Here’s The Quickest Way to Expand Your Consciousness – Look At This Image

I was blessed to find a totally natural and harmless way to quickly expand consciousness. It not only makes you more conscious, but it also…

  1. induces calmness
  2. integrates masculine and feminine aspects of being
  3. balances brain hemispheres (very important!)

You can gain all these beautiful benefits by simply looking each day at the image below for 5 minutes.

The image represents the sacred geometry of Sri Yantra, a Hindu divine outline of Maya (the illusion of this reality). This divine mandala can be seen carved in some Hindu temples, as well as can be found in a sacred corner of Hindu families in the form of a copper sheet.

Before reading any further, take 5 minutes to look at the very centre of this Sri Yantra image. Don’t strain your eyes, but try not to blink if you can. So without any strain keep watching the dot in the middle, and allow yourself to become aware of the whole image whilst being focused on the dot.

You may start seeing the lines as though dancing, different shapes and patterns emerging and the whole image moving. Whilst these things are happening, your brain is getting more harmonious, your masculine and feminine sides are merging, your vibration is rising and your whole body is bathed in the energy of harmony.

(If you click on this image, you’ll get it full-size.)

Sri YantraWhen you finish gazing at the Yantra, close your eyes and see it further evolving in your mind’s eye.

If you can, print out this image of Yantra to look at it on the paper daily, rather than a computer screen. There are many Sri Yantra images you can find online – find the one that appeals to you most. For me, this one expanded my perception quickest; I even felt the stimulation of different parts of my brain. If you choose to gaze at the image that’s black and white, you’re likely to see your aura colors gradually reflected on it.

What Sri Yantra symbolizes

In the lines and curves of Sri Yantra (also called “Sri Chakra”) the whole existence is depicted. From these lines emerges the Universe.

Sri Yantra contains the Golden Ratio and the five elements of the Universe – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether.

The dot in the centre represents the big bang as we call it, the point from which the entire creation sprang. It also represents the unity that underlies all the diversity we see in the Universe.  The dot is the element of ether in the Yantra.

The triangles represent male and female energies whose interaction sustains the Maya (illusion). Maya dances in forms and shapes as long as it’s observed, and once the spiritual seeker decides to turn the gaze inwards, Maya releases her from the grasp.

The downward-pointing triangles are female and represent the water element. The upward pointing ones are male, and represent the fire element.

The circle enclosing triangles represents the cycles of our existence, as well as time, which, like a circle, has no beginning or end.

The lotus petals represent the unfolding of knowledge as well as the heart chakra. When the heart chakra opens, we naturally become open to higher truths, and our knowledge blossoms like the lotus petal. Lotus represents all five elements of the universe: Ether, Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

The square represents our physical world and therefore is of the element of Earth. Each square wall has an opening, which is a portal into the Inner World, leading you to the very cause of creation – the central point, called ‘bindu’ in Hinduism. There are four T-shaped portals in total, as you can see in the image.

The meaning of Sri Yantra (Sri Chakra)

Sri Yantra means “sacred tool” and it can be said that it’s the energetic outline of creation. It is indeed a tool of meditation, as using it can reveal the secrets of the Universe and Creation. If used regularly in meditation, it can reveal the deep truths that are hidden from the rest of the humanity.

If you focus on the Yantra long enough, the mental chatter will eventually stop, and you’ll gain awareness of the subtle natural laws. Sri Yantra is the best tool to gain mental focus and lengthen your attention span.

Sri Yantra is the symbol of cosmic perfection, so focusing on it brings more beauty and harmony into your inner and outer worlds. It’s a visual symbol of a primordial sound OM.

The centre point is the very start of Maya. It’s the explosion of God into being. This smallest dot sustains the Maya, and if it would move even slightly to any direction, the whole reality would collapse.

If you want to read more about Sri Yantra and how you can use it in meditation, I recommend reading this book.


  1. Priyanka Shah says:

    Hi Simona,

    You have really great content in your website. I have deep interest in learning indian ancient vedas. I would like to know that after gazing when we close eyes some kind of visualization starts, does that represents something. While when i closed eyes i saw a circle evovled with blue flames.

    Do let me know.

    • Hi Priyanka,

      Different people will see different things. Enjoy it and know your brain is being harmonized. Sometimes those things don’t really mean anything, just adjustment, harmonization.

  2. Hi Simona

    After looking at it for a few minutes and then closing my eyes.. i saw a circle inside a square (in my mind).. It persisted very long. Haven’t experienced like this before.

    Anyway thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Simona, This ancient Sacred tool is powerful, after staring at it i started feeling tingling and shakiness on my head. However, the link you shared above is not working, would you share the name and author of the book, as I would like to master the principles of Sri Yantra. Thanks once again for sharing.

    • I wonder if it’s only for you or for all, because in my Chrome browser it works. It’s Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity Paperback – October 15, 2003
      by Madhu Khanna. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Hie Simon,

    Indeed an helpful tip, keeping sharing.
    you got an addition in your fan club, started reading your blog few hours back when read your blog on GOA, found a connect there and landed to some other really good stufss..”these pages” Thanks !

  5. I am new to the concepts here, but this was an interesting experiment. I can see how it can expand your consciousness. It was almost as if I was tripping. It constantly changes your perception as you look at it. It is a great reminder that there is always numerous ways you can look at a situation in life. : D

  6. Thank you for sharing the image and its science. It is generally called as Sri Chakra in India. It comes with colors, dominantly red.

  7. thank you soo much for posting this. i am going to look for more images and info.

  8. Thank you for the Sri Yanytra, Simona! ^_^ I haven’t seen it in blue before. You may know or be interested in Amish Shah’s website, project-yourself .com that offers courses all about the Sri Yantra, quite fascinating.
    Thanks for explaining the movement visions, as I didn’t understand what some people meant by that! :)

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