the same time. I am interested in so many things that my attention is scattered on them all. This is a big disadvantage since the focus is scattered on different subjects and therefore there’s no dedicated attention to any of them.

So by recording audiobooks systematically I hope to tackle this weak point in my personality. Also, by reading aloud information is retained more than by reading only in one’s mind. And then I, as well as my viewers, can always go back and re-listen to the recordings, which is better for the eyes than reading them off-screen or even in books.

That’s all I wanted to share with you in this article. If you are interested in Blavatsky’s work, I hope that watching the videos to come will benefit you. If you’re not a fan of such subjects, do check my blog or YouTube channel once in a while as I will create personal videos in-between Blavatsky’s recordings.