How to Increase Success and Abundance and Decrease Negativity with Moon Cycles

In South India power-cuts are frequent. At night, there are no bright street lights as there are in the West. So as soon as it gets dark and if you’re outside, your attention is quite often drawn to the big bright moon and the sky full of stars.

When you pay attention to the moon, you become more connected to this force, which is the only satellite of our Earth. You start paying attention to its cycles and you start wondering how they affect the Earth and humanity.

You are led, after some time, to actively seek out information about moon cycles, but deep inside you already know it. It’s quite obvious, when you think about it.

Yet in cities it’s hard to get into the flow of moon cycles, since fluorescent lights shine at night, and in general, most people in cities are very disconnected from the nature that keeps them alive, due to the absence of it.

Moon cycles and how to get into harmony with them

I wanted to cut my hair ends recently, but intuition told me not to. It’s not the right moon cycle. It was the waning moon, which means that if I cut may hair during this time, it would grow very slowly. So I will wait till the new moon, as this will insure that my hair will grow fast.

By the way, I cut my own hair when I’m in a new place and can’t find the person I can entrust this job to. You should place a very great importance on who’s cutting your hair too, but that’s another topic.

New moon is perfect for starting new ventures, yet some argue it’s better to wait till the moon shows up a little bit, or starts waxing, in other words. I feel that new moon is the time to prepare everything for the launch of business or venture, and then announce the launch when a little bit of the moon gets exposed.

With the waxing moon you should continue to develop your business or any other activity, and the culmination will be achieved during the full moon. You should get most customers/acknowledgment or success during the full moon time, as your actions/business reached monthly maturity.

I would advise not to start new ventures during the full moon, as that may indicate that a venture will be very successful at first (full moon has the most energy), but soon it will start losing influence/customers/success. This time would be proper to start something new only if you want it to have full impact at first, and then to end quickly.

When the moon starts waning (getting smaller), it’s not the time to start anything new that you hope to succeed. It’s the time to end something old, that’s not serving you anymore. The waning energy of the moon will help you to extinguish old negative friendships, cut bonds with selfish or incompatible people, and to remove negative energies from your auric field.

Use this lowering energy time to resolve conflicts, remove weeds from your garden, heal your illnesses and end activities that are killing your soul (e.g. soul-less work, bad habits and so on). Use this time for taking action to put a stop to something, to diminish something that’s negative or what’s not serving you anymore.

Waning moon time is perfect for removing illnesses by, for example, using healing salts to draw the sick energy out of your body, or to play singing bowls counter-clockwise to suck out bad energies. These healing tools will have extra drawing energy due to the special moon cycle.


Although widely forgotten and even attributed to fantasy myths, moon cycles affect people and nature tangibly. If you feel and live according to moon’s cycles, it will make you life easier, because you will have extra energy that’s not your own helping you to increase success or diminish negativity.

New moon should be used to start something, and this start-up should be visible to the public when the moon starts waxing.

Full moon will signify the culmination of your goals and ventures. It’s the high-energy time, manifesting success and abundance. It’s not the time to start anything new though, unless you want it to finish fast.

Waning moon is the time to deal with unpleasant matters which you no longer want to have in your life. It’s the time to uproot negative thought patterns, cut old bonds and remove negative energies from your aura.

If you have more tips about moon cycles or would like to contribute something else to this topic, leave a comment below.


  1. I just stumbled across your blog last night and have been reading through your recent posts.

    I have followed Jan Spiller who talks about making wishes/intentions on the new moon. I have done that a few times, but not with any consistency

    Do you know about moon void of course? When I first learned about it, I didn’t want to pay attention, but like mercury in retrograde, you life is much easier if you pay attention to the times when you should move forward with ideas and the times to wait things out.

  2. i feel frustrated…don’t know what i really want to learn…
    i learn how to see aura, psychic, meditation, yoga but all seems not workout for me..

  3. Hi,. Simona,. Thanks for your writing ,… amm i have been,.. expressing my nature of doing things that are exiting me,.. i have been on it for some lil time wen the moon was waxing i was looking for the parts,.. and i was able to manafist a perticular part still waxing by the full moon i havd put together most of the inportant parts,.. that i was “Dauthly” questioning,..:),.. but found exacly and just wat i neede,. but the 14 i was just chilling,.. i am intenting to use this wining moon time to my benefit of removing this that no longer serve,,.. but my queton is,.. is it Normal,.. its ok,. or good,. to natrualy keep doing my project,.. kepp working on it star puting parts together,.. or would you natrualy recomen that it cud beteer,. for new moon,.. its a cantinuation reather then starting somthing new,.. yes i have not finish cuting all the part,. i simply just marked then ready to cut though,..:) what would you say,… is it ok and wether is wining or not,..:),.. or would you letgo,. and expect to do it on new moon,…:) it not ready to longe but i call it,.. working a a project,..:)

    • If I understood your question correctly, Gilberto, it’s ok to continue with whatever project you have during the waning moon too, it’s just good to start ventures of all sorts from new/waxing moon.

  4. Mercedes R says:

    I have been extremely persistant in my awakening for the past month. I have a strong urge for the sky. Last night, I heard a deep bump come from my window, an almost popping sound from the glass, almost like a tap but with no impacting force.
    Anywho lol, this gave me a pang to get up and peek, as I am a forever curious peron. My curtain recently broke so the window is exposed as I haven’t gotten a new one. I found myself staring directly up at the moon in my line of sight in my kitchen, consumed with something unexplainable.
    I came across you today and your words are hitting my mind at all of the right levels. I recognize some of what I have to overcome. In this moment it is still sinking in but I can’t describe how much I am looking forward to meditation, how much clarity this brought. My path has been one as a 20 year old female in a major city in America. Lifting out of the chaos and continuing so blows my mind every step of the way. You have also managed to help humble my rattling cage. I send my love to you.

    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, Mercedes. It’s so interesting, moon comes into your life when you’re ready for it. Take care!

      • Mercedes R says:

        Gosh, it is. You know one thing I left out is… prior and in the synchronicity to everything going my laptop hard drive, failed.
        Soon after my phone volume, just stopped working.
        I bought a new computer and when the computer arrived in the mail it had no WiFi card in the PCI slot.
        I resisted it, but it just persists eh? Ha! I sit in my own thoughts. It seemed to be “bad luck” to my untrained eye. But I see now my thoughts are gracefully settling with no outside chaotic, fast, entertainment to keep me in turmoil. My apartment is completely silent.

        I feel content, I smile in the face of things where others see it as ludicrous to do such. Might I say my favorite thing about all this is definitely the bravery.

        I see the lessons. Thank you for listening. I can see with clarity what a great thing you are doing. I would also say take care, but I know you will, ha! 😀

  5. Hi Simona

    I’m about to start a new business with my best friend soon and surprising, he cut my hair couple of days ago. I always had a problem of wounds after cutting my hair and it was the first time he did cut my hair.

    I’m willing to wait for a waxing moon to start our business as we plan to have a lifelong successful business impact in our lives and others.

    So in the meantime should I take the hair cutting into consideration if he has my best interest and our business in heart or should I go an seek professional help?

  6. Oh our sweet glorious moon and how I love her and her gentle feminie energy!

    Thank you Simona for another wonderful, uplifting and inspirational post and I really hope some day you are inspired to write more about cutting your hair and it being cut by whom.

    This is new to me but it now has me thinking. I cut my hair maybe 3 times a year as I love it long and I always cut it via the moon (have for years) to ensure its strength, vitality and length. But the cutting part is always done by anyone. This will now change however .. I hope to some day read more.

    May life bless you


    • Thank you, Nicole! Some people feel it, me also, that people who cut your hair hold power over you. If they don’t have your best interests at heart, you may feel energetically abused by them after the cut.


    It would appear i’d need to travel to london ASAP to hear more of your wisdom; be open minded & challenge my attitude towards any shortcomings

    G.k Murathe

  8. Such good advise, thank you. Where would you suggest going to learn more about the current phases and upcoming cycles of the moon? You know, for newbies like me :)

    • There are so many sites but since I haven’t checked any of them in depth, I can’t recommend any. Search online and trust your instinct, Scott.

  9. You are very right Simona. The phase between the New Moon and the Full Moon (growing phase) is the right time to start a new venture.

  10. Dear Simona that you for sharing your new post. I enjoyed reading it.

  11. How to quit a job and begin to live peacefully life without all the stress without money ,homeless and just have some food to eat every day where to to ?
    i am so tired to continue
    realy want to live a very-very simple life without money

    • Wish you all the best, Ile. You can live life with very little money; you just need to have very low expenses.

    • I wold like to do the same but unable to do. I am planning to visit India this year and will review the situation. I know things are much cheaper and life is much simpler there.

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