What Happened During Chakra Balancing

It became a habit for me to do chakra balancing with the Earth’s magnetic field every night before sleep – I’ve been doing it for more than a month (I started writing this post in early September).

Many things happened during the chakra balancing days but last night I got a big development and so decided to write a separate post about it.Seven chakras

As usual, I switched off the lights so that I would be able to balance my chakras in complete darkness.

I lied down facing North and relaxed. I focused on each of my higher chakras starting from the heart.

When I finished focusing on each chakra, I kept my awareness spread over all the higher chakras, from heart to the crown. I got intense energy movement within, which I think was partly the influence of the blue moon.

I relaxed into this energy movement and let it take me wherever it would. And it did take me someplace out of this world.

I experienced other worlds many times, but this was a different kind of experience. I at first experienced this other dimension as usual – I could manifest everything with my mind there and I didn’t need to speak if I didn’t want to because beings there understood me without getting verbal.

I was enjoying this light world when to my surprise I felt my body jolting and I grasped for air. A sudden understanding came over me that I just entered my physical body after the astral travel.

I think that’s how children should feel like when they get life. According to a mystical palmistry book I’m currently reading when children are out of the womb a jolt and a grasp for air happens before they start crying. The jolt means that the energy of life has just entered the child.

I’m not sure if during my time away from my body I was breathing shallowly or not breathing at all. It’s likely my breath had stopped – one doesn’t have to breathe to live. If you don’t know this, research Indian yogis who can stop their breath for hours or days. This slowness and finally the cessation of breath happens when you do yoga to advance spiritually.

I got this grasping for air a few times since starting balancing chakras yet I never deeply reasoned why. I just thought it was one of the consequences of balancing chakras. Yet this time, thanks to my saved memory of this lighter world, I understood that I was astrally traveling and suddenly got back into my body.

It seems that my astral body is getting more alive because there’s an impact when I come back. Before the chakra balancing process I would visit astral worlds but it was like I would flow in and out of this world seamlessly, like it would be happening in my mind only. This time it was a more graspable experience.

I’m also very happy for the fact that my awareness is becoming more constant. It seems that due to chakra balancing and other spiritual processes I’m currently doing (trataka and meditation), my astral body is becoming stronger and the awareness doesn’t have to be severed when changing dimensions.

I still, however, don’t have the awareness of my travel back into my body, but I hope this awareness will come soon. Maybe I so quickly snap back into my body that I wouldn’t be able to notice anyway – that could be the reason there’s no awareness of it.

Next morning I felt extremely refreshed. I was so happy that I found it hard to contain my happiness within. That happiness was the kind that arises from an internal experience and not an external one, which is genuine.

Some things to note

The balancing chakras process really works – hopefully my experiences so far proved this to you.

When you start balancing your chakras you’re at first very likely to experience unpleasant symptoms like I did as well as others who attempted it. Here’s a comment from my reader Rob who explains what happened to him at the start of the chakra balancing process:

I started the magnetic chakra balancing about a week ago and then stopped for five days. I started over two days ago and I agree that day two results are the most dramatic change.

My day two was also the day of the love meditation during the blue moon. I started with 20 – 30 minutes of the love meditation and followed it directly with the chakra balancing because for my time zone it was time to sleep afterwards.

The love meditation was peaceful and relaxing (it felt like a big hug) and from there I started straight away into the chakra balancing.

The Heart was prepared and during the upper three chakras I felt light and could vividly see their colors as I focused on them. I did not take a break, but instead switched my head position and went to the Heart and the lower three chakras.

I could still see the colors (not as vividly) and as I descended the chakras my body felt heavier and heavier. My mind seemed to drift from the weight of my body and felt light giving me a different perspective of viewing my lower chakra balancing.

As I finished with my Root chakra I realized the weight of my body and the weightlessness of my mind and the two suddenly snapped together.

As I began to move I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach as well as amazingly thirsty. The dizziness continued in waves, but water seemed to fix the thirst and eased the nausea. I carefully made it to my bed and floated to sleep on the waves of dizziness. I awoke this morning in a fog with a runny nose. My stomach is a little uneasy and I have a hint of a headache that is only noticed when I think about it.

Don’t let this put you off – it’s natural that when you cleanse/balance yourself energetically some negativities are bound to leave you. This will manifest as a mild flu, stomach upsets, headaches or other symptoms.

If you continue with the process you will soon feel revitalized and spiritual experiences will start taking place.

What’s more, you will feel great all day and people will be attracted to you because they will feel your personal gravity field. It’s always good to follow the practices that lift your vibrations so that your awareness is focused on what’s best in this world. Chakra balancing with the Earth’s magnetic field is definitely it.

If you have something to say with regards to this post, leave a comment below.


  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts on meditation. I don’t know if this is normal or not but when I try to meditate sometimes my eyes will twitch uncontrollably. Then I open my eyes and everything is fine. So please tell me if that is normal and if not tell me how I can fix it.

    • Ok this could be something to do with nerves. Are you very thin? Because that might be a sign that you should eat more carbs. If you are very quickly irritated or get angry very quickly, it means your nerves are too active. Persist with it, meditation and acceptance will help. These are only likely reasons and I’m not telling you they are THE reasons, Kyle.

  2. Hey Simona,

    I love your blog and look forward to your posts.

    I have been meditating for a few months, started for selfish reasons of course. Your post have definitely helped me move further. Last night I set my phone timer for 15 minutes and started meditating and after 7-8 minutes I got into a very peaceful state. Suddenyl I experienced a surge of energy in my chest and felt as if I would get out of my body.

    I was scared and stopped meditating. Was this normal?


  3. Hey Simona. Thanks for sharing your energetic adventure.
    I meditate every day and can appreciate your insights and
    Great site. Keep up the great work!

  4. Dear Simona,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. I have a question, it’s a very long practice, how you can manage to do this? Is it possible to do it in a way that it takes less time?
    Thank you.

    • Yes, you can do it for a shorter time – even 30 minutes is better than nothing. I do two hours because I want to get most benefits. At first it was difficult, now the time flies because I love focusing on the feeling of energies in my body.

  5. Gabrielle Malgapo says:

    Hello again Simona!

    I have the same experience (or almost the same), when I meditate and focus on each chakras especially at night, the next day morning i felt dizzy, i had clogged nose on right side and eventually i will feel like having a flu…like you’ve said, maybe it is really part of cleansing.

    I am not fond of taking medicine but when I’ve encountered such experiences, all i did is drink water, because my instinct telling me that i need to energize myself by drinking a lot of water, eating veggies and fruits….I decline eating meaty foods, on rare occasion i eat meat but honestly, it seems like my body has it’s own mind. If i insist my body’s initial reaction became heavy and makes my mood change and can’t focus on anything.

    When I’m alone, doing research or any stuffs, i preferred not to listen to music…i shut my ears from outside noise and concentrate on total silence, just listening to birds chirping, the bark of my dogs and meow from my cats, it makes me feel like i am connected to earth….so peaceful.:)

    I also had couple of o.b.e. during meditation, this makes me feel like i am floating, light is surrounded at me but for a short while i just came back from my body and i don’t know how it happened so after reading your article, this makes me understand couple of awareness with regard to this matter…little by little you are helping to answered some of questions in my mind.

    Thank you for sharing such marvelous experience and wisdom. I wish that you’ll never stop in sharing and guiding someone like me so that together our heart and soul become pure while spreading positivity in this world. God bless.

    • Hi Gabrielle, it seems that you’re really tuning into your body. Yes, the body certainly has its own intelligence. Each cell has it’s own intelligence and the body has the collective intelligence of cells. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

  6. Brian Green says:

    I have had some similar experiences, and also usually don’t reminder returning to the body ether. Except for once when I picked up a Apaphyllity quartz crystal and drifted out of my body right there in the store, I had to put myself back in and try to act normal. I have some crystals to be an extremely powerful at both stabilizing and amplifying energys. I meditate with a quart crystal underneath my pillow. I also have a sit of chakra crystals for balancing and recentering if I need that. They also help with the vibrations in my environment as I always have them arranged either in the direction I’m sitting or opposite of the correction I’m sitting in.
    I have also found the same connection with earth and her Toroidal field which we all share. It is quite magical when your intuition connects and you experience both sides of the mirror. So I either set to the east or to the north, if I’m in a rut or stuck on something I will sit facing south, I don’t sit facing west very often, I think because the mountains are that direction, and often sitting east I come up behind myself anyway, lol.
    I tend to stay in the body mostly that’s where I am, and the chef source of bliss. My kundalini has been fully up with full crown opening for about four years now, its been quite the dance! She/it is extremely sensitive to music or sound in particular and meditation, but the meditation I have for myself has to be just nonthought or silence. An hour of silence in full lotus sends her like a river out the top of my head which word can’t discribe. A picture of Shiva is the only thing that comes close. I have found if she’s really moving people close to me get a runny nose and can feel sick which is a reaction to purity. I have to very careful with projecting or manifestation, it’s very foreign to the western mind which can react in a negative fashion unknowingly and unconsciously, just a lack of understanding.
    I have discovered most of what I know on my own by trial and error, just kind how it was supposed to happen I guess. It hasn’t always been good but I know why some thing don’t work, lol. I become a student of Tibetan Buddhism early and my admiration and respect can’t be put to words. The same goes for Inda.
    It is a product of Grace to touch in a life time what you have quickly attained! Much respect.
    Much love and best wishes, Brian Green.

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