How to Be Secure in Insecurity

Being secure in insecurityIt’s funny how people think that being self-employed is too risky. I think it’s much less risky than being employed by someone else.

At least you know yourself so you can estimate where your business is going; If you have a job, however, you don’t have this convenience – you could be made redundant at any time, and I know some employees who were told the same day to pack their stuff and leave.

However no matter whether you’re self-employed or an employee, unexpected things can surely happen. One day something might go terribly wrong and you’d lose it all. And it’s important not to run away from this possibility but look at it and accept it. It’s, after all, a valid possibility – people from all works of life experienced it.

When you make peace with uncertainty you unlock a huge power unavailable to the vast majority of peopleyou become secure in insecurity.

That means you can sleep like a baby at night when you don’t know what the tomorrow will bring. It means not getting stressed or worried over how things will turn out, and thus giving your body and mind time to rest and heal.

What’s more, when you make peace with unexpected turns of life, you become better prepared to face them. That’s because you’ve already thought over  them, so if they come, they don’t imbalance you.

It gets even better. If you would have taken time to actually think of what to do in case the worst scenario manifests, if it does, you have a certain line of action to take instead of freaking out and definitely making mistakes.

Of course let’s hope the disaster never strikes, but if it does, let it not meet you unprepared.

If there’s some enemy that can strike at any time, and you don’t care to study it, how would you defend yourself? However, if you care to take time for the study, you’ll know exactly how to deal with the attacks.

I know some readers will think I’m writing negative stuff again. But life is not all easy. You don’t know what’s in store for you – we’ve accumulated plenty of karma throughout our evolution.

So sometimes life throws at us something seemingly random, but it’s what we definitely earned. It’s always good to keep your eyes opened and be prepared.

If you’re not prepared and some unexpected thing happens that threatens your well-being, the best thing to do is to surrender to the present moment and see what action flows out of your awareness.

The worst thing to do is to engage the ego, which will insure fear-based, failure-attracting actions. You know the ego is engaged when fear triggers the thinking process.

Accept, therefore, whatever happens to you, as in the acceptance lie choices. Survival-based thinking coming from fear, on the other hand, leads to very predictable limiting actions that keep one stuck and confused.

So if my lovely six years of blogging would come to an abrupt end… So what? No need to stress about things that already happened. I would be repaying my karma and I would be grateful for my life as much as ever. Life should be enjoyed in all its forms, and everything can teach you something you didn’t know about yourself, and all situations, even the worst ones, can help you grow.

I would still remain a human being with the same skills and talents if something would go wrong with my blog. Instead of lying on the ground feeling beaten, I’d start another blog, with all the mistakes learnt from the previous one, so probably the progress would be very fast.

So what if you lose your job? That’s probably a good thing. Usually the most terrible things later on turn out to be blessings in disguise, like my first job from hell. Finally you would have time to figure out what you really want to do with your life and what gifts you have to offer to the humanity.

People’s daily actions are caused by the fears they have about losing jobs, not having enough money to pay bills, and feeling lonely. This only leads them to wrong choices, like slaving away their precious lives in jobs they hate or staying in relationships that only hurt them. All this happens because people are scared of insecurity, instead of accepting it and looking at it with full awareness.

Life is like a river, it’s not like a stone. It always flows, and we don’t know what it will bring us next. If you’re scared of the unpredictable twists of this reality, your life will be full of struggle. If you however, like water, flow through all the unpredictability equanimously, you’ll have a wonderful and meaningful ride of life.


  1. Rick Carter says:

    Insecurity – Uncertainty are just states of mind. They’re illusions really, just as Security and Certainty are. I can’t count how many “sure things” have fallen through and how many successes came flying in out of the blue. We’re pre-disposed to succeed. God has our back. It’s all good as long as we have as much faith in Divine Spirit as we have in the idea that when we flip a light switch, a light will come on.

  2. love lan says:

    If you ever feel the urge to cross the ocean and perhaps guided to a Caribbean island i hope it can be DOMINICA. Look it up.

  3. I like it, ı liked it… I liked it… Thank you Simona….

  4. sanjok karki says:

    awesome post..we face this sorts of thing in our every day life but we don’t know how to tackle with it by reading all about this post if we try to implement in our life it will be great for us in our coming days.

  5. Ekaterina says:

    Dear Simona,
    Sometimes life manifests not only our wishes or goals, but the answers to our questions, or something that we unconsciously need. It brings us a certain way to a healing process. It is the second time in the last 4 years that your posts follow my state of mind and give me a lot of information “to digest”. :) So I would like to say thank you. But I have a question. It is about security, in a way. When you quitted your job and decided to change your life, did you feel like starting everything from the very beginning? Or you felt like your past was still worthy, that you were constructing on it… or have you erased your past experiences? I don’t know how I should think of some past experiences that hurt me or stopped me from something meaningful in my life. When I start a blank page, where should I search for this state of security?

    • Ekaterina, I never dwell on my past, unless there are specific things in it that I can use to better understand something or to get the lesson. Like when I was writing an article on psychopaths I went into my memory bank to extract situations where I encountered psychopaths. But no, my mind doesn’t just jump to the past and distort my present actions as a result. I select when to go there. This selective jumping to the past doesn’t happen naturally, of course; it takes meditation and conscious training of the mind.

      Every day is a new day, and every change is a total blank page that I could write anything on. My post itself is the answer to your last question.

  6. You are most welcome. And also I request you to write something on mind relaxation techniques when stressed. I am sure many readers out there want some tips for quick relaxation at office when they are overloaded mentally and emotionally with work.

    Thanks a lot!
    Keep up the good work

  7. José Luis Díez Soto says:

    Forget unsecurity, Concentrate on freedom.

    Freedom and peace you need no more.

  8. With insecurity seeming so deceptive, its curious how so many attempt to secure lies on others–especially parents who secure the Santa Clause lie on children. Its as if we’re taught that being deceived is good for us in the long run. …Maybe so, but isn’t it obvious how nature has more abundance for humanity to discover if humanity at least intends to honestly work together?

    We can train each other in deception with sports games and such, where we actually agree to deceive each other, yet no one is forced play. Forcing a Santa Clause lie on kids old enough to know what lies are–that’s too risky. Why not just invite kids to pretend, yet also give them the option not to pretend?

    Curious how in astrology, the 12th house is one of three houses representing the astral plane. The 12th house is astral confinements, guardians and secret enemies. Could humanities’ worst enemy be a species of emotion?

    • Yes Todd, no one is forced to play, if only humanity would understand that. And yes, nature is so very abundant, yet it’s hard to see that living isolated from her in concrete houses and walking on asphalt roads. Cities are indeed dead and poor.

      I don’t know about astrology much, but I’d love to hear more about this relationship (how is 12th house related to emotion?) since I, too, believe emotions can be very big enemies; Many people are stuck in life exactly because of that. Through meditation we calm them down and learn to control them. Thank you for your lovely comment, Todd.

      • I believe astral plane is emotional plane, and all emotions are metaphors. It seems an ever-calmer emotion(through meditation) is one’s best metaphor of what pure nowness(source) might be. Since source is the ultimate memory-awareness connecting all, I believe all memories are psychic emotions.

        Western astrology has three houses relating to emotions: houses 4, 8 and 12. They’re called “the water houses” and “the trinity of psychism.” Just as water is “bridge” between ice and vapor; emotions seem as “bridge” between physical and metaphysical(infinity; source).

        8th house is most famous representative of astral plane, maybe because 8th is “bridge” between 4th(familiarity; lucid dreaming) and 12th(non-lucid dreaming). I speculate on the houses’ meanings.

        Simona, I think 12th house correlation between guardians and secret enemies has to do with psychic restriction and delusion until we ask our guardians-guides(selves) to help us cleanse our suppressed traumatic memories. 12th house is related to Pisces and rivers, which gives clues on how to purify the unveiling of suppressed memories.

        Emotional plane and physical plane reflect each other metaphorically, so as long as old traumas are suppressed, they’ll manifest metaphorically in dreams and/or physical.

        Michael Tsarion believes the emergence of psychopaths( is due to collectively suppressed traumas of humanity: myths of the great flood and such. Such myths have interesting reinterpretations in light of electric universe theories, including the work of David Talbott, Anthony Perrat, Wallace Thornill, etc…

  9. Simona,
    Reading this article gave me great peace of mind. I truly enjoyed reading it especially because currently I am at a pivotal point where a lot of insecurities are coming up for me. I am trying to make a decision whether to relocate to another State. However; this decision would require me to give up the security of my current job where I am well established (but completely stressed out due to ongoing unwarranted crisis every single day) or move and risk losing everything when I start over somewhere else. Prior to having my now 3.5 year old daughter, these types of decisions used to be very easy but now I find myself over thinking every possible outcome and as a result becoming stagnant! I keep comparing both States to the point of paralysis. I know that no matter which one I choose I will be successful because I know how to reinvent myself but I can’t seem to make a decision. It is bad to the point I am now hoping and wishing for a something to happen that will give me a definitive answer but of course I take that back because I don’t know what that thing is:( complete madness!! And besides I know whether or not a make a choice I still made a decision because ultimately I am responsible for all my thoughts and actions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this article.

    • You won’t lose anything; We have energetic imprint that stays with us wherever we go unless we consciously attempt to change it, which most people wouldn’t be able to do because of the lack of willpower. So whatever you have, even though you may lose for a short time, will be returned to you for sure, Anne.

      That’s why I say in my post that if I lose it all, I wouldn’t worry about it; I’ll have the same skills and be the same person; Millionaires lose it all and win it all back within a year or so, you probably heard such stories. The reason being energetic imprint.

      But some people lacking trust in God lose it all and then start excessively worrying and fearing for days, and thus their energetic imprint shifts for the worse. It’s easier to shift it for the worse than it is to shift it for the better, so worry and fear should definitely be abandoned.

  10. Lora Ciocan says:

    Allow life to happen to you, it knows better then you.

  11. Rajesh Mali says:

    Well it was nice blog…very much inspiring and generating courage.
    It’s in tough time where Life teaches us most valuables lesson’s of life.

    One more thought i would like to share :Every stone has a statue hidden inside it, it is the task of sculpture to discover it.

  12. Abundance is our true nature, so we are always abundant in somthing. we can have abundance of hardship, or suffering it works both ways.

  13. I agree, Simona.

    I have been looking at changes as ‘things that point me in a new or different direction’ rather than the old way of perceiving change.

    The old way was to view change as more of an ‘end’, a dead end, as the term goes, a road that abruptly ends, and requires you to turn around and return to the beginning, on the same route you just drove.

    Change can prompt us to look in a new direction, a new way of seeing things. I am learning not to be so afraid of the new or unknown. With resistance out of the way things do happen quicker.

    Thank you for talking about this and getting us thinking! Penny

  14. Shanthi says:

    Thank you, Simona, for yet another wonderful article.

  15. José Luis Díez Soto says:

    Díez´s first Law: In the most security, lies the most insecurity.

    Corolaire: The best way to be always secure is be always insecure.

    It always works.

  16. Zoraida Montserrat Magaña says:

    A very true, important, and profound message you got across in this article, Simona! After reading this, I recalled some of the times in my life when an event I first labeled as unfavorable happened, but it actually led to some pretty good things in the long run. For example, when the youngest out of my three older brothers was expelled from his high school due to excessive tardies. I was in middle school, and back then I thought what had happened was something extremely terrible. For some reason, it caused me to become nervous, anxious, and worrisome. My brother easily enrolled into another high school within the same school district. When it was time for me to choose which high school I would attend after finishing middle school, it made sense to go to the one my brother was currently attending. And because I went to that high school, I was able to meet people who would turn out to be very important to me (and learn some very far-reaching lessons, too). If my brother never got expelled, I would’ve chosen to enroll myself in a high school that didn’t have those same people. In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise for life to make my brother and I attend a different high school than the one my other two brothers had gone to in the past.
    Your article also reminded of these two quotes:

    “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” – Bruce Lee

    “There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C. S. Lewis

    • Thank you, Zoraida, for sharing a beautiful life lessons with us! And the quotes are lovely too!

    • This was a great experience to read about; I have seen things happen in my own life from time to time and have seen it also in my own family – like my daughter. It is like that saying goes, “Make lemonade out of lemons.” Thank you Zoraida for your story, it was a wonderful to read and it was a great reminder to me of those times when things happen in life to us – just keep going and move forward; you may never know that something better is going to happen for you up ahead!

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