People who are born of Spirit act differently to how the lost ones do. They aren’t ruled by emotional ups and downs, but are centered in the Sushumna Nadi – the Middle Way of Zen, and the Strait and Narrow Path of Jesus:

Ida, Pingala, Sushumna nadis

Ida, Pingala, Sushumna nadis

They are not addicted to the nervous rush that emotional ups and downs give, because they no longer tire their bodies with such energy imbalances. They are not lost in duality; they don’t feel excited one day and then depressed the other.

They are in the Middle Way – centered in the Sushumna Nadi – feeling peace and contentment rather than being slaves of positive and negative emotions.

That’s a great difference between those who are born again and those that aren’t yet regenerated. Those who are born again always seek to center themselves every time they feel getting out of the equilibrium, like if they find themselves in the crowd, which pollutes an environment with discordant vibrations.

Those who are still lost, on the other hand, do not seek to go back to the equilibrium. Instead, they plunge into the depths of emotional highs and lows, and all their lives are about being driven by the opposite extremes of emotion.

Since human bodies are controlled by planets and stars, born-again people may feel certain emotions, but the greatest difference is that they know how they come, and they are not identified with them. This allows them to be in control of them, or at least not to be affected by them.

Emotions such as jealousy, passionate human love or anger are gone; but due to planet influences, there might come shades of melancholy, irritation, inspiration or upliftment. Such emotions are acknowledged but never identified with; Spirit-born people have a choice whether to allow themselves to enjoy certain emotions or not.

On the other hand, lost people have no way of controlling or disidentifying from emotions. Thus, emotions have total control over them. Such humans are playthings of planets, stars and archons. They get used up by emotional ups and downs, and finally die – unhappy, sick, and worn out.

For those who aren’t regenerate, Spirit-born people may seem emotionally cold. But they simply grew out of the teenage phase of humanity, so those stuck in it don’t understand such a state. When you transcend emotions there’s the state of peace and fulfillment, where you need nothing and you are totally contented with yourself.

This state is much higher than emotional ups and downs and cannot really be described – it must be experienced. When a person is centered, peaceful and contented with himself, he can really see because there are no emotional ripples distorting the view. Such person has found the Way.

So that’s the great difference between those born-again and those who aren’t regenerate. When you find the Way, you get centered. You are fulfilled just because you exist, and you feel no inclination to seek for something outside of you to satisfy some void within.

Such things are no more when you find the Way. There are very few people who ever find it – how many people do you know who aren’t slaves of emotions?

I wish humans would stop being tossed back and forth by the waves of emotions but realize that something is really wrong with such a way of life, and would start seeking that Middle Way which gives permanent peace and contentment.