My Vibration Raising Playlist

Many of you already know that music can highly affect your vibration.

Some music, like most pop songs, lowers your vibration, whilst some, like the playlist I’m sharing with you, can significantly raise your vibration.

Most vibration-raising songs are much cheaper than books, and they raise vibration quicker.

Books raise vibration when your system digests inspiring and empowering information; however, songs raise vibration by sending energy directly to your energy body, and altering its contents to better reflect the energy of the song.

Beautiful music combined with inspirational and empowering books can make a huge difference in your state of being, aligning you more with higher things of life, like abundance, joy and seeing the beauty of this world.

I’m sharing the songs that can quickly raise my vibration, and infuse me with joy and the feeling of lightness. Many of them are based on Hinduism, because I love Indian music.

If you follow the links I provided, you can listen to a good deal of each song for free, by playing its demo version.

Here’s an image showing how to find a button to play a demo version:

Playing demo version

If you find that this music resonates with you, get it – it’s not expensive, and it will make a real difference in how you feel, aligning you with more creativity, abundance and joy.

Listen to this music when you feel down, when toxic people are around, when you have time to do so, or when you simply want to raise your vibration more.

In no particular order, here are the songs from my vibration raising playlist:

1. “Calm Mind: Background Music for Work, Studying, Relaxing” by Hamasaki vs Hamasaki

2. “Dakini Lounge: Mangalam” by Prem Joshua

3. “Jai Ambe: An Offering By The Legends – Devi Gayatri” by Anuradha Paudwal

4. “Natural Sounds with Music: Soothing Windchimes with Relaxation Music” by Jamie Llewellyn

5. “World Yoga: Om Asatoma” by Deva Premal and Miten

6. “Shree Ganesh Dhun” by Shreya Ghoshal

7. “Silken Melodies – Mele Chaliyan” by Shreya Ghoshal

8. “Sleep Music – Warm and Relaxing Music” by Sleep Music System

9. “Yoga Music Mantras and Chants – Ganeshaya” by The Yoga Mantra and Chant Music Project

10. “Gayatri Mantra” by Marco Milone

If you would like to recommend any other songs that you felt highly raised your vibration and made you feel joyous, list them in comments below!

Update: here’s the newest vibration raising playlist.


  1. Hello simona!
    I enjoy listening to all types of music, over the last year or so, i have been listening to alot of electronic dance music, and have mixed feeling about ir. some of the songs and artists leave my feeling uplifted while other artists and songs leave me questioning how i feel…have you or anyone else reading experienced anything similar? I want to continue exploring my self and my spirituality, and dont want to lower my vibrations. Is a negative feeling enough to know the music or sound is lowering your vibrations?

  2. If I feel lonely, bored, stressed or anxious, unhappy or sad, I jump on my horse and ride or just simply spend time with her giving her a bath or grooming or just walk through the field with her while she grazes. My music is the birds and the breeze and the happiness land peace I feel when I am with her.

  3. Hi simona,
    Your posts have been a great inspiration and influence to my overall outlook of life.thank you so much for the great work you are doing to help people all over the world overcome their unhealthy in Africa poverty is experienced in a large scale and inspirations like yours can greatly influence our mindsets and gear us to a harmonious abundance lifestyle.thank you once again.

  4. I like hearing wind through telephone wires.x

  5. Hi Simona
    It’s true that music can influence the person. There are many songs which influence us positively. I know one song which starts with “Tungatiraviraajam…….”, which has wordings in Sanskrit and uses classical instruments like flute, veena, etc. The song is about Guru Raghavendra, an ancient Indian saint who lived 500 years ago. The song is sung by Vidhyabhushana. It’s available in Google Heaven through the link Whenever i listen to this song, it gives a soothing effect.

  6. Alvin-San says:

    Sister Simona
    Thank you for the incredible Beauty, Healing and Joy You bring to us all; so pleased to have found you.
    And thank you for sharing part of your Musical Uplift List (say THAT 10 times Fast!); thought I’d share one of my OWN, which I ADORE: it THIS doesn’t make you smile — well … and I dare you to sit STILL.

    It’s called HAPPY!

    Blessings and Huggz,

  7. Dear Simona

    I really appreciated your e-mail thank you so very much. I loved all the songs.

  8. Thank you for sharing Simona.

    I too am similar to you and listen to vibration raising music often. I have it in the background throughout my day and as a mother of three young boys have noticed it benefit them also.

    Some I like are the Zen type music such as this one

    and I can never go past bird songs. Love listening to birds. I always find it instantly calms me.

  9. Timothy M. Antosy Jr says:

    Hi Simona
    Just wanted to let you know things are beginning to change for me for the better thank you for helping me to understand that there is much more to this life than I could ever imagine with my own abilities I hope some day you come to the USA on tour I live in Reading,Pa thank you for everything you do you’re making a difference in people’s lives your awesome!!!

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