Beware of this witch

I didn’t even want to use her picture on my website as she’s too evil. It’s Marina Abramovich I’m talking about.

Yesterday I was researching this person by watching her videos. At the end I got sick in my stomach and couldn’t watch her anymore. It’s not that I was sickened by what I saw, it wasn’t that kind of reaction. It was a spiritual reaction to who she was as a person.

Our Spirit knows and it cannot be fooled by external perceptions. Marina Abramovich tries to portray what she does as a form of “art”, but it’s plain satanism. Interestingly, at the end of this video she asked a virtual reality expert to explain what they were working on, and he explained that it’s even about taking your very spirit into the virtual reality.

I wanted to embed that video, but as soon as I accessed it, I again got a sickening feeling in my stomach that I got yesterday.

Let me tell you about my spiritual experience with this woman.

After getting sick in the stomach from watching her videos, I went to bed.

I didn’t think about her but my mind was focused on having a nice session of meditation.

During my night meditation she suddenly manifested in my mind’s eye (the third eye) and was shapeshifting into all kinds of weird scary faces and she was trying to pull me into her world. I knew that if she manages to do that, I will either lose my mind or become her puppet.

The pull was very strong but not to the extent that I wouldn’t be able to fight against it. But she tried to put me into some sort of altered state in which I would be powerless to use my mind. I even had to physically move to break out of the spell she was trying to put me under.

And that happened simply after watching her videos! I feel very sorry for people who actually sign up for her virtual reality, where it is claimed that her very soul will be present, and so will be the souls of those who sign up for it.

This experience made me realize that in the spiritual world she’s extremely powerful and that this person shouldn’t even be watched on TV or online. She has a negative pulling force that will take those who follow her or who are spiritually weak. She’s a master in occult matters and of course she uses occult knowledge for evil.

We need to be spiritually strong at this time as the forces of darkness are becoming more open and forceful in making humanity submit to them. We need to stop looking for help in any external figure and realize our own power.

This can be done through a totally integrated moral living and spiritual practices such as meditation. This will also make us spiritually sensitive so that we’re aware if an attack on our soul is taking place.

The most important thing is not to fear this evil, because if we fear we lose our power. However, I wouldn’t advice to go unprepared to fight these evil forces as they are experts in the occult. So spiritual study is required to effectively fight this force too.

If you experienced any spiritual attack or anything like this recently, do let me know.