What You Should Know About Psychopaths Part 2

What you should know about psychopaths

To read about how to recognize a psychopath and the strategy they all use, read the first post about this topic.

Marriage nightmare

Dating a psychopath leads to emotional imbalance, lack of trust in yourself and mental confusion. But nothing compares to the horror women go through if, despite the still inner voice of protest, they still decide to marry psychopaths.

Since now they’re officially trapped, a psychopath doesn’t have to wear his mask anymore. So he drops the mask for a woman to see the real face of a monster.

The private life becomes a living nightmare and you realize that you don’t know the person whom you married. He will be mentally abusive, and might be physically abusive too, but usually in a way that it wouldn’t show in public. Sex may become extremely violent leaving you hurt and shocked.

A psychopath will keep pressing your insecure buttons until you break down and cry or go crazy, and they’ll just watch the drama and absorb the energy. They might even have a faint smile whilst watching the show.

They’re totally in control when you break down like this, and psychopaths must feel in control – they hate any unpredictability in your actions.

Nobody else will see this evil inside of him. He will put his mask of charm and charisma when in public. So even if you tell others about the monster that he is, nobody is likely to believe you and some might think you’re going crazy, accusing such a wonderful guy.

If you let the psychopath know that you know about his mental condition and also tell others about it, you will be severely punished. With the masterful smooth talk he may turn even your closest friends and family against you; he’ll try to break you in all ways he can, usually by focusing on destroying what’s dear to you – your business/career, reputation, friendships, relationships with your children and God.

Split up

If you haven’t entirely broken down and remain conscious enough to split up/divorce him, he will stalk you. He’ll keep appearing on your doorstep, he will send you numerous text messages and if you meet him in person, he’ll cry with crocodile tears begging to take him back and promising to change.

Since you have feelings (and he knows how to manipulate them very well), you’ll start feeling sad and sorry for him and will give him another chance.

Big mistake. He’ll be on a good behavior for some time, and then the same lies/hurts/shocks/abuse will start, and you’ll get debited some more years off your precious life.

Some women end up breaking up and making up with psychopaths multiple times, losing 10, 20, 30 or more years of their lives. I personally know such women, and I never realized why they keep going back to the jerks that hurt them.

Now I understand. Such women like true warriors constantly try to awaken the goodness of their partners, but little do they know that there is no goodness in them, as they have no conscience.

A very beautiful Spanish woman keeps going back to the man that’s married, and yet lives with another woman. So three women in total chase the guy who’s always on the lookout for the next fling. His utter ruthlessness and incongruity (saying one thing and doing another) leaves women shocked but also hooked to his game.

She’s been in this game for more than 20 years. She keeps believing she’ll change him and make him realize just how loving and caring she is.

Is there a cure?

So far nobody was able to cure a psychopath, and all women report that after marriage things get much worselook at this forum for marriage stories.

It’s not scientifically proven whether a psychopath is born so or is made into one, but it looks like it’s hereditary, according to The Sociopath Next Door book.

This gene may or may not get activated, depending on the environment. It’s more likely to get activated in cultures that encourage selfishness and alcohol consumption. Interestingly, this study shows that selfishness tends to activate a psychopathic gene in Asian culture, whereas alcohol – in the West, though more research is needed.

Another study shows that psychopaths have under-developed amygdalas in the brain, and since amygdalas are fully formed when the child is born, that makes one question if a child is born a psychopath.

Psychopaths existed for thousands of years, maybe even from the very start of humanity. In the past, too, it was thought that this condition is incurable. Yet most people are ignorant about the fact that 1 in 25 people (probably much more as I mention in the first post) have no conscience.

Some people only act like psychopaths but aren’t them. The way to recognize such individuals is perfectly illustrated by R. James R. Blair research (2013):

Patients with ‘acquired sociopathy’ can present with socially inappropriate behavior and aggression following their lesion. However, if aggression is seen it is almost exclusively reactive (i.e. frustration/threat induced) in nature and not instrumental goal-directed aggression shown by individuals with psychopathy.

The causes of psychopathy

From my own encounters with psychopaths and inquiry into their backgrounds, I believe psychopathic gene is activated because of the abuse in the family, especially when the mother is abused. I think it has to do with an emotional link all children have with mothers, and when they witness a mother being abused, something probably breaks in them and their emotional development is arrested.

Or course some researchers argue that’s not the case, because some psychopaths come from very respected and well-off families. That’s a close-minded remark, in my opinion, because we can’t know what goes behind the closed doors of a family. Like a psychopath who hides his reptilian nature behind a beautiful mask, so do some families hide their ugliness behind closed doors.

I know many psychopathic teenagers in India who directly saw as children their mothers being severely beaten by fathers. Usually the fathers are alcoholics who are psychopaths themselves. Who could develop well in such environments?

I also claim this because there are people with psychopathic minds who are absolutely normal, because they grew up in functional (versus dysfunctional) families, like this neuroscience professor. Quoting from the article:

To produce those [psychopathic] characteristics, it appears, it’s not enough to have the genetic or neurological psychopath brain pattern. That has to be accompanied by a family history of abuse or violence.

[…] Our genes, then, don’t determine our fate, but they have the power to send us in a certain evil direction.

How consoling that evil can be defeated by an even greater influence – a parent’s love.

A person with psychopathic tendencies who can control them and has no hatred towards humanity due to a loving upbringing, can be a gem to the world. Without unnecessary emotions involved they can be excellent surgeons, judges, bankers, scientists. They can excel in all occupations that require clear thinking uninfluenced by subjective emotions.

It seems like when their emotional development stops due to a witnessed or experienced psychical abuse, some switch on the psychopathic gene that tunes them into the collective soul, and out of the individual development. That would certainly explain why all psychopaths follow the same strategy, as described in my first post.

Some people claim psychopaths have no soul. I would say it’s a collective dark soul, like a destructive force of nature, or like predatory animal souls. The danger to us, humans, is that most of us are not even aware of such a different kind of human; so if we’re not aware, we will keep being hurt by the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We live in a psychopathic structure

Psychopaths rule the world. They rule the food industry which poisons health; they monopolized the drug industry which again poisons us; They own the media whose purpose is to make people feel inadequate, emotionally unbalanced and insecure, so that people would spend money to get stuff to fill their life with superficial meaning.

Governments wage wars against the innocent covering it with peace goals (a very psychopathic way to use cognitive dissonance) so that they could unchecked privatize rivers and forests, and enslave the Earth to produce monocultures. We’re poisoned with fertilizers and GMOs by beings without conscience.

How to protect yourself

No contact

The only real escape from psychopaths is No Contact. Don’t try to teach or over-smart a psychopath as you’ll lose. By trying to over-smart them, you’re playing their game and they’ll enjoy taking energy from you whilst you do. You’ll only end up wasting further years of your life.

The psychopath might have gotten you so addicted to emotional dramas that you feel the need to come back for more – don’t. Also know that trauma bonds are the toughest bonds to break, and that’s why many women who are abused keep going back to their abusers.

Stay away from psychopaths so that the healing can start taking place. It might take years to heal (depending on how much traumatized you were), but if you stay away from psychopaths, you’ll be healed for sure. Your eyes then will be opened to the further evil in them that was hidden from your sight due to your emotional imbalance.

Stop reacting and divert his attention

If you married a psychopath and have children together, it would be hard to maintain no contact. In such a case under no circumstances react to his dramas, so that he would lose interest in you. At the same time work to get divorce and custody of your children.

Become totally unemotional, don’t react to anything he says. Communicate with him as though he’s a wooden pole, and when he tries to play your emotional buttons, look at him in a motherly way feeling compassion for this little being trying his best to make you mad. This will anger him at first, but soon he will lose interest if he doesn’t meet with any emotional reaction.

If he still tries hard to make you emotional, like by turning your children against you or playing with your insecurities, you must cease to react to those things that are most important to you. With your reaction you show him what matters to you most, and you’re encouraging him to attack that very thing.

Your emotional reactions is the only way a psychopath can know what matters to you most. As he has no emotions, he’s not emotionally bonded with children, reputation, financial stability, and similar matters.

To make a psychopath even less harmful, you should start emotionally reacting to things that aren’t important to you, so that his attention would be focused to destroy things that don’t matter to you. This technique is learnt from nature, when a bird seeing the predator pretends its wing is broken to divert the predator’s attention from the nest with baby birds. (I got this tip from the 180 Rule website whose link I mention at the end.)

Lose your resources

Psychopaths want the resources that you have, be it money, sex, your beauty or your emotional dramas. If you withdraw these things, a psychopath will lose interest in you and will move on to a more resourceful victim. Psychopaths feed off these resources, so when you drop them and become plain and boring, it’s very repelling for a psychopath.

Here’s how to do it…

If you have money, you must make him think he will in no way get access to it. Ideally, you should somehow make him think you lost it. That’s easy if you really give everything away to become a wanderer, or in your last wish you give away all your possessions to a charity.

Basically, it should be crystal clear in a psychopath’s mind that he in no way can use your possessions or money. Psychopaths are especially attracted to fancy houses and flashy cars, yet low-intelligence psychopaths are also happy with the parasitic life in a one-bed flat, considering you’re paying the rent.

If he uses you for sex – deny it. Have very strong boundaries and tell you’re taking a break, or that you became a celibate, or that you suspect some STD (that’s probably most repelling:)). There should be no thought in his mind left that he could use you in such a way.

I you have a beautiful face or body, try to look as plain as you can. Wear hair in a way that doesn’t suit you, wear no make up, baggy clothes, and use other techniques to look as plain and unappealing as possible. Make sure his friends see you in such a condition.

My opinion

For those people who’ll accuse me of denying oneness and positivity, I’ll reply how I did to one commenter of my first post. Just because we all spring from the same source, doesn’t mean we all should be together despite being hurt.

If a person believes in the oneness of things it doesn’t mean he’ll go and face a hungry tiger in the wilderness; on the contrary – knowing the nature of some thing we can make informed decisions and thus avoid being hurt.

A person who’s never seen or heard about a tornado might think it’s beautiful and can stand on its way and look at it in awe and be destroyed by her ignorance. Whilst a person who knows about tornadoes would run and hide. We’re not angry at tornadoes – it’s a force of nature; yet we stay away from them. Exactly the same behavior should be applied to psychopaths.

Psychopaths are very much like bacteria or pests. When insect pests attack a plant, they drink the life from the plant and the plant dies. Fortunately the same destiny doesn’t have to await us, as we can move and make conscious decisions. Let’s not allow these pests to drain us of our power.

Know their nature and avoid them – that’s the best defense against psychopaths. Harming them will only create new karma for us; we don’t kill cats because they kill birds and mice and enjoy playing with poor creatures before devouring them.

If we stop playing the psychopathic game, be it with individual psychopaths or slaving in psychopathic jobs or spending money on psychopath invented foods and drugs, there will be no energetic food for psychopaths and probably they will die a natural death. But since we’re so deeply in their game, they prosper and flourish. I’ll soon write about more ways to stop being a part of a psychopathic system – be on the lookout.

Here’s my final advice about how to deal with psychopaths:

  1. Study psychopathic traits (resources included below) to be very aware of them so that you wouldn’t fall for their tricks. Stay away from such people at all costs.
  2. If you’re in a psychopathic-structure job where you feel your soul is being sucked out of you, focus on quietly creating your freedom; it’s a must to break out of such companies so that you could reclaim your inner creative power.


Psychopath Free – a wonderful forum with many loving and supportive members sharing their psychopath stories and ways to recover.

Psychopath Free book – a much raved about book that goes in depth about this disorder. I haven’t read it, but the reviews are amazing.

The Sociopath Next Door – another revealing book about what makes psychopaths tick and how to protect yourself.

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us by Robert D. Hare – he’s the most well-known expert of this disorder.

180 rule – a great website explaining in detail about psychopathic behavior.

Update: I found a great article about psychopaths in politics and leadership positions. You can read the full article here, and below I’m quoting the last few paragraphs of the article:

There are only two things that can bring a psychopath under submission:

1. A bigger psychopath.
2. The non-violent, absolute refusal to submit to psychopathic controls no matter the consequences (non-violent noncompliance).

Let us choose path 2! If individuals simply sat down and refused to lift a hand to further one single aim of the psychopathic agenda, if people refused to pay taxes, if soldiers refused to fight, if government workers and corporate drones and prison guards refused to go to work, if doctors refused to treat psychopathic elites and their families, the whole system would grind to a screeching halt.

True change happens in the moment that a person becomes aware of psychopathy in all its chilling details. From this new awareness, the world looks different, and entirely new actions can be taken. Distinguishing between human and psychopathic qualities begins the foundation of responsibility upon which we have a real chance to create sustainable culture.


  1. Marianne says:

    I agree with all that has been written, so interesting, well done Simona.
    Very interesting too to read about Inuit people and how they dealt with this universal problem.

    I have had several of these “people” in my life. One sibling, a marriage and a romantic relationship. There are varying degrees of patience that they have..some seem almost normal for a long time and some reveal themselves very early and move on quickly. What I do know is that they all have that evil aura. I know now that you can tell if you are around one by the FEELINGS YOU HAVE TOWARD YOURSELF. If you start to have SHAME, DEPRESSION, HOPELESSNESS, and feelings of not being good for anything where previously you were sort of normal it is a sign you are around one of these people.
    SHAME and GUILT are two huge red flags as normal folk may reprimand you or even punish you in some way if you are in the wrong but they will not deliberately destroy your self esteem or make you feel guilty when you are doing your best. Only disordered people do that.
    The other thing I want to say to Lora and to everyone that evil as they are you can be healed from the effects. You do not have to live stained by one of these monsters – you need spiritual healing as the damage is spiritual damage – ask for this from Spirit, God, or your angels and you will find an opportunity – you will know it when it presents itself.
    The internet in many ways has made people easy prey for psychopaths but it has also brought into the light this information which was hidden to the average person not so long ago. I was married to one and I didnt know, my educated parents didnt know. We went on for years not knowing what was wrong with him and thinking the situation was unique.
    Far from it, the symptoms are all so similar. Truth is power and the truth that you were dealing with a facsimile of a person will set you free in the end, as you come to know that none of it was personal.
    blessings to all of you

    • “What I do know is that they all have that evil aura. I know now that you can tell if you are around one by the FEELINGS YOU HAVE TOWARD YOURSELF. If you start to have SHAME, DEPRESSION, HOPELESSNESS, and feelings of not being good for anything where previously you were sort of normal it is a sign you are around one of these people.” – spot on, Marianne, thank you very much for sharing. And I completely agree with you about the healing part – surely we can be healed completely.

      “Truth is power and the truth that you were dealing with a facsimile of a person will set you free in the end, as you come to know that none of it was personal.” – again, very true and empowering words. Thank you so much for taking time to write this!

  2. claudete says:

    Thank you for this, this came just in time. I used to love this guy who was a right ‘plonker’ and in the midst of being sad because I did not marry this man. Your Topic showed up in my ‘inbox’. Basically he got engaged and laughed at me. He dangles women on a string, and claims that he can do a woman good or ‘rub her up the wrong way’.

    I have had many a lucky escapes with this dude.

    Thank you

  3. Sheep-sama says:

    Hi Simona!

    Beautiful articles as always :3
    After reading this I was thinking if I have ever met a psychopath,I don’t recall but maybe I have.
    I believe there’s a reason behind their behaviours,but I think it varies.
    Afterall,psychopaths are humans in the end right?People tend to look for something that can fill the gaps in their hearts,and I think psychopaths are still children.Children because their parents never taught them about what we people believe to be right and wrong,and people never taught them anything about life,instead they learned by themselves.Children who don’t know how to defend themselves.And now that they’ve grown to adults,they think that they’re superior and they have the freedom since they’re now what society calls adults.By knowing that becoming this so called ‘adulthood’ they can become superior.Maybe they have observed this when they were young,and infact many people believe that being an adult is being a superior human.Believing children and teenagers are inferior.Especially men when they’re adults.Society displays men as cool and strong people while women are displayed as soft hearted and motherly.Perhaps psychopaths are great observers.Whether we deny it or not,the image of a man and a woman has been drilled to our very being.If psychopaths are great observers,then their minds will be able to process the information they get on a person if they get to know them.You mentioned in the first article that a psychopath will try to make a person open up to to them,yes?Once they’re wide open,they can get all the necessary information by observation and use it to their benefit.And when they get this opportunity,they’ll start to fill up the gaps between their hearts by transferring it to others.In that way,when they see them being insecure,their ego rises up.When people feel superior,wouldn’t they feel like they’re a god?
    And they continue to hurt their victim(s),deluding themselves.Once you feel like you’re a god,you’ll start to think like you’re a perfect being.Once people think they’re a perfect being,they’ll believe that humans are inferior for they are imperfect.That’s why they’re able to do these cruel things since they believe they’re superior and have infinite confidence.
    Thus that is why they are children.Naive.
    What they lack is love.They have no conscience because they don’t know how to love others.
    Once psychopaths turn to adults,the chances of being cured is 0.05%
    So I don’t believe that psychopaths are born or made,they are raised.
    To cure psychopaths,I believe treatment should be done when psychopathic actions are observed when they are still young.And I think to cure them is to give them love so that they’ll learn to love back,but this is only effective if they are young.

    I’m unsure if I’ve met one or not.But if I get to meet one,I’d like to smack some sense into them.Maybe if I shake their heads a little,they’ll realize what they’ve done.Maybe.

    These are just my thoughts,I’m still young and I haven’t met that many people yet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Simona,

    I’ve read your articles on Psychopaths. You are bang on. I married and divorced a psychopath whom I have children with. It was extremely difficult to get out of the marriage and I don’t live with my children now. Painful. I had to give everything up and yes, treat him like a wooden pole but I got out and am free now. I see my kids two to three times a year because I cannot live near their father and he has this thing where he feels he owns our children… They are HIS he has always said. He stalked me after I left him. He goes crazy and can’t control himself even still when he hears my voice (we separated in 2009), screams and threatens me about seeing my kids and can’t seem to help himself from freaking out, it’s like a demon takes him over. I haven’t seen him in over two years and I keep contact to a bare minimum. He is in a relationship and until he remarries, he will use me as his verbal punching bag when given the chance.

    I think that you failed to mention that women can also be psychopaths. It’s not just a male thing. Also, the ones who are born into this world as psychopaths often have past lives where there were great rulers, adored by most (which feeds their inflated egos), and then someone they trusted stabs them in the back. They can’t handle the betrayal. This is why they can’t handle being left by their partners. Psychopaths do the leaving, they do the harm. You do not do it to them. They lose it. This is just a typical scenario of a past life that a psychopath may have had. They are very charming. They ‘need’ to be adored.



  5. Thanks Simona
    I have to admit, when I read these 2 posts, I wasn’t sure what to think. I don’t think I see this many psychopaths out there. But I’m open, and I was not aware of this phenomenon. Sure, there are some out there, but I didn’t know they were this common. I simply don’t see many in my daily life, and if I do, I avoid them as I like to surround myself with positive supportive people. But this is worth looking out for. It’s like the people who can read auras… they see the colours that most people would not.

  6. Dear Simona,

    Hello, there. Thank you for your post regarding psychopaths, how to recognize them, avoid them, and how to cut off your exposure to them. It brought back some painful memories, but glad that they are behind me and more so glad you are educating others on the pitfalls.

    I met a guy, some years back, and initially had the instinct to avoid him. But, he created quite the drama about himself – similar to what you indicated. He played the pity game, and I felt that I needed to “rescue” him.

    Moreover, the charm was, indeed, over the top. No one had ever been as affectionate, or attentive to me, among my relationship partners. It must have been my {grandiose} ego, as I thought it was real and accepted it as such. My mistake was that I truly believed that this level of affection was not only deserved, but sustainable. {lol!} At the time, I was also in another relationship, which didn’t deter him in any way. Needless to say, it didn’t deter me either, as I was swept away by his charm.

    But, on an intimate level, something was a bit strange. He came on too strong, when we were alone. He always wanted it, was very persistent and my initial reluctance didn’t deter him.

    There was a very sweet and vulnerable side of him, like a little child that almost needed to be coddled. On the other hand, when I yelled at him for something he had done or said to me, he took great offense. His explanation was that his dad used to yell and scream (and beat their mom), so it really shakes him up, emotionally. My yelling was not a shouting match, mind you, but merely my expressing myself to him with an intense emotion.

    On the other hand, he tried yelling at me a few times, over the phone. It was DEFINITELY yelling. I shut him down by hanging up the phone. I had to take my phone offline in order to sleep through the night. The next day, he was apologetic and back to his “sweet” self. It was a complete Dr. Jeckel and Dr. Hyde scenario. I felt I was in the Twilight Zone…. I never experienced this before…

    He did speak about “getting married”, even though we had just started dating. I felt that there was a very strong magnetic connection. But, found it difficult to believe that someone in his position (young, single, and at the brink of making a good living for himself) would want to get hitched right away. But, just the same, I went along with it.

    I eventually noticed him looking at other women – even when I was with him. I found that to be very disrespectful, if not egregious! Yet, I stayed a little longer as I appreciated the other aspects of the relationship. I am not hideous, myself, and attracting attention is not a challenge for me should I seek it.

    I broke it off with him, yet he kept calling. Fortunately, it was a long-distance relationship and he didn’t get the chance to present himself to me, in person. He kept calling and talking to me in the “sweet” way that he used to. We ended up “re-consummating” our relationship, again and again, leading to getting back together again.

    We stayed together for a few months – back and forth. When he was away, there was one day when I had a sleepless night. I woke up just feeling and knowing that I had to break up with him. I thank God for that evening, and feel that God saved me. I called him, and called it off. This time, however, I changed my number so that he would get the message. I received countless emails and voice mail messages, at work. They eventually dissipated and I went back to my normal self.

    There are a few things I learned about myself through this experience. I find that I had several weaknesses. I felt I needed to love him, and that he needed me. So much so that even after it was over, he emailed saying he’d be back in the area a certain day. I picked him up from the airport and we spent the day together, as if we were still together. At the end of that, I realized that he doesn’t need me. He’s quite capable of manipulating any situation.

    Additionally, I was very kind {naïve!}, and subsequently opened myself up to him. I opened my heart to him and felt he did likewise. Now, I find myself reluctant to get too close to anyone. Relationships take more time, now…

    Lastly, I now know that someone loves you through their actions, not just their “sweet” words. Hope that I can be an example for someone else to learn from and to avoid the same pitfalls.

    It took YEARS to purge him from my life, spiritually and energetically. There were days when I would just dream about that time together, things said, done, etc. My life was in a holding pattern, and I was miserable. I sought prayer, sought God, prayed myself, created positive affirmations, shifted my focus and cleansed myself from any possessions that I may have received from him, worn when with him, etc.

    Months after the break, he emailed me letting me know where he is and how well things are going at work. I didn’t respond. We are no longer in contact. That is now behind me, fortunately. All in all, we spent 8 months together as a couple, but it was long enough. He fatigued me with his emotional and physical needs. I was on the road to getting old, quick. Now, fortunately, I don’t have those desires or fears. Positive change is possible. One just has to believe it’s feasible and want it more than the miserable status quo. Thank you.

    With love,
    – Lina

    • “…my initial reluctance didn’t deter him”- a perfect example of testing your boundaries to see how far he could go.
      “Lastly, I now know that someone loves you through their actions, not just their “sweet” words.” – exactly; and their actions are a dead giveaway, it’s only through words that they hypnotize and make one forget about the action part.
      “It took YEARS to purge him from my life, spiritually and energetically. ” – everyone I talked to about such a relationship reports the same.
      “He fatigued me with his emotional and physical needs. I was on the road to getting old, quick” – yes, they’re total energy drainers.

      What a lovely and eye-opening comment, Lina; thank you very much for taking time to write it, I’m sure many readers will benefit from it.

  7. Hiii thanks for this insightful article. Is someone who is just negative towards themselves and sort of demands more time devoted to their problems the same thing? Someone who plays that passive aggressive game of always being the victim the same as being psychotic, what if you know their self esteem super low, not like the description above? I encounter people like this everywhere…..not sure if they do harm to others with their negativity on purpose…what do you think?

    • According to what I read usually female psychopaths have low self esteem and they’re body-conscious, whilst men think of themselves as heroes and feel good in their skins.

  8. Kudos on your 2~part subject on Psychopaths and how it is very timely! While mentioning that psychopathy exists in both sexes, you stated that it occurs less with women. To balance your reporting, I would like to hear your take from the men’s point of view~~hoping that you will be up for the task. With my best regards, my friend :) _/\_

    • I don’t understand what you’re asking. Facts are facts, sorry if it saddened you, if it did.

      • What I wanted to hear from you are examples of psychopathic women. You gave a lot of examples of psycho men It does not affect me what you wrote, it’s just a process of unbiased learning based on
        concrete facts, double~blind studies and peer~reviewed research.

  9. Hello Simona,
    I have posted my comment on the first post but I wanted to post it again because these people are real and I have witness someone very dear to me gone missing for 3 Years now just for trying to end the relationship to take back what was rightfully hers. Some posters are arguing with Simona about the silly credentials they believes she need to write a post as such on her own blog. This is information that can literarily save someone’s life. I am happy it is being mention here because sometimes people who encounter these kind of people know in their heart that something is not right with that person, they can’t use specific terms to even discribed it but all they know something is not right. This is good to know. Only the one living with that person knows what they are going thru to the rest of the world s/he appears to be such a nice person. If anyone EVER encounter a person like that. Don’t walk, RUN!!! away as fast as you can. They are evil. To the point that nothing makes them feel bad or ashamed.
    I have not experience one personally but I have witness my former boss at work. When she first met him she discribed him as “Perfect” she was so happy and on cloud 9. I was happy for her. When she introduce me to him durning one of his flower drop off to her, (which was extreamly often) On an energetic level I got this really dreadful vib about him. I did not mention it to her because she was so happy. Then slowly he started taking things from her, he did not wanted her to drive to work so he would pick her up and drop her off. She deleted her Facebook page because he did not want her associating with anyone. He was in full controll of her entire life. Then she changed jobs and wanted to become a police officer, while doing her defensive training her eyes were open to the type of relationship she was living. She told her friend that she was going home to break up with him and that was the last time anyone seen her. She has been missing from Indian Rocks beach Florida for 3 years now. The officials has presumed she was murdured and is still trying to find any leads to her. Please look up her story Her name is Kelly Rothwell. I miss her so much. As for the jerk he is held as a suspect but is not talking or even tried to corporate with the police. Talk about someone who really cared about her. He went on to marry someone else just a few months while she was still missing. ( His new prey to host) She was a very beautiful lovely young lady. I miss her and will never forget her.

    • “This is information that can literally save someone’s life. ” – that’s true. That’s why I posted this info, knowing very well some will get insulted.

      “…sometimes people who encounter these kind of people know in their heart that something is not right with that person, they can’t use specific terms to even described it but all they know something is not right. ” – very well put.

      Thank you, Tai, for spreading this awareness. I hope she will be found.

  10. Great Simona,
    Thank you.
    I have been involved with one of them emotionally. On top of what you said, I would add from what I have experienced:
    – they just look human but they are not.
    -no connection to this planet Earth
    -no connection to any kind of life not only humans
    -cannot go further than physical form of humans
    -complete blank mind
    -very conscious of who they are and why they are here
    -they always hunt even when they sleep, literally
    -they know exactly the moment when you realize who they are
    -no emotion whatsoever
    -complete disconnection with what has to do with human life: fashion, personal goals, career, or simply enjoying a bath or a coffee in the morning.

    What I have noticed:
    -they do not want to be here
    -they believe they came here by mistake and don’t understand humans
    -they use and make fun of humans because they don’t understand them
    -they try to escape the physical form and any way
    -if they cannot, they will enjoy at least being here the way they are capable of.


    • “cannot go further than physical form of humans” – very true; there’s absolutely nothing spiritual about them. Pure flesh.

      “complete blank mind” – yes, but some people falsely interpret this emptiness for depth; they can’t figure them out and they think that’s because they’re deep when in fact there’s nothing to figure out – nothing is going on in their minds.

      “-they know exactly the moment when you realize who they are” – that is interesting… I didn’t know that, thank you.

      Thank you very much for your comment, Lora, it was enlightening. It would be interesting to hear if psychopaths would react in some way when they read in your eyes that you know. Because I know they react when you tell them, but what about if you just know within and they know this fact?

      • Yes it is very true, they knew it the moment when you realize who they are – and they will get afraid and stay away, BUT they will find chances to attack back emotionally for divulging their true nature. They are usually souls reincarnated from lower realms such as hell or animal realms. If they choose to be spiritual, they will be gravitating towards dark magic, psychopath are highly intelligent being who manipulate nature force to the detriment of others.They know how to use focused thought to manipulate your subconscious mind without letting you know, focused telepathic ability to hurt your physical bodies, and to inflict spell on your inner being without getting hurt themselves. Their body can sustain pain and dark power, and they actually like it. Despite their distorted nature, they actually think it is normal to behave this way, to be kind is abnormal to them. Unfortunately these are the group of people who dominate the field of education, medicine and military. I lived with a psychopathic sister, and she is a teacher. I have met a doctor who just laughed when I asked him a question and he said : everyone just laughed at the mental patient in the medicine conference, and I can honestly tell you this is the final conclusion we come up with. Our social structure did produce soulless beings, if not becoming a cruel being eventually.

      • Hi Simona,

        I did not read anything about these “beings” except your articles. I call them beings not humans. I did not have a name for it, I did not know it might be a disorder and I quite do not know in what kind of words should I express best my perceptions and my experiences.

        But after I have read your articles, a connection has been made inside of me. With the knowledge, awareness and intuition that I have in this moment, I really don’t know if there is a psychopath or is something on top of that too. But I will tell you, how it feels and how I perceived a being like this around me.

        When he was around me, I felt a strong energy, like a bound, like a cord that get attached to my body. Very heavy dark energy. And even thought I have felt that something is not quite right from start, I could not face it. His charm and sweet words got me. My body was paralyzed. Literally, I could not even move my mouth and talk back to him. I just could stare to him and observe. I felt the dark energy getting in my body cells, little by little, invading me and forcing me to surrender. I never knew what it is, how to describe it and of course, I was not able to talk about it and handle it.
        Now I understand they take over you energetically completely. Otherwise, with human free will they cannot make you want to do what they want. First, with the words and charm, they make you give them your attention. It is enough to get in. Like everything in like, you focus your attention to something more intensely, it will become part of you.
        Once they took over you, they make sure every second (not every day, EVERY SECOND) that you get more and more of their energy, so you can never find a way out of it by your own. Or you can never be able to heal. Ever!
        The next step was, he put all his “issues” on my shoulders. The message was clear: You take care of them and handle them. The point is not that they need you to help them or make them happy. They don’t need you to be you. They just need you to put on hold who and what you are (that is why they paralyze you with their energy) and be what they want you to be. They know about our free will and they know we can always choose. That is why they make sure you never will, even after they are not around you any more.

        There are many signs when you realize they have nothing to do with human life, with any kind of life on this planet in general.
        The being that I was involved could not stand water. When he was about to wash his hands and face in the morning, he was staring at the water for minutes, then slightly touched the water and the finally take some drops on the palm look at them (like he was trying to identify what is this) and then tap them on his face. Then quickly dry it with the towel. He was showering when he himself could not stand the smell. He hated to feel cloth on his body. He always wore 2-3 size larger than his normal size. When the clothes for some reason got wet and stick to his body he will go angry and take them off, no matter where he will be at that moment.
        He could not understand make up. I was not allowed to wear it. When I dare to wear it against his will, he will embarrass me publicly. Once we were in a taxi and he said, very close to me whispering: what do you have on your eyes? Close your eyes and let me see! I ignored him and did not move. Well, he said, it does not look good on you and makes your eyes darker. I simply turned to him and asked him: what do you know about fashion and make up? He just stare into my eyes with laughing expecting me to laugh as well. When he realised that I am not going to laugh and I am not going to clean my make up, he just grabbed my genital area very shortly and released it quickly. That was a sign to show me that even if you confront me, I am still in charge.
        When I applied my make up (for my birthday with a big fight for ex.) he will stay very close and touch any product I apply directly from my face, then will smell it and stare at it on his fingers. Then it will push his finger in my open eye just to get some mascara on his finger. When I asked him what was he doing, he just laugh. He looked lost, like he did not understand anything that is happening on this planet. When I looked at his face after I have asked him what is he doing, I realized that he just does not know what to say. He does not understand what I am asking either.

        I have many things and experiences to share here. I could be used as a study case for these beings. I would be glad to do that, if I can help in some way someone who is or was in the same situation to move on. I am not saying to heal, just to move on.

        I just shared some random experiences. It so much to say. But I want to tell you, that the worst part it is not when he is around, but when he is gone and you need to look at yourself. His energy never leaves you. Is just not so intense any more.

        Nobody will ever believed you because he knows exactly how to make things unnoticeable in a public environment or keep them for private. He will put your buttons to get angry and burst in public while he is relaxed, calm and smiling. So the audience will see you as quilty if something is missing there between you two.

        Answering to Simona, how do they react when they read in your eyes, is the same way. They just make sure you understand they are in charge here. Mine was grabbing my genital area very shortly and strongly. For me this is a clear and powerful sign. This was not just one time event but a permanent one.
        I asked him once, why do you do these things if I told you I don’t like it? He laugh and said : I know you don’t like it.

        Another thing: they have no emotions and no senses. There was no such a thing like touch from him, he was just squeezing my skin and my muscles instead. When I asked him what he was doing he said: well, you don’t like it? That was clear for me that he did not feel anything not even that I do not like what he was doing to me.

        I strongly believe they do not want to be here as much as humans don’t want them here. But they had been signed a contract or made an agreement somewhere and they are here to test human limits and get information. When the job is done they leave the planet. That is why they look for ways to get out their whole life, ways that you could not possible imagine.

        They know they are some of humans who can detect them and in some cases they chose us just to get information from us. And they make sure they leave some of their energy with us forever. Just to make sure we are not complete free. They are afraid of us, that is what I believe.

        Who is going to use this information they get from humans and what is the purpose? I did not find the answer yet.

    • This comment is the essence of the psychopathy, as many people who have studied and experienced it report to be. All the psychopaths ( all of them were brilliant ) i have known used the word “Alien” at some point in describing their inner state. We do not know yet if it’s the pathology of the psyche causing the brain to function in a certain way or the missing component in the brain’s organization of data that renders the incoming data personally meaningless.
      That said, can you please elaborate on the following two of your observations, and in what circumstances and behavior that led you to make these observations?
      -they always hunt even when they sleep, literally
      -they try to escape the physical form and any way

      • Hi Karuna,

        Yes I can give you some examples for sure.

        1. they always hunt even when they sleep, literally
        Mine never limited to me. I was just 1% of his life. He always had others (all kind of others) and made that very clear even in front of me. But I noticed he never ever had someone higher developed than him, only lower energy like his or the same. So I have never felt jealous I admit.
        When I asked him, while we had sex or before, why is he grabbing my private area so violently he said: I don’t know. I do the same thing to all females! When I asked him randomly: why do you go to bed when you know she has someone else or is married, he answered: because she wanted! Once he seduced a girl with a heart disease who later find out she has very little to live. He left her very shortly and I once heard him talking to the phone. She was crying I could tell and he said back at some point: I could help you only with advice! That is the last thing I know about her!

        I believe they need to get as much information as they can get while they are here. For more, please also read what I have answered to Yan.

        2.they try to escape the physical form and any way

        – They provoke sickness in their bodies because they hardly get sick (mine once was all of a sudden interested in a gal with a liver contagious disease). He did some research on internet to find out more. He was dating her in the hospital and was asking me why do I think a girl does only kiss a man “dry”? Because this girl never wanted to kiss him “wet”. When she left the hospital, she simply disappeared. She did not answer to his calls.
        -they find ways to get into accidents (I know this just by the way he was driving or crossing the street as a pedestrian)
        -they are pretty much all the time angry with GOD (I heard him many time saying: this is not life).

        I could go on and on. Hope it helps just to make an idea.

        • Hi Lora!

          Many thanks for sharing your experience. Your description of your experience is so invaluable because it directly describes your psychopath’s inner state. I think we can safely extend the inner state you have described as the true nature of all psychopaths.which is a state of complete disconnect from all living things.

          You have made some incredibly good observations and insights from your experience with the psychopath. Before you educate yourself more about psychopathy and modify your perception of the experience, I urge you to write down your whole story onto a blog or better still write a book and try to get it published. I am sure it will be invaluable for touching those who encountered psychopathy, because your description is raw, in narration and observation as a human, and is not from a psychological perspective.

          This could be a very important book.

    • Lora, you are absolutely right!!! I once saw in my sister dream, that she get lusty over a women with wolf body, and try to hunt after her. I pray to god to erase this memory from me. She had psychopathic nature.

      • I know Yan, I have leaved that.
        Mine was hamming and sweating while he was sleeping. He could not stand to be touched or feel someone around him in the bed. He will go and sleep on the floor.
        I could tell just by looking at his face while sleeping that he was hunting. Almost every night I would wake him up with his body and clothes covered in sweat and change the clothes and dry him, just like a baby when has fever. He never fight with me in this one. He would allow me to take his clothes off and dry him and sometimes change the sheets. Half awake he always will just say thank you and my name (meaning he was aware who I was) and go back to sleep. Or what ever you can call it.

  11. It seems the more one learns to control their emotions to resist psychopaths, the more one could be tempted to become a formidable psychopath. These articles on psychopaths are like a map for my perilous journey into self-honesty, and have been quite the dark night of my soul, which reminds me of another of your articles:


    I’m glad psychopaths can be useful. I believe all is useful. Eat too many chips weakens aura for weaker spirits to feed, etc…

    PS. There’s reason to assume invertebrates are our more ancient ancestors, hive-mind and all.

    Stunning work Simona!

  12. Thank you for this article. Can you write more about psychopaths in working environment, especially ”how to deal with psychopathic boss at work”. Thank you.

    • Slizi, if I find new information/gain experience that I know would be useful to readers about psychopaths, I’ll write another article. The best thing, however, is to leave such a workplace, because your emotional and mental well-being is most important

  13. Dear Simona-
    This is very interesting. I posted after your first part on this subject. I explained how I have been under the belief that we are inherently good, not coming here to harm. Because I have believed this, I am endlessly searching for a cure, for help for such individuals, like my spouse and certain others I know. (Please know I was not accusing you of anything…just sharing what my perspective has been, giving you an opportunity to suggest something I hadn’t thought of)

    I see such inner turmoil and it makes me want to ease the suffering, to find the missing piece, that might give them freedom from this bondage.

    However, I do notice that with my spouse and others, they choose to see everything through a victimized view of the world. I notice that ‘they’ are not the ones studying self-help material. They aren’t setting goals for themselves to reach for things higher. It frustrates me. I am reading and reaching daily. I try to break unwanted thinking patterns. I try to see the good, be the good. Let my goodness come out and shine.

    My husband just sits there. Makes choices against himself, our marriage, our family. He has commented that he can not change his thinking, his feelings. Everything feels so out of his control. He wants to be different but feels he really truly can’t. So this makes me wonder if science has missed something. If eventually someone will find the key that this type of individual could use to set themselves free. I think it would be awesome to witness such an escape for these people suffering in such big ways.

    Something in today’s article got me thinking. You made reference to bugs eating plants. I am from a farming background. An elderly neighbor, retired farmer once explained that if the soil of a certain field is imbalanced in someway, and there are many ways, the plants that one tries to grow in such deprived soil are more likely to suffer in terms of bugs, disease, or choking weeds.

    It’s as if nature is trying to destroy the weak. Usually we see this as nature’s way of opening the way for the strong to flourish.

    When a farmer tries to stop this natural process by using chemicals to stop the process, he may end up with the yields he needed to pay his loan to the bank, but the food grown lacks the nutritional content we need to be healthy plus we take in the outcome of foods raised with chemicals.

    So, knowing this, I think today, I’m going to apply what I know about farming to this subject and see where it leads! Thank you, Simona. You have certainly given us something to think about!

    Kindly, Penny

    • Thank you for sharing your farming background, Penny. Very interesting. Usually psychopaths do attack emotionally imbalanced, but not always. If there’s anything a person needs and a psychopath realizes that, he will try to supply it with an interest on top:)

      • Yes, I can say that is true from what I have experienced.

        I started reading a book, Love is Letting Go of Fear, by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. It is amazing how the author was able to simplify our struggles in life, and offer such clear answers to getting us on a better way. Maybe you have read it. In my opinion, it is a timeless work, applying to us all!

        I haven’t finished it yet but while I was reading it I kept thinking it contains the answers, that the disturbed loved-ones in my life, need. One line is, “We cannot be free until we discipline and retrain our minds”.

        This reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend before I married my husband many years ago. This friend said to me, about the man I ended up marrying, “He lacks self-discipline to do what he knows he should”.

        So today I wonder about the imbalanced attracting these people, and what I can learn there. And I wonder if it has to do with the disordered people lacking the self-discipline to choose different ways for dealing with their fears…like maybe it seems easier for them to be more parasitic in relationships, taking the good from others hard work and self-discipline.

        If we cannot be free until we discipline and retrain our minds, and these people in my life seem to lack such discipline, I will be curious to know what things motivate such disciplines, and what things can get in the way. Belief’s about self, is my guess. So the problem is circular…no wonder they can’t escape.

        I am open to truly understanding this fully, so I continue searching with the hope of finding a way they can get themselves off of their merry-go-round.

        You’ve opened doors in my thinking. Thank you.


  14. Stephen says:

    Hello Simona, thank you for these two posts on psychopaths, I was married to a person (wife) who showed very significant psychopathic tendency’s, for years I thought it was all normal but eventually started to withdraw as best I could; I am now happily divorced and rebuilding my life even though its almost too late as I am now retired, non the less I shall build a new life!

    Thank you for these posts – such an eye opener!


  15. Vanessa says:

    Hi Simona,

    Thanks for advising the reading of “The sociopath next door”, it really looks like a good book that’s pretty useful to understand how sociopaths think and behave. As you suggest in your post, abuse does not only happen in poor families. It does not only consist in being beaten up. Abuse can be sexual, physical, psychological as well when it comes to harassment for example.

    There is a theory nowadays according to which people search for partners who suffer from the same neuroses with a hope to achieve mutual healing. This is a very common error in reasoning, essentially because in order to heal someone else a person must be able to heal himself or herself first, you can’t heal if you’re not whole. The link that unites couples is often based on the fact that the man needs a housewife and the woman needs a handyman. Very often, the woman makes believe she’s the only one who can use a vacuum cleaner properly, the man makes believe he’s the only one who can use a toolbox well, and they keep criticizing each other and preventing each other from being actually able to satisfy all the needs of daily life for the whole family. Fathers teach boys to be harsh with girls and women, mothers teach girls to be harsh with boys and men, men are supposed to be strong and women are supposed to be weak. Sociopath parents tend to psychlogically castrate or excise their children of the opposite sex so as to make more victims in that stupid war between Adam and Eve. Children who have such parents may become confused in their identity because they are denied the right to know themselves and be themselves. Sexually speaking they can also be confused as a result. A man can for example marry a woman, have children with her and then decide that he’s gay. The children of sociopath parents can be trapped to the point that their whole life is a long nervous breakdown that destroys their personal life and their professional life so that they become human wrecks.

    As you say, sociopaths have no conscience, I think that it is because they can’t face the reality of having been abused by the people who were supposed to protect them. Children love their parents even when their parents abuse them. Understanding what Mum and Dad actually did to them and finding the path to forgiveness requires strength that they may doubt they have, especially if they don’t love themselves or they don’t believe in themselves. Sociopaths are like the character of Narcissus in Greek mythology, their life is all about themselves and the flattering reflections of themwelves that they seek in others. They feed on selfishness and materialism and turn away from inner life or spirituality because they are scared of looking into themselves and finding emptiness. This actually deserves empathy, sociopaths are such deeply sad people. But empathy towards sociopaths doesn’t mean being a victim. It means that if you live with a sociopath, the best you can do is search for your inner strength, find means to heal yourself and find a feeling of freedom within yourself before you decide if you stay or leave. Otherwise, as you say, the risk is shifting from a sociopath to another. If you find how to remain positive in your mind even when there are sociopaths around, you are safe from harm forever. Of course it is not easy to achieve.

    You sent a post on 29 ways to deal with toxic people, I think that these suggestions are excellent and apply to psychopaths very well. My belief, from experience, is that hostility and resentment towards sociopaths are to be avoided, simply because they can make good souls lapse into darkness. Feeding light within oneself to make it stronger and making it shine on sociopaths is better because light is stronger than darkness.

    Thanks Simona for helping us to get aware that vampires do not only exist in novels but also in daily life where proper defence is much more vital.

    • “My belief, from experience, is that hostility and resentment towards sociopaths are to be avoided, simply because they can make good souls lapse into darkness.” – that’s very, very true; non-reaction is the best way to deal with them as they get no energetic food. And what you said about emotionally hurt searching for other hurt ones to fix them will never make a healthy couple. If a woman tends to gravitate towards unhealthy men, she should check what’s broken in her that needs fixing before jumping into any relationship. Thank you very much for this greatly useful comment, Vanessa.

  16. Great, thanks!
    Its interesting when you link reptilians and psychopaths. I have always been so afraid of snakes (to the point of not being able to even look at pictures of them!)… I wonder if there’s a connection between psychotic behaviour and reptilians…

    • Well we all have reptilian brain, the oldest brain (plus limbic and neocortex) That’s the brain that’s very active in psychopaths.

  17. Thanks for article Simona! Appreciate empowering information and being forewarned

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