Sacred Sound: Using Words and Music for Personal Power, Clearing Obstacles and Healing

Sacred Sound ebookI feel that after more than two years of living in India and visiting Nepal, I gained enough experience to write about the power of sacred sound.

In Nepal and India people still use healing instruments and know how to heal with the power of words.

In the Sacred Sound eBook I wrote exactly about that – how to heal and cause inner transformation with the power of human voice and ancient instruments.

I also included information about how to heal yourself with today’s instruments, what sentences to pronounce for specific effects like increasing health and abundance, as well as why I avoid binaural beats.

The Sacred Sound eBook is in a PDF format and has 108 pages. It has some illustrations for better clarity and there are links to YouTube videos of specific mantras and other sounds.

The eBook Sacred Sound: Using Words and Music for Personal Power, Clearing Obstacles and Healing will be useful for those who want to gain these benefits:

  1. Understand how to use your own voice for deep relaxation and rejuvenation
  2. How to let the sounds of nature harmonize your energy body
  3. Which sounds to avoid at all costs
  4. How to energetically shield yourself from negative sounds and suggestions
  5. How to neutralize the negative effects of sounds already in your mind
  6. Specific sounds for specific conditions (healing, increasing abundance, clarity of mind, confidence, courage)
  7. Why I avoid binaural beats and you should too
  8. Sounds to harmonize chakras
  9. Benefits of specific healing instruments like wind-chimes, bells, flutes and singing bowls
  10. Most powerful sounds for profound healing
  11. Most powerful sounds to cause inner transformation
  12. How to get most benefits from listening to healing sounds
  13. Major mistakes people make which prevent healing sounds from helping them
  14. The most important rule for healing sounds to work in your life
  15. Which sounds to pronounce for protection, wisdom, obstacle removal and achieving goals
  16. Which ancient sounds produce most powerful changes and why
  17. Ancient Egypt mantra which worked almost immediately in my life (not to be played with – it’s very powerful)
  18. Love invocation to open up to love, harmonize existing relationships and/or invite new ones
  19. Three power prayers for clearing obstacles, personal power and healing
  20. Celestial music: how I heard it and how you can hear it too – you’ll never want to listen to earth music again:)
  21. Invocation of the feminine energy for wisdom, compassion and protection – guys can use it too, and many powerful lamas (Tibetan monks) do
  22. A powerful mantra for complete transformation of life. After it your life will start falling into pieces only to be correctly rearranged, so don’t be scared!
  23. Health invocation – I used this invocation to heal within 2 days when I was sick in India
  24. How to know which music raises your vibration and which lowers it

Update: while the Sacred Sound eBook was being edited by the proofreader, two wonderful books came into my life. I added to my eBook,  therefore, some rare information about sacred sound found in them, like…

  • Why in the past it was forbidden to talk about singing bowls
  • What causes holes in the etheric body and which particular sound heals them quickly
  • Shocking research about what rock music does to the body
  • Which music transmits love
  • What diet helps to hear ethereal vibrations
  • A mantra which leads you deep into your Self to realize who you are
  • Information about when Western music became disconnected from harmonious universal vibrations and how
  • A mantra to heal serious illnesses

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