Hiding Behind the Mask of Happiness and Success

Hiding Behind a MaskIt’s considered normal in our society to hide behind the mask of happiness and success.

You may be the most miserable being on earth, yet you must not show that.

This attitude creates many problems.

It keeps emotions suppressed inside which manifest later on as diseases. It also makes problems seem bigger than they are, and the person may miss out on help easily available from outside. The person may not even be able to help oneself, if the mask is worn in privacy also.

Superficial layer of happiness and success

The saddest human being I came across wasn’t some homeless person in a poor Indian city; it was a renowned large newspaper editor living in central London.

She always had this wonderful facade of success and happiness which she showed to everyone. She had an air of inapproachability about her, because she built such a wall around her with a slogan – “I’m better than anyone else because I hold a very high position in the society”.

Because of this slogan and walls around her, others could in no way approach her to offer help.  And help she needed indeed – she was a wretched soul, doing what she hated, wanting very much to break through in life, to work for herself and to have a harmonious family life, which she lacked.

I’m not saying it’s good to burden others with your problems; I’m telling to be honest about your situation with others, because if you’re honest about your problems with the world at large, you’re honest about your problems with your own self. And if that’s the case, help must come, from outside or from within – it doesn’t matter, really.

A fake society

When I was living in UK I witnessed many fake people. In my country, Lithuania, if people are unhappy, they don’t say that they are fine. However, in UK, all you hear is that people are fine, and that everything’s ok, and that they are very happy, and so on.

This kind of attitude makes people helpless. Through constant repetition that they are fine, they suppress their issues deep within, and it becomes harder for the Universe to help them.

It’s not that they use this sentence “I am fine” as a positive affirmation. They use it as a cover-up. If they would try to improve their lives, they would use this sentence as a medicine, knowing that it can heal. However, the way they use it, it serves more like a light covering of a deep hole, and they know all the time that the hole is there.

A knife can be used for cutting a cake to eat it, or for self-hurt. It’s a tool and different people will use it in different ways. The same can be said about the language – intention counts here. If you use some word with the hope of it healing you, it will start the healing process. If you use a word as a lie for hiding something, it will accomplish exactly that.

The middle path

It’s easy to get into extremes with regards to your problems. Some people tend to act as helpless victims, firmly believing they are. They are more than ready to tell their whole life’s story to anyone who cares to listen and to burden others with all their problems. This leaves them totally disempowered, and they believe they are too weak to help themselves.

Others, especially men, keep all the problems inside and sometimes even hide problems from their own selves. They act like everything’s okay with them, yet inside they’re wounded. They don’t realize that some people see right through them, and this fake mask of strength and confidence they’re wearing looks horrible. They’re hiding their own souls behind it.

This attitude manifests stress and body diseases, because suppressed emotions finally manifest into these confusing physical or mental states.

The middle path, however, is the healthiest path. If you have problems, don’t hide that you have them, but don’t burden others with them either. Acknowledge to yourself and others that your life is not perfect and that some adjustments need to be made.

Telling to others about your life the way it is shows your humbleness and honesty; whilst those who act happy and successful only show their inflated egos to the world. Also, if you clearly state the problem (acknowledge it to yourself and others), the solution becomes clearer.

It’s not true that problems should be ignored and covered up, as some law of attraction followers tend to do. A pile of waste covered with a blanket in the corner of your room doesn’t disappear. It rots and starts smelling.

It needs to be cleared, and the best way to do that is to firstly acknowledge that it’s there, and describe exactly what it is. Don’t exaggerate the problem or make it smaller than it is. Describe it briefly, mentioning all the important points. Then be attentive; if you believe the solution will reach you in some way, it will.

It’s important not to give power to the problem, so that it wouldn’t grow. It means you shouldn’t channel your emotions to it. Be unemotional about it.

Make it clear to your mind once, and then turn your attention to the solution which is coming, and not to the problem.

Show your real self to the world

The first step of destroying the mask of deception, therefore, is to acknowledge to your own self that you have problems. You can write them down, and look at them, just don’t channel any emotions into them.

In a neutral way, read out your problems – this may make the right solutions to your problems instantly come into your mind.

The next step is to be honest about your situation with others. If someone asks how you are, don’t tell you are fine, if you’re not. Tell that currently there are some issues that need to be solved. Again, keep the mind clear – don’t get involved into negative emotions.

Finally, know that your call for help is heard, and because you were honest with yourself and the world, the solutions to your problems will manifest in one way or another. Be aware and on the lookout for help offers, as well as the solutions to your problems.

Help can come in many ways and many forms – a piece of advice from a friend, a helpful book, a line from a conversation, even a scene from a movie… it’s limitless how help can reach you, because the Universe is limitless.

When you get help as such, you will realize that it’s harmful to wear the mask of success and happiness, as it serves only to shield you from the help that’s widely available.

If you have something to say, leave a comment below.

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  1. Really nice post. this helped me very much.

  2. Christian M Raymonds says:

    Hi Simona!
    How are you? (now that you were talking about masks!)
    I have to admit that your posts are very compelling and they make me stop and reflect through the course of my day. I have no shame in admitting that I am very good at assuming my mask and through years of penance I have almost perfected the art. But, I would be lying if I also didn’t add the fact that I used to be quite similar to your prescription, albeit some years back. My trade requires me to meet a lot of new people and understand their expectations. More often than not, I see strains of extreme dilemma in faces around me. Underneath all of these, I feel they all want to come out, break free. What I have failed to understand and believe you me, I am still searching an answer for, is, why in spite of the desire to break free, are we caught up.. in an effort to creating a utopia, we overlook our now, the immediate and then lament in the final throes? Well, to my woes, my mask doesn’t hide my feelings, but it accentuates them during these moments of reflection. But, are they capable of deterring man’s extreme sense of hope? I would say no, not till now… as I move on and re-discover myself with your posts Simona!
    Cheers and let’s unmask!!

  3. Lukman Febrianto says:

    Hello Simona,
    This is the first time I visited your website. The latest article you wrote is so inspiring and I believe the earlier articles are as inspiring as well.
    In your life experience, is there any possibility that someone didn’t realize that what he or she thinks as something normal is actually a problem?
    Thank you very much for your sharing.

  4. Thanks a lot Simora for the beautiful. Piece.
    Now talking about sharing problems with other people;honestly speaking people hide under the mask of happiness and success amidst serious problems because 80% of the people you share your problems with are just not interested,15% others are happy its happening to you.only about 5% may show interest.
    So people prefer to hide their problems to prevent mockery from others.
    So,I believe we shud really be careful who we share our problems with.
    Thanks a lot.Am benefitting from your articles a lot,it has helped me in my journey towards self development.
    Thanks and keep it up!

    • I agree with you, Rosemary. However, if people react in such a negative way to your honesty, they shouldn’t be considered friends and it’s better to stay away from them.

  5. Prasanna Maiya says:

    Thanks Simona. Liked it a lot. Quite insightful as always :)

  6. Thanks Simona for sharing this! I feel the power behind these words. We are so used to this fake life that we ignore the truth. It’s good to be rooted in truth.

  7. I love this Simona to me it all comes down to living your TRUTH and speaking the TRUTH. Speak the truth always. Be who are you and no one else. Thank you Simona for being your TRUE self always xox

  8. Sorry, accidently posted comment before i finished what i was saying. Since i started doing the abundance prayer, lots of really great things have happened. I seem to be like a magnet for money lately. Thanks Simona, keep up the good work

  9. Hi Simona, thank you very much. Your posts have been a great help to me. I’m much more positive now. When things go wrong, i think of all the people who are much worse off than me and i’m grateful for what i have. Since i started thinking like this, my situation has got much better. I started doing the abund
    ance prayer

  10. Simona,

    I understand the power is within, but how do you prove that to people who have been looking for jobs for years and are being told “No, No, NO” time and time again. It appears to them that man is in control. No matter how much they believed in other sources…. These days these employers are acting like they are God over people lives and can do whatever they want when they want to and do not have to answer to anyone. They hire because of liking people vs. skill set and older people are feeling this the most….What’s your take.

  11. Thank you for sharing this! Just what I needed today! Xxx

  12. Talking about hiding behind a mask, a persone I know didn’t tell his girlfriend that his bosses had stopped paying him. It took him 6 months and the decision to leave the job, to tell his girlfriend he hadn’t received a penny for 6 months. And they live together and he has been able to wear a mask for all this time. I guess it was because he’s a man and didn’t wanted to disappoint his girlfriend, but if this happens for such things, imagine how easily many of us just try to avoid to face a problem and just find a solution. You know seeing a problem doesn’t mean it will eat you alive. It just means that you’re going to take some time to think about a solution or ask for help. Yeah this is sad. But in this society it seems that everyone has to show he’s a winner. but we’re human beings. we win and we also suffer. it’s life.

  13. Thank you so much Simona for your excellent post. So true and helpful.

  14. Denis Justine Okumu says:


    You soothe my soul by this post!

    Why did you delay to come across my life? Or, why did I delay to bump on your posts and articles?

    You are a True friend to Mankind! May your Creator and Sustainer prosper your work!!

  15. Thank you very much. It reached me when I need it. Thanks to Universe which gave instructions to handle the burden issues through your post. It starts giving answers to my current situation. Thanks Simona.

    • You’re welcome, Ranjeewa!

      • dear simona,unfortunately contrary to some people I am not hiding behind a mask of success,but a mask of failure.I failed everything I \undertook for the past 8 years,and i am trying to hide it partially as a defense mechanism,to those people who new me in the past when I was happy and fairily successful.My mask consist of a good illusion that I am in control of the things I do,when I really am bankrupt and struggling to the point that I haven’t been able to take a trip to Italy to visit my ill 89 year old mother for almost 6 years.I am trying your powerful abundance prayers as well as the archangels,but I don’t think anybody is listening to me.Obviously I recite the prayers,and go out there to work, explore new possibilities,talk to people I don’t just pray and play couch potato in front ot the TV.Thank you for listening.