Unusual Ways To Raise Vibration

This article about how to raise vibration is uplifting and a little bit funny so as to keep your vibration high and inspire more creative side of you.

I have provided some unusual ways of raising your vibration and you should act on the ones that resonate with you most.

Eat your favorite dish – what can be better than eating something you really enjoy? And a note about gaining weight – you do not gain weight for what you eat, you gain weight because of your attitude towards food. So if you eat and think that this food will make you overweight, it will.

When you eat something you really enjoy and think how tasty the food is, and not for a minute you let your mind wonder off from these amazing thoughts you have, the food will not contribute to your weight.

Do something crazy –- do something that you thought you could not do. That could be calling and telling someone that you fancy him/her, starting your business or engaging in public speaking. Such activities will give you a lot of thrill and excitement and it will also shift your comfort zone.

Wear bright clothes -– the more often you wear bright clothes, the more you will raise vibration. The colors that are near you have an impact on your aura. Light colors enhance your well-being because they are similar to the colors of your aura, whereas dark colors make you moody because they clash with it.

You can even do an experiment and observe people that wear dark clothes versus people that wear bright clothes. It is easy for me to observe this phenomenon here in the UK. Most people in UK wear dark (black and grey mostly) clothes therefore they are more negative and they tend to complain.

I think this also has to do with English weather. It is mostly raining and quite dark even summertime, therefore the mood of the people goes down and they end up wearing dark clothes.

I am not sure if that is correct, but some people who work with auras on daily basis say that the reason why men have shorter life is because they wear dark clothes more often than females. That could be the case, but the shorter length of life also has to do with keeping suppressed feelings inside and as a result these suppressed feelings manifest as illness.

If you know your aura color (you can check it yourself or you can ask someone who can see auras) you can match your clothes to it. That will raise vibration even more.

However, if you find out that the color of your aura is dark (or grayish) then you should not wear clothes of the same color as your aura. If this is the case you should work on other ways to raise your vibration and become a more positive person.

Observe your pet –-because pets are always connected to their higher selves, they are constantly joyous and funny. They do not have stressful days or the moments of boredom. They are always involved in something or relaxed and enjoying the moment.

There are so many things you can learn from your pet (assuming you have one!). They know what they want, they are always positive and they are so immersed in the present moment that it makes you laugh when watch them. That raises vibration because you become positive only by observing what they do.

Sing in the shower –- this is a very fun way to raise your vibration because this activity relaxes you and makes you happy. Singing in the shower is a great way to brighten your day and start attracting better experiences into your life.

Focus on pleasurable past symbols -– if you have some things from the past that make you happy, try to focus on them and remember the reason why you feel happy about them. Such thing can be some award that you got which proved that you can achieve everything you want; or it can be a toy that someone very close to your heart gave to you; Or it can be the best piece of art you have ever created.

The more you focus on such things, the more you raise vibration because all the good memories of achievement, happiness and joy will come back to you.

Dance to your favorite music –– dancing, singing and exercise always raise vibration because when you do these activities you strongly connect to the present moment and distance yourself from your mind.

Put all lights in your room – his will raise vibration if you are an energetic person. If not, look at the next suggestion.

Energetic people tend to like bright lights, it seems that they get more energy from them.

Put candle lights in your room  if you tend to have a relaxed and peaceful attitude. The idea behind these two suggestions is to match your personality with your environment. When you do that, it instantly raises your mood because it enhances your well-being.

Introduce more colors in your life –- next time you are going to buy something for your home, buy it in a different, preferably bright color – red pillow covers, green candles, yellow picture frames or something similar.

These new colors will introduce more vitality to your home and raise your vibration. You should not of course buy everything in different colors, because that might scare your visitors, just buy some of the home decorations in different colors than usual.

Surround yourself with things that you love and get rid of the ones that emanate lower vibration. The more you surround yourself with your favorite things, the better you will feel and the more you will raise vibration. The same applies to the things that you do not like. The less of them you will have, the happier you will become.

To recognize the things that do not resonate with who you are, you can use this technique. Focus on a thing that is questionable. Now observe how you feel whilst focusing on that thing. If you feel weakness, negativity, boredom, stress or doubt, you should get rid of that thing because it emanates negative energy.

Keep your room temperature mild –– you should not make your room temperature too warm because it lowers your vibration and takes a lot of your energy. As a result you feel bored, powerless and lazy. Try to keep it mild or cool because these are the best room temperatures for your well-being.

Wake up earlier than usual – you will have extra energy, you will accomplish more and therefore you will be proud of yourself. This will raise vibration significantly.

Do something creative – creative work is like the food for your soul therefore it naturally raises vibration. You should find some creative activity that you really enjoy, this can be something like painting, decorating home or designing clothes.

Write your goals down and list the reasons why you think you are going to achieve them –- usually you see advice to write down your goals together with the deadlines, but you are more likely to achieve them if you make a list of reasons why you think you will achieve them. This works like positive affirmations which encourage and inspire you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Write down 10 aspects of you that you love and re-read them as often as you can –- this boosts your self confidence and makes you more positive therefore raising vibration. It is good to re-read the list of your positive aspects because you will keep activating the vibration of confidence and appreciation of yourself.

Eat fruit and vegetables – although you can eat whatever you like, these particular foods raise your vibration because they contain live energy in them (if you do not cook them, of course). That always raises vibration because fruit and vegetables naturally have intense positive energy.


These unusual ways to raise vibration will inspire you to pursue the activities that I have listed. They are fun ways to raise your mood and start attracting better experiences into your reality.

You should pick the activities that appeal to you most and act on them when you feel inspired to. That will increase the likelihood of the quick improvement of your reality.

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