What to Do When Everything Seems to Go Wrong

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When the world seems to crumble around you, stop and ask yourself:

“Is the catastrophe really as big as my mind makes it to be? Is my mind exaggerating it by predicting doom and gloom, when nothing of that sort is present yet?”

Many people tend to believe the exaggerations of their minds, not really paying attention to how things really are.

A big reality check can be done by asking yourself another question:

“Am I, at this very moment, experiencing the very thing I fear or struggle against? Or am I quite comfortable, and these horrible things are only in my mind?”

Usually nothing really bad is happening at the time of worry and fear – the stuff is almost always in the mind only, nowhere else!

Surely, this bad stuff can manifest in the future as your reality, if you keep dwelling on the gloomy images of your mind fueled by fear, doubt and anxiety.

Is it wise, do you think, to be in this low energy that can start attracting its physical aspect? Surely you can choose to dwell on something more positive, something that can put you at ease and make you feel hopeful, instead of fearful.

What about dwelling on how you want things to be, and seeing them in your mind’s eye as already manifested, instead of dwelling on things you don’t want to experience?

It’s likely that at this very moment you are just fine, no matter what your mind is trying to convince you of. And if you dwell on this present moment realizing that you are just fine, and forget your mind for a bit, you will understand that there are no problems in the present moment.

All the problems are in your mind, which projects them to your future and so creates obstacles for you.

Start being present and start dwelling on the thought that at this very moment, you are just fine. And if you remain peaceful and calm as you are when you’re fully present, no bad thing will manifest in your reality because you will stop feeding negative manifestations with energy, making them manifest.

Any living being, whether a thought, a plant or a child, needs feeding in order to survive. If you stop feeding any being dependent on you (and your thoughts surely are), they will stop growing and start dying, finally completely vanishing from your experience.

So let’s feed thoughts and states of being that we would like to see grow and flourish in our lives, and let’s stop giving our attention, and thus our energy, to thoughts and states capable of producing obstacles and problems in our lives.

At this moment, you have no problems. This present moment contains all the opportunities, all the possibilities. Let’s choose to dwell on things  we’d like to experience, and they will surely come into manifestation for us to enjoy.


  1. Julie Cara Hoffenberg says:

    Wonderful blog post.. thank you so much! Makes me think back to an exercise a mentor gave me. When I am in my deepest painful moment, imagine the worst case scenario. Really imagine and feel it. Then imagine something much worse like war, famine, my family being killed, etc and then go into 100% authentic gratitude for how small the thing is that I am currently up against. Keep repeating throughout the day until there is no “trigger” left to the emotion and all you feel is gratitude. A great way to shift our vibration when we feel we can’t get beyond that crummy moment. Thanks again!

    • Great advice, Julie, thank you!

    • I love this reply, thank you. I also do this when I am fighting with my spouse, or I imagine that he has been taken from me in this world, and automatically the thing we are fighting about becomes insignificant & I want to hug him instead.

  2. Dear Simona,
    thank you
    very inspirational

  3. Shivendra says:

    Very good reminder that we need not be controlled by our trouble-seeking minds! Sky is not always falling – we need to look up rather than be driven by irrational fear! Thank you Simona!

  4. Can u pls publish books. Not e books. But paper books pls.

    • That’s so funny, Navya. At this very moment I was thinking that the demand for my books is increasing, and so many readers want to get the printed copy. I’m working on it!

  5. the penny dropped with the last paragraph. maybe things will be different with me now. thanks alot.

  6. Great post Simona! I just finished reading “The Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius and what you said in this article really reinstates with what Marcus was saying in his book. The mind cannot be hurt or capable of any real problems. For our mind is independent and we have total control over it. We cause fear and instill in us seemingly paramount problems, however in reality they are no more than trivial. Anyways, I really enjoy your posts, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Thank you, Simona !

  8. Dear Simona,
    Good work. Keep it up.

  9. Dear Simona

    Thank you so very much for your excellent post I found it very inspirational.

  10. Very true. Our mind is its own place and can make a Heaven out of Hell.

  11. Great timing with this post. Just need to stay present and breathe.

  12. Great wisdom and always at the right time, and lets not forget picking up on others thoughts and feelings can also have the same affect on us.

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