An all-seeing eye isn’t always an evil symbol. It can mean the true Creator who watches over you as well as divine protection. But the way that the elite uses this symbolism is completely diabolical.

For them, the all-seeing eye represents not divine, but artificial surveillance. It seems that the dark forces try to usurp the power of God and to become God through digital and other artificial means.

The dark force tries to control every human being from the cradle to the grave, and it quite successfully does so. It controls humans not supernaturally, but through other people as well as technical/digital means.

They try to establish such universal control that it would indeed seem that a supernatural eye watches everyone.

The elite waits for the Universal Savior like many do, including Christians. When he comes, pretending to be Jesus/Matreya/Mahdi/Krishna, etc., he will fool the whole world. All the sheep will be united to become a giant flock with a wolf for its shepherd.

The all-seeing eye, therefore, is the symbol of the coming universal ruler as well.

The all-seeing eye can be seen prominently displayed in various churches, and pop stars display it too. That’s because all of them are ruled by the same diabolical force.

Protestants will be quick to deny this. They would say that their religion is different. But Protestantism is the daughter of Catholicism. It springs from the same evil branch, and, like some Catholic priests rightly remark, is like a disobedient daughter who ran away from her mother.

Universal Messiah - all seeing eye

As the male dog marks its territory with his pee, so these dark forces mark their territories with their own symbolism, one of which is the all-seeing eye. So when you see this symbol in some building, be sure that the institution is prepared and waiting for the New-World ruler.

Religions, governments, banking systems, media, shopping establishments… all are being transformed for the new way of governing things. Everything is already prepared, the only missing piece is the Universal Messiah.

You still have time to get out. Do not subscribe to any popular belief because wherever there is an “-ism” or some system, be sure that the hand of archons┬áis in it. Stay away from everything that requires you to give your heart/soul to something (be it person or ideology). Do not sell your soul.

If you did, renounce all deceivers and reclaim it back. You have power over your soul as long as you live. Do not give it away to anything or anyone.

Stay free from all the nets. Do not allow any religious cages to catch you. Stay alone in the way that you think. Yes, you will be considered different and you are likely to be unpopular, but this is all worth it as you will be out of the grip of the forces of darkness.

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