Trust The Creative Process

Learn to trust the creative process

When people start consciously creating their reality through thought, word and vision, things start shifting.

Events and changes begin taking place faster, and they give a glimpse of manifesting desires. Energy definitely becomes different.

You may be in the same place, but you know you’re not the same anymore. You feel your goals very near you, and the time quickens.

You start experiencing different situations and opportunities, all pointing to your manifesting dreams. It becomes scary and exciting to go through such changes.

Instead of trusting this process and fearlessly going with it, many get scared when energy shifts too fast, and retreat into their comfort zones.

It feels safe there, though deep inside they loath stopping and getting back to the old life.

You must learn to trust the creative process.

It took me 3 years to do so, so I know it can be tough.

Sometimes you can feel uncertain whether you’re making the right choice. Although you feel the pull by your Soul, the pull by the ego seems more familiar and stronger as it’s fear-based; so you allow your fear to stop your progress and bring you back to the familiar existence.

Learn to trust the creative process. That’s the same as learning to trust your Soul, your Authentic Self.

The more you trust the creative process, the less obstacles there will be on your path. You’ll find yourself quickly moving towards your goals.

Yes, it can be scary and there’s no proof things will turn out well, but deep within you know you should be doing it, and that’s the only proof you need.

That’s because within is the All-Seeing Soul, which knows exactly what you need, and how to get it.


  1. Hi Simona,
    I do was afraid of this creative energy. The energy is so great that thing started to get too fast, i have to slow down a bit in order not to label as mental disorder in my family. They could not agree with my new creative energy. I broke their egos with my creative process. it really help me everyday. i came to point where, i begin looking for answers for this process. Today i got clarity from you about this topic. Now i begin to realize that this process is a guide from the Holy spirit > Bhagawan Sree Rajneesh (OSHO). Thanks a lot SIMONA !!!!

  2. Hi Simona,
    The word creative gives a lot of unknown to us. I had similar period where i was at junction in my life. The new found abundance creative energy is awake, it pull me around for while, things getting very fast, thinking and reasoning becomes too fast beyond normal human level. People around me started to thing that i am having a mental disorder. Because they could agree with me. They ego’s keep pushing me. Until one day, i realize that i should follow myself more let be in autopilot. I didn’t really known how to explain to anyone. After reading your post i got a clarity on this. Some might have a different creative process to share. Not every creative process are same. But the core essence are the same, which is being in a different level from the normal.

  3. I believe this more than ever. Each of these stages I have experienced more than once! Hopefully this time I will truly be sick and tired of being sick and tired!

  4. Rachna Shah says:

    Hello! Simona,
    Heart felt thanks to you for all your blogs.Wanted to share my experience and moreover my journey with you via your blogs.Moving ahead in discovering and designing the destiny needs many areas to be covered with its own challenges. It was surprising as well as comforting that always when I was stuck at places emotionally or mentally your blog was exactly on those topics all the time. Initially I use to think it is a co- incidence but now I feel it is a deep genuine connection which I share with you which is making this possible. I could feel as if you are guiding me all the time. Thank you for all your guidance. I thank God for this connection.

  5. prasanth says:

    Thank u so much for the article

  6. Hi Simona!
    I like the way you put this, some time people are afraid of the creative abilities we have as humans. Many people think about what they want to become and visualize the life they want, then when the energy changes from within and circumstances, luck and their environment changes they put this down to coincidence. Many people will not accept and resist the changes that creative energy has brought about. People will reject opportunity and think they are not worthy of the life they deserve, the so go back to old habits and they arrest creation they have initiated.
    I leave you with a quote, from in my opinion a great author and teacher of understanding and applying creative though and action, which teaches people the way to create the life you want.
    “The object of all life is development; and everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development it is capable of attaining” – Wallace D Wattles

    Thanks Simona x

  7. ” Sometimes you can feel uncertain whether
    you’re making the right choice. Although you
    feel the pull by your Soul, the pull by the ego
    seems more familiar and stronger”…… the same thing i read in bhagavad geeta too ,there is no enemy other than your own soul and also it can be your best friend if you are concious.

    the only difference is you said it directely and bhagavad geeta is somehow more philosophical….

    thank you.

  8. Hi Simons thanks for this post. Recently I’ve started to increase my vibration and shift my thinking. What I’ve learned is that not only am I resisting my processes less but I’m finding it a challenge because those closest to me are resisting the change in thinking. As a result I’m saying things that I’ve had bottled up inside and I’m starting to notice behavioral patterns in others that are destructive to themselves and those around them. I hate to be all “higher than thou” and I really don’t want to be mean but some of the hidden feelings I’m experiencing is starting to surface. Is this normal is this like an effect of positive and negative energy repelling, hmmm?

    • I meant Simona autocorrect sorry ^

    • Release those emotions, Marvin; they’re keeping you stuck. You’re becoming conscious of the damage done to you by others. If the emotions are already there, they must be released (try to do so in least harmful ways though). To prevent more anger from arising, no longer react to those who are ignorant, but see them as people who don’t yet understand what they’re doing and try to feel compassion for them.

  9. Hi Simona!!

    I was very happy to see this article today. I am going through this issue right now. At first, I could really feel the energy shift, then I got scared & pulled back… this happened a few times. Now, I trust the creative process. When I get a pang of fear now, it quickly turns into excitement, because I know my soul is moving to where it needs to be, and I’ll be able to conquer anything if I just trust it. However, looking back on it, I’ve found in the past when I retreated from some things, they weren’t actually the right things for me anyway, or I wasn’t ready at the moment, and when I know to go forward without a doubt, I know it is the right thing. But yes, there has definitely been some times where I should have just gone for it, but hey, I learn & grow so it’s all good. Thanks for posting this article and I’m excited to let my creative process flow because it’s been blocked for so long.

    • I love the fact that you mentioned about fear changing into excitement. That’s what I used to see in my own life too; when I refused to let be guided by fear, it would transform into excitement. Thank you for mentioning this, Anna.

  10. Ngobesing Suh Romanus says:

    Rich, thanks for this post. I wish to let you know that I love to read what you write. my dream is to have a blog or website like your where I can also motivate people to bring out the best in themselves. Again thanks a million.

  11. Khetwayo says:

    Greetings Simona
    Thanks for this higly readable article.

  12. I just found your blog Simona and I love everything about it – from the topics you write about to your mission and goals. Even your logo is awesome. I just read your recent blog post on 50 things you are thankful about. Right now one of the things that I am most thankful for is that I found your blog. Two quotes of yours that really resonate with me so far are:

    From this post on trusting the creative process:

    “When people start consciously creating their reality through thought, word and vision, things start shifting.”

    From your About page:

    “I want to see the world where people stop limiting their love and goodness to only family members and friends, but are kind and caring towards all beings on earth.”

    …and so do I.

    Thank you for everything you are doing!

    Steve Strother

  13. This is so well put, Simona, thank you again! Retreating back into old habit patterns is so disillusioning for the spiritual seeker! Also sometimes when the manifesting is happening, or things are magically coming together, all of a sudden the universe throws you a curve ball. I call these faith tests, it is times like these when its tempting to give up and retreat into negative thoughts like “i knew i didn’t deserve this, who do i think i am!” or “it was too good to be true” etc… The challenge for me is to have constant resolve, unshakeable faith in God, my higher self and the Universe, even during “setbacks” challenges, or conflicts. I can usually trace these back to my own karmic cause somewhere, so in order to stay balanced it is vital to forgive oneself, and remain on a high vibrational frequency…

    • I love your way of calling challenges as “faith tests” – what a great attitude to have!
      “I knew I didn’t deserve this, who do I think I am!” – that’s a very common thought of people trying to change their vibration and break through. This thought must be examined and reasoned out of, and then replaced with an empowering affirmation. This thought sabotages the success of many.
      Thank you very much for your comment, Jennifer!

  14. Maryana says:

    Simona, thank you!!! Now i know how to make what i so bad want to do, but fear of change is taking me away from my goal. I am artist, making paintings and very often i meet this problem, my work stops very near to the end and i am losing my will to make couple last strokes. My vision of the completed image disappears , and i cant finish it, stuck before very near end. I know i am very close to the finish but i dont know what should i do further with it to finish it. It such bad nervous feeling. Losing my self confidence in that time and putting hand down. The same feeling you may have in different situations when you are going to make some serious change or to create your future.

  15. sanjok karki says:

    thankyou simona rich for your post
    As to reach in our destiny we need to become focus in what we are doing.we need to start learning new things in creative way.

  16. Thanks!
    Interesting you mention this now. I am currently reading a book on creativity and how to help it ‘show’ and manifest.
    I suppose when you speak about creativity here it is more than just “artistic creativity” for example? Or not? How would you define ‘creativity’ in this article?

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